I miss bytes, I will sign any petition for it to be stocked back in stores in Chennai!

Rahul RB (Dublin , 2024-02-03)


I used to eat this snack during my school days. As of now I'm in united States I miss my indian snacks more and seeing someone making a petition to bring my favorite snack back I would love to support it.

Afziya Waknis (Harrison, 2024-02-03)


I really miss the bite of Bytes...

Hrishikesh Madam (Mumbai, 2024-02-03)


I love bytes

Sachin Suresh (Chennai, 2024-02-03)


I want Bytes Back! This is my official request for Cadbury India to bring Bytes back!

Sai Maddipoti (Rajahmundry , 2024-02-03)


I love Bytes!

Dwijesh Gowda (Bangalore, 2024-02-03)


I love Cadbury bytes

Syed Saif (Hyderabad, 2024-02-03)


Bring back bytes

Monish Sai (Hyderabad , 2024-02-03)


I dont know why bytes have stopped their production, in my childhood, i was a regular customer of bytes. So i wish i need to get my childhood memories through the taste buds... I strongly recommend to bring back bytes

Asha Premnath (Thrissur, 2024-02-03)


Im signing because this brings back alot of childhood memories and I really donot know why Cadbury stopped its production. I really would like to eat them.

Rachana M (Hartford, 2024-02-03)


Bring back BYTES!

Vishwaksen Reddy (Hyderabad, 2024-02-03)


Bring back bytes!!!!

Akash Rawat (Prayagraj , 2024-02-03)


Coz it's my childhood bring it backkkk plzzzzzz

Aditi Rawle (Mumbai, 2024-02-03)


I miss them

Rahul Naidu (Hyderabad , 2024-02-03)


Bring back bytes!

Pranav H (Pune, 2024-02-03)


I’m signing this because …? Really!?
Please, just get that back right now!!

Neelotpal Chaulia (Bangalore, 2024-02-03)


I'm signing this petition because, we have to stand together to bring back our one and only childhood super snack "bytes" back.

Arjun Manoj (Kannur, 2024-02-03)


I want it back

Rebecca Anand (Chennai, 2024-02-03)


I miss bytes and want it back 🥲

Dhruvil Patel (Surat , 2024-02-03)



Suryansh Khiste (Pune, 2024-02-03)


We all miss this unique wafer crunch chocolately concept of Cadbury.

Hemant jalan (Surat, 2024-02-03)


Because this used to be the GOAT snack of my childhood

Sai Kailash (Hyderabad , 2024-02-03)


I need it back for sure and I really love it

Sangeetha M (Chennai, 2024-02-03)

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