Since universal credit has taken over too many people are not being able to even live normal lives. Many have lost homes and many cant afford to eat.

I understand peoples views on how many of us should work and that's completely understandable but it is also understandable that there is a shortage of jobs in the area and many of us are unable to work due to health reasons, pregnancy or mental health.

For those who are on Universal Credit already know the long and stressful journey they had to endure just to be listened to many people wait months before they are accepted for their claim and i bet every one of you who is on universal credit had the brilliant experience of being on held for hours on the phone.

Once actually accepted for Universal Credit you are asked to commit to regular job searches which have to be reported online many people claiming do not have enough money for luxuries such as internet access how is this supposed to be done? The library offers internet access but are often far too busy and some people are unsure how to use a computer or are unable to make the journey to the local library. This is not making excuses its simply saying we need someone to listen to us and instead of placing more procedures we need someone to actually offer a helping hand and look into the system before more people are made homeless and struggle or even get ill due to the stress of this system. Thank You.

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