Save Bathgate Green Belt



I used to live in Faleside Bathgate. As a child I used to play in the area in question. Then when I got older I'd spend a lot of time taking pictures there. I still do when i have time to visit Bathgate. To build in that green belt would be unacceptable, it not only would be destroying an area full nature, it would spoil the tranquil peace and quiet of Faleside.

Stephen Coulthard (Spittal, Berwick-upon-Tweed, 2022-10-16)


We should uphold decisions taken by our democratically elected council which are environmentally sound.

Meg Pennycuick (Bathgate, 2022-10-16)


We also need to save our greenspace abd plenty other sites available to build houses on

Maureen Horsburgh (Armadale, West Lothian., 2022-10-16)


I hate seeing the green belt in West Lothian getting smaller and smaller

Liesa McLean (Bathgate, 2022-10-16)


I cannot believe that common sense has not already prevailed.

Katrina Barron (Bathgate , 2022-10-16)


I live in Falside with my family my teenage children have played in these fields throughout their childhood and it saddens me that other children will lose that special time.

Christine Falconer (Bathgate, 2022-10-16)


The erosion of our countryside for development is becoming a serious infringement of the environment. The community has voted against this development and are not being listened to

Yvonne Carson (Bathgate, 2022-10-16)


This decision is detrimental to the local environment and our local community which has already seen too many large local developments. I strongly object.

Veranique DRON (Bathgate , 2022-10-16)


Environmental destruction and local democracy crushed ! This decision belongs in North Korea not 2022 Scotland - we must tell the Scottish Government we in Bathgate will not accept the desecration of a beautiful green space which supports 3 European protected species - democracy is being denied - we will not allow this to happen !

Harry Cartmill (Bathgate, 2022-10-16)


This is an outrageous act of vandalism which flies in the face of democracy. The people of Bathgate”s voices must be heard and this decision must be reversed.

Jean Walker (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


I have lived in Falsise and surrounding areas all my life. I spent my childhood in this woods, playing and exploring the nature and wildllife, i have continued those walks in my adulthood, remembering childhood memories. We need to keep these open spaces or we are in danger of becoming a concrete jungle like the cities around, if we wanted that we would stay in the city. Also important to keep spaces for the wildlife, beautiful plants and trees that have been there for alot kr years. Lots of other building opportunities in other areas of bathgate and West Lothian. Re the speedway, where it has already moving to Livingston. We don't have the infrastructure in place ro take on this number of new homes.

Jacqui Tyrie (Bathgate , 2022-10-17)


This should not be allowed to go ahead as no one wants this in the area and it’s in a green belt area absolutely scandalous

Stephen Malone (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


Our schools in Bathgate are over flowing, doctors surgeries packed, dentists that are not seeing people …. Another few hundred houses , just ridiculous

Lindsey Brown (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


We have to resist building on greenfield sites when so many brown field options are available. Public services are already so stretched in the area and another development would only exacerbate this.

Hazel Ireland (Bathgate , 2022-10-17)


Growing up in Falside, these woods were where my love of nature originated. Generations of children have benefited from having these woods nearby & I feel it would be a crime to deprive further generations. There are plenty of former industrial/wasteland sites nearby that would be a better alternative.

Elaine Craig (Prestonpans, 2022-10-17)


There is not enough infrastructure in the area.

Donald Firth (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


There are enough houses in Bathgate and not enough facilities as it is Drs and schools are full to bursting as it is there are no decent shops or leisure facilities and not enough green spaces. Not to mention the destruction of the natural environment cutting down trees just for the sake of it with little regard to the animals who live on or around them. The road can’t cope as it is and there is no way it can be widened there have been several crashes already recently

Lorraine Marshall (Armadale, 2022-10-17)


Too much development, not enough amenities, schools, medical centres etc.

Rachael Weatherby (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


As a Bathgate bairn I feel that the government have acted foolishly by allowing this scheme

John Dawson (Blackburn , 2022-10-17)


Not enough doctor's or school places with the town. Also, government official overruled local democracy.

Karen Conway (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


It’s important to protect our beautiful countryside from greedy developers,

Debora Colman (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


The waiting times at doctors dentists chemist schools are already overwhelmed this will just add pressure

Marc Cuthbert (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


Having grown up in Falside and went to Windyknowe Primary, I feel this area should be left alone

Heather Shanks (Nuneaton, 2022-10-17)


I used to stay at 66 faldside crescent which is next to this field. Being part of a town but next to countryside was a big plus. I share in the locals disappointment of this green belt being destroyed. This has to be stopped!!!

Graeme Baird (Bathgate , 2022-10-17)


I'm a Bathgate Bairn. There is absolutely no need to use green belt for housing. Plenty of brownfield sites remain unused.

Anne Coia (Glasgow, 2022-10-17)


I believe its important to keep some rural areas, building on this ground could lead to floods in other areas.

Janet Sinnet (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


We need to keep the green belt

Mary Fotheringham (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


I disagree with houses being built here ! Schools are overcrowded as it is .

Claire Cameron (West lothyy it an , 2022-10-17)


Bathgate is already overpopulated and allowing further building of houses on green zoned land is nonsensical. It will further stretch schooling, gp's, dentists and other social/educational services and in turn this will have a huge detrimental impact on all the existing residents.

Scott Stenhouse (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


Too much greenfield land is being built on now around Bathgate. Every year biodiverse areas are being lost to housing. A large housing development is going ahead already on greenfield (and some brownfield land) at the site of the slaughter house and the new film studio at the pyramids will also remove ancient trees and green field. As well as this there is a proposal to build on greenfield to the East of Boghall and to the West at Easton. The open green spaces that surround the town should be protected otherwise Bathgate will just merge into Armadale, Blackburn and Livingston and valuable areas for wildlife will be lost for ever.

Jacqueline Considine (Bathgate, 2022-10-17)


Bathgate has been ruined enough.

Shirley Marshall (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


I grew up here and loved the green spaces to play in. We need to keep our green spaces.

Andrew Neil (East calder, 2022-10-18)


Enough green belt land has been destroyed, we need to save some. This land is of natural beauty and is of interest to the community.

Susan Baxter (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


The reporter should should review and reverse the decision made to deprive the people of Bathgate of this special greenbelt land.

Teresa Macdonald (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


Local decision taken by the community and local elected councillors overturned by a faceless non elected Gvt. reporter. Where is democracy?

John Macdonald (Batgate, 2022-10-18)


I believe it's important we leave this particular area of Bathgate well alone. So much green belt land is being eaten up for new build housing and whilst we do need housing, we really need to draw the line when it comes to protesting precious areas such as this.

Mary Close (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


Every consultation process has given a resounding NO to this propsal. However, somehow it has been agreed. This is NOT acceptable.

Kathy Hay (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


Theres not enough green space in Bathgate

Davie Mitchell (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


This is an absolute liberty! Brown envelopes openly trumping the democratic process, at least keep corruption behind closed doors please!

Iain Armstrong (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


This has been a totally unacceptable abuse of power & should e reversed immediately.

Colin Meek (Bathgate, West Lothian , 2022-10-18)


This development would cause a lot of problems for the fabric and people of Barhgate. The schools, Drs and roads are already struggling without adding more . Taking away this valuable green space will adversely affect the local and national environment.

Susan Hepburn (Bathgate , 2022-10-18)


It's a disgrace
The town is bursting at the seams we cannot take anymore
We don't want anymore houses
The area as it stands is beautiful
This will just cause more cars pollution and understaffed schools that cannot cope
As well as medical centers

Christine Walker (Bathgate , 2022-10-18)


The people of Bathgate don’t want the development and there is no need to remove the green area. Space is available on brownfield sites should new houses be required.

Scott Banks (Bathgate , 2022-10-18)


I’m signing because we need our open spaces for people’s mental health, and to protect our wildlife.

Eileen Lander (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


Bathgate does not currently have the infrastructure to support more homes being built in the area

Leslie Thompson (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


Because its a disgrace you want to build hrre

Carolanne Latta (Bathagate, 2022-10-18)


I am signing because I strongly disagree with the decision to destroy this beautiful green belt land. This application has been declined by the local council on numerous occasions but that decision has now been overruled.

Colin Mann (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


I’m very against this happening in green belt land, defeats the purpose of having a green belt area

David Hay (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


We must protect this historic area for future generations.

Jim Easton (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


This area should remain as it is. There’s no requirement for further housing, not to mention the strain this will put on amenities in the area & traffic within an already over populated area.

John McGregor (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


This decision goes against so many peoples wishes. A stand for democracy.

John Morrison (Bathgate, 2022-10-18)


There is tremendous pressure on Bathgate roads and public facilities already. In addition greedy land owners and outside developers want to ruin the green spaces around our town of Bathgate (including the hills). The errosion of green belt and leisure areas present the thin end of the wedge on full development of high density housing. How can our complacent, inept, conforming MSPs complaint of Amazon destruction but allow this to go ahead. Hubris and hypocrisy. Mark

Mark McCallum (Bathgate , 2022-10-18)


I object to the decision by the reporter.

Gordon Tennant (Bathgate , 2022-10-18)


This is just the tip of the iceberg. West Lothian is getting bigger and bigger without the infra structure to support all these new houses. Our countryside is disappearing rapidly.

Ann Hunter (Blackburn, West Lothian, 2022-10-18)


I am a local resident and do not agree that the allowed development will benefit the area in any way

Ronnie Dewhurst (Bathgate, 2022-10-19)


I live in the area , doesn’t need any more houses, once again the animals lose more of their habitat.

Janet Dewhurst (Bathgate , 2022-10-19)


My parents live near the said site and there is no need for houses to be built there. It should be left as it as there’s infrastructure for more houses and the current houses will be massively inconvenienced. Aside from that, it seems to be some dodgy dealings for this to be passed when no one wants it

Danielle Dewhurst (Bathgate , 2022-10-19)


One unelected person should not be allowed to overturn the democratic rights of locals and our elected councillors. The proposed scheme will destroy the peace, beauty and wildlife of this corner of Scotland for no reason other than corporate greed.

Alan Barnton (Bathgate, 2022-10-19)


I’m signing because too much of our green spaces are being turned into housing estates, depleting wildlife and discarding ancient woodlands. There is also usually no infrastructure to support the extra load on schools, doctors surgeries or waste disposal. Green belt should remain green belt.

Janet Brooks (Midlothian , 2022-10-19)


I am concerned about the increasing numbers of new developments on green belt sites, either currently being developed or proposed. We should be protecting our green belt and I find it worrying that property developers seem to own all of it.
It would seem that the Scottish government is only interested in achieving its target for new homes without looking at the full impact these new developments have on existing infrastructure and the environmental impact on the local community.

Lorraine Baxter (Edinburgh , 2022-10-19)


It's disgraceful, it's a beautiful spot and I look at it regular from my window, destroying, trees, wildlife, and basically the peace of the area

Miriam Beck (Bathgate, 2022-10-19)


Incredible, we have just lost our speedway track ( Edinburgh monarchs Armadale stadium) for more private housing. Only half a mile from this site. There will be no break between Armadale and Bathgate if this go's ahead. Democracy my a**e

Jim Swarbrick (Bathgate (falside), 2022-10-19)


No way. We need homes but not to the detriment of wild life.

James Curtis (Bathgate, West Lothian, United Kingdom, 2022-10-19)


I am signing this petition as I agree with everything being said.
We must save our green belt and wild life.

Marjorie LAWRIE (Bathgate, 2022-10-19)


I agree with everything being said.

Robert Lawrie (Bathgate , 2022-10-19)


Save green belt and ancient trees from development. Reporters should not be able to over rule communities.

Pippa Plevin (Uphall, 2022-10-19)


This is going to impact our lives and the natural environment around us

Babs Bell (Bathgate, 2022-10-19)


West Lothian is being destroyed by far too many housing developments. The area which once was attractive for the fact that it had extensive countryside and wildlife has now become a vast building site.

Austen Muir (Mid Calder, 2022-10-19)


To protect environment

Vincent Lamprecht (Eh482na, 2022-10-20)


I have two autistic grandchildren and outdoor green space is vital for their wellbeing. We are always being told about looking after protected species but it looks like that doesn't matter in this case. New housing developments are not always good for the community

Caroline Smillie (Bathgate, 2022-10-20)


This areas is five minutes from our house.
We need to keep the green space

Lorraine Atherton (Bathgate, 2022-10-20)


Family live in Bathgate

June Dickson (Tranent , 2022-10-20)


Bathgate is beautiful and loss of this land would be a start to more of our countryside being built on by greedy developers. This must stop .

Robert Findlay (Edinburgh , 2022-10-20)


We need to protect our green spaces for future generations

Christine Cullen (Linlithgow , 2022-10-20)


I live very near to this area and appreciate the green belt.

Audrey Gallagher (Bathgate , 2022-10-20)


What is wrong with these people? So obsesses with making a buck, they don't care about our wildlife, history or wild land anymore. Stop destroying our countryside and destoying animal habitats in the process.

Nat B (Edinburgh, 2022-10-20)

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