Sky Tower Glow Gold for Childhood Cancer

For the past few years, the Auckland Sky Tower has stood as a beacon of hope and solidarity with families battling childhood cancer, illuminating in gold. Families have celebrated their superheroes and the countless supporters who stand by their side.

Since its inception in 2020, this Glow Gold initiative has been a symbol of unity, shining a golden light on the importance of research, kinder treatments, and the unwavering spirit of those facing childhood cancer. Each year, we have looked forward to September, a month dedicated to illuminating the gold ribbon's profound significance.

This year Sky Tower has declined the request to light the Auckland Sky Tower for 1 day in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September.
A second request was sent to Sky Tower requesting that they reconsider their decision, but this was sadly declined also.

Childhood cancer is a relentless adversary that confronts families with unimaginable challenges. Those struggling within the confines of hospitals often face feelings of isolation, as the world outside can seem distant and unaware of their ordeal. The golden glow of the Sky Tower serves as a beacon of hope, a visual reassurance that their fight is acknowledged and supported by a compassionate community. 

Moreover, the act of lighting the Sky Tower resonates with a broader message of social responsibility. It reinforces the idea that entities with the power to influence, like the Sky Tower, hold an inherent duty to be a force for good.

This petition has been created on behalf of NZ parents of children forever affected by childhood cancer (and their supporters) - We are asking "you" the general public to please sign this petition in support of illuminating the Auckland Sky Tower in GOLD for 1 day in September. Your support would mean so much to these families in Starship Children's Hospital wards 27a and 27b, for those in their bubbles, for those who have weathered the storm, and for families who have beautiful angels.

Please help us illuminate the Auckland Sky Tower and Glow Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.SkyTower_Gold[22].png

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