Reinstate our promised teaching contact hours at Rose Bruford



im not happy with the cut in contact hours

Lucy Clifton (Sidcup, 2023-02-15)


I support the action of reinstating our contact hours to what we were promised. Self led study is what we do at home.

Gabriel Whalley (York, 2023-02-15)


I came to Rose Bruford for the impressive contact hours. Learning that my hours are being cut feels like a massive insult financially. The cuts result in huge loss for all of us students. We already spend every spare second we have studying independently because this means the world to us, please don’t cut our contact hours even further!

Rosie Boother (Sidcup, 2023-02-15)


I didn’t go through 3 rounds of auditions and eliminated beautiful creatives who worked so hard on their craft to loose contact hours that was promised. This is not a uni, this is a drama school and I need those contact hours to develop my craft and graduate as an amazing performer.

Habil Yaldaz (London, 2023-02-15)


I’m signing because i don’t believe that we as a collective should have our training compromised in such a dramatic and sudden way. It is naive to assume that we are in a position to teach/train ourselves at such an early stage in our journey, never mind the fact that this is not what was advertised/ what we are paying for.

Jack Neale (Sidcup , 2023-02-15)


This affects me

Faye Pimlott (Sidcup, 2023-02-15)


I agree with the points put forward, and transparency is needed when making these sorts of decisions. This kind of undertaking is not a decision that is made overnight and should have been shared sooner so that we had more time to prepare. The content of these "self-led classes" has still not been shared with us, and feeding back what goes on during these periods will continue to eat into our actual contact hours. It undermines our trust in the higher faculty, and creates seeds of doubt in the future of the training.

Joshua Young (Bury, 2023-02-15)


I am an L4 acting student at Bruford who pays just as much as anyone and was promised 30 hours of contact time a week which is no longer being met

Ellis Hassell (Bristol , 2023-02-15)


it’s only fair..

Lewis duggan (london, 2023-02-15)


Course was advertised as 30 hours of in person teaching a week. Has now been cut to 22. If nothing else this is false advertising.

Tom Stapleton (Cambridge, 2023-02-15)


Unbelievably unfair. We didn’t get in to teach ourselves.

Robert Oates (London, 2023-02-15)


I absolutely adore my time and Rose Bruford. I love learning so much and I accepted my place on the condition that we would have 30 hours contact time a week like the other drama schools offer.

Emily Haigh-Ellis (London , 2023-02-15)


I’m signing because the Rose Bruford students deserve better than this.

Tudor Lucy (London, 2023-02-15)


For my sister Florence who attends

Isabelle Whitaker (Nottingham, 2023-02-15)


I'm a first year ETA and our course, staff, and students are having the exact same issue

Emma Bailey (Sidcup, 2023-02-15)


i’m a bruford student feeling the cuts too.

skye dunn (sidcup, 2023-02-15)


I want the students to receive the experience that they expected, signed up for, and deserve.

JJ Hassell (Bristol , 2023-02-15)


I support the strive to reinstate the promised contact hours at Rose Bruford.

Eleanor Brazier (East Sussex, 2023-02-15)


The contact hours promised to me have been disrupted and taken away. The education we are paying for has not kept to the agreement we were made away of when auditioning. We deserve the education we have paid for.

Helen Sanders (London, 2023-02-15)


Rose Bruford is great but will only continue to be great if it's maintained

Mia McClafferty (London, 2023-02-15)


This cut to the quality of our training is putting us all in a more insecure position as performers in an already insecure industry. The financial risk & burden we've all taken on by choosing to pursue a drama school, especially those of us from working class backgrounds, means that this move to cut our contact hours is making that risk harder to justify.
Trying to frame this cut as being beneficial to us by "encouraging independence" is a little patronizing, especially considering the high level of independence we have proven through the self-led work and original composition presented in the recent project.
To keep these self-led sessions and peer-reviewed training sessions productive, will you throw in training & a Facilitation qualification alongside our degree?

L4 @Bruford (London, 2023-02-15)


I'm a student and I love the course and I would love to be able to have it fully

Tara Korda Kolar (London, 2023-02-15)


I am a student of Rose Bruford and agree with the statement above.

Theodora Taylor (London, 2023-02-15)


They need the hours they were promised

Elfie Boyle (Middlesbrough , 2023-02-15)


To help my friends who are in rosebruford

layla Price (London , 2023-02-15)


my friends learning is being interfered with.

Noelle Carroll (Dublin, 2023-02-15)


A massive benefit of going to drama school is the intensity of training and contact hours and being practical, so to cut that away is entirely unfair and prevents learning.

kate jones (exeter, 2023-02-15)


I support the actors at Bruford in their fight for the training they deserve

Isobel Cox (Camberley , 2023-02-15)


it’s only right that the teaching hours are as promised.

Hector Ellis (London , 2023-02-15)


The students deserve the contact hours that not only they were promised but are so important for a physical training in Acting.

Alfie Kennedy (London, 2023-02-15)


This issue affects my friends

Max Jolly (Exeter, 2023-02-15)


i love dylan

jessica knight (aylesbury, 2023-02-15)


All of us are so upset that funding cuts are effecting our training and I don’t feel there has been complete transparency between students and staff members. We aren’t getting the training we were promised and worked hard to get.

Megan Walls (Greater London , 2023-02-15)


I agree with the reason behind this petition and I feel for the students that have to suffer the consequences of these sudden changes.

Martina Valderrama (London , 2023-02-15)


I am a proud student of RWCMD and if I were in the position of Rose Bruford students now, I’d want support and a protocol reinstating these all important contact hours, that are promised when enrolling on a course.

Emily Butler (Cardiff, 2023-02-15)


I am also a student on a BA Acting course at a drama school and I’m terrified that this decision could take affect at my school too. I also care for my friend learning and I want them to have the best possible training experience they deserve.

Emily Goodden (London , 2023-02-15)


I believe the cut is unfair and detrimental to the future of the arts

Sam Enticknap (London, 2023-02-15)


I am an actor and I know how significant of an impact this is and I also am auditioning for this school this year and want to see a change

Cerys Rymer (London , 2023-02-15)


I don’t agree that hours should be cut. Self study is homework, not teaching.

Addy Caulder-James (London , 2023-02-15)


The training I have received at Rose Bruford has been both excellent and life changing, and I would hate to leave this school behind knowing that the next generations of students will not be receiving that same fantastic standard of training.

David Whiting (Sidcup, 2023-02-15)


This cannot be people will not want to go to the school any more

Matthew Devlin (Liverpool, 2023-02-15)


I am a student doing a BA acting course at drama Studio London. These students are paying thousands of pounds to learn from the experienced, not do 'self taught' lessons. This is a disgrace.

Moema Harle (Lisbon, 2023-02-15)


the arts have already taken a big enough cut, enough is enough

Holly Mayhew (London, 2023-02-15)


The students are being failed by the school body if a service is not being provided that was promised. A renowned drama school such as RB should be ashamed.

Olivia Stiles (Brentford, 2023-02-15)


I’m a drama school student who’s fed up of our funding being cut:(

Ellie Alcock (Dorchester, 2023-02-15)


Supporting youth in the arts.

Maxim Palamaru (London, 2023-02-15)


I myself am a drama student.

Justina Oyo (London, 2023-02-15)


As an actor training at Drama Studio London, it both disheartens and frightens me that these cuts are occurring in one of the top drama schools in the UK and it could easily happen to those of us at DSL. It’s appalling how arts trainings is treated by the government, so it high time that we had our voices heard.

Moore Cruise (Sidcup, 2023-02-15)


I am an acting student and the arts funding needs to be taken more seriously. Students go to drama school and pay for a reason, not to be let down and hours cut.

Sophie McInerney (London, 2023-02-15)


Funding of the arts should never be cut. It is vital to the human experience, our freedom.

Elena Low (London, 2023-02-15)


Drama schools deserve to have the hours they need to train as actors and not be restricted by the academic system.

Lydia Sadd (London, 2023-02-15)


My friends love it here!

Olivia Hamblett (Stratford-Upon-Avon, 2023-02-15)


I’m a drama school student and this is the worst news ever, it is essential that we practical training hours with our teachers to get the most out of our training. I cant explain how important these contact hours are - this will really effect the outcome of the training

Esta Williams (London, 2023-02-15)


It’s in the name of good.

Sam Seabrook (London, 2023-02-15)


get em teaching hours back!!!

Natasha Tan (London, 2023-02-15)


This is my life sister.

Rhys Howells (London, 2023-02-15)


My daughter attends and is devastated.

Louise Whitaker (London , 2023-02-16)


I'm signing because I support actors

Alfie Pina-Hoblyn (London, 2023-02-16)


I am a fellow acting student at East 15 and I understand the value and need for the longer teaching hours, we are not students, we are training actors and our education should reflect this.

Lauren Clayson (Loughton, 2023-02-16)


As a drama school student I am very aware of how vital the contact hours are, and to to hear one of the top drama schools in the UK is reducing that is disheartening. Give the students what they are paying for.

Gabriel Haslam (London, 2023-02-16)


This effects my niece who is losing training

Sharon King (Hadlow , 2023-02-16)


Current cuts do not stand in line with the teaching times that were told to us through t advertisements and auditions. As a training actor the teaching is most pivotal in our goal to be able to become a well rounded and successful actor within an already difficult industry.

Liam Stone (Birmingham , 2023-02-16)


I believe everyone has a right to the education they are entitled to

Thomas Allam (London , 2023-02-16)


I am a actor hoping to train here and want to help fellow students get what they deserve

Stella Robinson (London, 2023-02-16)


Despite the schools inability to obtain funding, which I don’t believe is any fault of there own. I still think it is important to make it inadvertently clear that this is something we are not happy with - as an entire school. I specifically stand by the L4 cohort who weren’t made aware that Bruford was in this position whilst applying and accepting places at the college, this is extremely unfair and goes against everything that Bruford claim to stand for.
I hope that Bruford understand that our trust with them as an institution is now dismantled, we work as a team and we can only hope that the students at this time do what they do best and come together despite the current situation.

Amelia Fenner (Sidcup, 2023-02-16)


We deserve better.

El Ryan (Bexley, 2023-02-16)


In support of my best friend who is studying here

Rebecca Linge (Ipswich, 2023-02-16)


I’m a drama student at another institution. I think it’s criminal to dramatically decrease the training hours by such a significant amount, especially given the short notice and that the school is expecting the same tuition.

Maggie Seebeck (Loughton, 2023-02-16)


We shouldn’t have our contact time cut

Amelia Bright (Sidcup, 2023-02-16)


My best friend lives for her drama class! And her and the other people deserve the hours and attention they were once promised

Lily Stracey (Bury st edmunds , 2023-02-16)


I am a student at rose Bruford

Aimee Townend (Leeds, 2023-02-16)


Daughter is pupil of university

Josephine Cockle (Essex , 2023-02-16)


Instructor led classwork is a core requirement for academic development in a practical course like acting, and is most crucial in the initial stages of training- for example; during the first year of a three year course.

Jonathan Day (Redhill, 2023-02-16)