Uphold the Minority Status of AMU



AMU has to safeguard it's minority status.

Farrukh Saiyyeda Waris (Mumbai , 2024-01-29)


I think there is a need to protect the minority of the country as they've been declined in the past few years which is proved by history, they should not feel alienated by any action of majority🙏

Farha Anees (Moradabad, 2024-01-29)


Minority needs for support. Politics apart humanity first.

Juzer Nagree (Mumbai, 2024-01-29)


I studied in AMU from 1970 to 1975 and obtained my B. Sc (Hons) in Physics and M. Sc in Biophysics with Electronics. I am proud of AMU's Minority Character that must be retained as our India is a secular country mentioned in its constitution gifted to all Indians by Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

Dr. Cameron Ahmaf (Brampton ON, 2024-01-29)


It's our pride, from century it exists as Muslim minority institution. So it should be remain as it as since as it exited.

NAZIA KHALEEQUE (Aligarh, 2024-01-29)


AMU minority status is important to uplift the status of minority Muslim woman. I am a prime example of how my AMU training was the basis to achieve my goal of becoming an engineer.

Surraiya Baig (Westfield, 2024-01-29)


AMU is an institution which was specifically made to educationally uplift a particular community. The need is greater than ever as the condition of Muslims in India is worse than even the SC/ST students when it comes to education and financial stability.

Subuhi Farooqi (Bangalore, 2024-01-29)


It is the right thing to do. A country progress is when every one is included and all have access to quality and affordable education.

Ali Rizvi (Lexington, 2024-01-29)


Iam signing bcoz of love for A.M.U .ye Mera Chaman ye Mera Chaman me apne chaman ka bulbul hu.is chaman ko hamesha mehekne k liye Allah ki Rehmat ki zarurat h .

Mahjabin Kausar (Aligarh , 2024-01-29)


I’m signing because education at AMU has been pivotal to my career. I would not have been able to go to an outside institution to another city or state, if it was not for Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College at AMU. I am a physician today because of AMU’s minority character.

Huma Ansari (New Jersey, 2024-01-29)


Im a proud AMU Almnus.

Dr. Naushad Ghilzai (Sugar Hill, 2024-01-29)


AMU is a beacon of hope for many from the marginalized section of the society especially girls. Sabka Saath Sab ka Vikas resonate with them to have vishwas that the government will help uplift them.

Salma Begum (Atlanta, 2024-01-29)


It’s a very important institution for the Muslim minority in India, s c losing that status will have a significant impact on the education of this already disadvantaged community.

Rakhshan Ali (Glasgow , 2024-01-29)


We wouldn’t have been today where we are successful in our lives. AMU played a pivotal role in the educational upliftment of the marginalized and underserved communities, especially Muslim girls

Naila Saeed (Aurora , 2024-01-29)



Tabinda Iqbal (Juffair , 2024-01-29)


Sikander Hayat Choudhary

Sikandar Choudhry (Doha, 2024-01-30)


I am an aligarion
What I am is today because of AMU

Asma Shafiq (Aligarh , 2024-01-30)


It's the right of minority and it was built for them only

Mohmmad Inam (Muzaffar anagar, 2024-01-30)


Because I want to uphold the minority status of my AMU

Sultana Mehar (Aligarh , 2024-01-30)


I am an alumnus and want this university to retain its minority status .

Talat jawed (Aligarh, 2024-01-30)


I am a proud alumni

Zubala Marium (New Delhi, 2024-01-30)


I want to uphold the minority status of AMU.I am proud to have taken education there though for some time only.



it better serves more particularly to the women students in getting better education without any fear of harassment and with full protection . Coming out as a better Indian citizen.

Hashmat Khatoon (Maudaha, 2024-01-30)


AMU was created for the Muslim minority by hard work, vision, determination, sacrifices of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and contributions from the community for the community. This is the only university which is providing quality education which is affordable for many brilliant students with economic hardships. It has produced highly accomplished alumni who are serving India, humanity and the whole World. During COVID pandemic alumni from AMU were at the forefront across the Globe.
It is a jewel in the Crown of India, beacon of hope for Indians and the World. It is an institution highly regarded by everyone. With the steller past and more in future, it will be excellent to ensure the minority character as envisioned by Sir Syed and community.

Huma Kazmie (Windsor, 2024-01-30)


I'm signing because I LOVE my AMU I read here since my childhood.
AMU is the best university for Indian Muslim women's.

Rehana Ali (New Delhi, 2024-01-30)


AMU’s minority character is critical to its unique identity and its mission.

Samina Salim (Houston , 2024-01-30)


I am sighing because this university served the poor people of Muslim community and they built this one by themselves.

Ashraf Ali (Bettiah, 2024-01-30)


Whatever I am today is because of AMU

Afshan Abdul Karim (Hyderabad , 2024-01-30)