University of Delaware COVID-19 Booster Mandate



I think it’s ridiculous you’re making these kids get a booster. Half of them if not more have natural immunity due to prior infection. The vaccine is obviously not ‘slowing the spread’!!

Sue Erni (Kennett Square, 2022-01-12)


I'm signing because medical treatment should be an individual choice with the advice of your doctor, not a mandate by school administrstors.

Plambeck Michelle (Millsboro, 2022-01-12)


Vaccines do not prevent spread, the hospital systems are not beyond or reaching capacity, and students are largely at very little health risk from this virus barring existing co-morbidities. There is no scientific basis for mandates vaccines in terms of increasing community safety.

Todd Mickey (Milford, 2022-01-12)


I believe we should have a choice

Karen Jones (Bridgeville , 2022-01-12)


I'm signing because I know the damage that these shots can do, (one doctor alone found 62% of his patients had micro clots) because we have never successfully vaccinated against any coronavirus, because the Director of the CDC has admitted the ineffectiveness of the shots, because the shots are based on new technology which has never before been approved for human use, because Big Pharma cannot be sued if the vaccine hurts or kills someone, and because 99.8% of people survive Covid.

Lorrie Gloede (Dover, 2022-01-12)


A well educated decision can be made by an individual without a mandate. Boosters for the sake of “public health” do not apply here as the scientific data shows that even those vaccinated and boosted are contracting and transmitting the disease to those around them.

Chris Perrin (Wilmington, 2022-01-12)


My body my choice!

Skylar Johnson (Avondale, 2022-01-12)


My son is a student.

Joan Marie Lupi (Upper Chichester, PA, 2022-01-12)


Please do not fall victim to the totalitarianistic practice of demanding what someone does to their body. This is an egregious abuse of authority.

James Ingrassia (Wilmington, 2022-01-12)


My son should have a choice as to what goes into his body !

Kelly McCarthy (West Hempstead , 2022-01-12)


My step daughter goes to your school. This is unconstitutional and you ALL know this! The dam “vaccines” DONT work! That’s becoming obvious to everyone! Keep trying to force these shots on students and your door will be closing in the future due to the river of law suits coming your way! Every civil rights attorney and many law firms are sitting on the sidelines waiting! Good luck!

Nancy Kuczinski (Lawrenceburg indiana, 2022-01-13)


With the absolute failure of the vaccines to protect people from getting covid, there is no reason to continue putting our youth at risk. My daughter has already had covid and yet is subject to weekly testing and sanctions because I refused to let her get vaccinated. She is not a risk to the community and she and her friends should not be forced to undergo genetic experiments that are proving to be deadly for many.

Jessica Freeman (Lincoln, 2022-01-13)


I’m signing because we should have the freedom to choose what’s best for us. I am not pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. I’m pro-choice.

Cristina Cappy (Morristown, 2022-01-13)


Parents or students 18 and older
Should make their own decisions for their health.

Christine Ward (Wilmington , 2022-01-13)


Booster vaccines should be a personal choice not mandatory.

Regina Theresa (East Northport, 2022-01-13)



Hailey Marussich (Ridgewood, 2022-01-13)


I am signing because the real truth is coming out about boosters etc and this petition, with the help of god, may just be what is needed to save our children.

Margaret Kane (Bear, 2022-01-13)


I'm signing because I have a serious concern for the well being of the young people. This shot has not been proven to work and has shown to increase risk of serious heart problems. This group of people have a 99% chance of surviving Covid. Why take the risk from an experimental shot?

Debra Williams (Bear, 2022-01-13)


I do not agree with the booster mandate for my son. The risks outweighs the benefits as stated here and I’m afraid of any long term effects they may have, since long term effects are unknown.

Lisa Fumusa (Mahopac, 2022-01-13)


I am signing because I have a grave concern for the young male athletes who have received the vaccine. Many studies from Israel, the EU, Denmark, Finland, Sweden all have data that indicate a link between males under 40 and enlarged hearts or scar tissue on the heart or other related issues that could cause sudden collapse under strain (physical activity). I don't want to see a student athlete collapse on the playing field.

Alison Kirk (Lewes, 2022-01-13)


I think the risk of a booster shot far outweighs the benefit. Booster should not be mandated for young adults

Gene Alliegro (Westfield, 2022-01-13)


My son has already been immunocompromised by the originally mandated vaccine. After being for ed to take the shot he has had recurring Mono, epstein bar virus, and repaeted strep throat. The booster does NOTHING and should not be required of ANYONE. My son also already had Covid. The shot is far more dangeythan any potential exposure to the current virus. Temove all mandates!!

Very concerned parent.

Audrey Shields (Hillsborough, 2022-01-13)


COVID vaccine mandates for college students is absolutely ridiculous from a medical point of view. COVID rarely causes serious illness in 18-22 year olds. The Omicron is milder and there is herd immunity approaching in this country. There are so many reasons why it is so unreasonable for any university to mandate this vaccine.

Christopher Vallorosi (Dover, 2022-01-13)


I'm signing because, I'm following real science. There are many studies that not only say the emergency use "vaccines" could cause irreparable damage but could cause death. If you want to keep pushing this agenda, you should take the responsibility when any of your students get vaccine injured or die.

Allison Brown (Newark, 2022-01-13)


Where there is a risk; there must be a choice!

Erica McMillian (Bear, 2022-01-13)


I'm signing this postition because I agree with the logic and science of natural immunity and the fact that other options are available to treat Covid 19 and it's variants.

Kathleen Arnold (TOWNSEND, 2022-01-13)


Great Barrington Declaration

Wanyee Kinuthia (Kenya (Watamu), 2022-01-13)


Our grand daughter is a freshman at University of Delaware

Julie Mesanko (Toms River , 2022-01-14)


It is time that our sacred bodies be free from any more "mandated" unconstitutional injections when severe damage to the human race has already taken place.
Release your fears that have blinded your mind and open your hearts to PEACE.
Allow us to live with freedom in this land of Liberty!
Please- Do not continue to harm us!

Sandra Rodriguez (Bethany, 2022-01-14)


My body-My choice. Against my Constitutional Rights!!

Sherry McGoldrick (Lewes , 2022-01-14)


I am a concerned citizen

Janet Walmsley (Milford, 2022-01-14)


I'm signing because the booster mandate is likely to cause more damage than benefit to some of the people who will be impacted by it.

Rachel Gopie (Wilmington , 2022-01-14)


I do not believe in medical mandates.

Cynthia Cox (Wilmington, 2022-01-14)


I support the rights of parents and students to choose for themselves the best course of action for their well being.

Toby Ridings (Wilmington, 2022-01-14)


I am signing because I do not feel the booster is needed and that we do not know enough about the booster. I do not want my daughter to have this shot.

carlene altemose (PA - Saylorsburg, 2022-01-15)


I'm signing because I stand for medical freedom. People of all ages shouldn't be forced to put items in their bodies.
If they are forced then the option to sue should be allowed in case there are side effects.

Misty BLACK (Middletown , 2022-01-15)


I'm signing because I believe that individuals should maintain their medical freedoms.

Anne Marie Nandzik (Watertown, 2022-01-15)


My son has had Covid, is fully vaccinated and is in his last semester of college. There is no need for him to risk life long consequences to his health.

Shawn Grossman (Wilmington , 2022-01-15)


I believe students should have a choice on the booster based on their own health issues. The vaccine has proven not to prevent getting or spreading the infection. Natural immunity from previous Covid infections should be a consideration as well.

Michael Stauffer (Allentown, 2022-01-15)


I have recently learned from the top expert on carbon in Germany and Belgium that the serums contain grapheme dioxide particles 5o nm x .1 nm. Being so small & so slim, they act like razors in the blood slicing, bleeding in brain, heart, etc. He tried to get the message out Nov. 21st. His name is Andreas Novak. I may have spelled the last name wrong. He was emphatic about not taking any more vaccines because of them. Just so you know the Belgium police barged in while taping, arrested him, took him to jail. He was beaten and murdered in the cell 8 hours from the time of being arrested. Please respect his altruistic, urgent message. There is NO reversing this. Do not be a handmaiden of Death! Very horrid!

Anne Marvin (Hockessin, 2022-01-15)


I am a concerned parent of Delaware student.

Colette Stauffer (Allentown, 2022-01-15)


The craziness and non commonsensical approach to problems needs to stop.

Terry Crouthamel Jr (Allentown , 2022-01-15)


This vaccine is not a one size fits all. Not all age groups should be treated the same. College students are not at risk for severe disease. I feel the risks outweigh the benefits especially for the boys. Also many people who have received the vaccine contract and spread the virus. The vaccine may spare the recipient of severe disease but does not stop the spread of the disease so I feel it should be up to the person to decide if they want the vaccine and as well as any booster.

Kate Crouthamel (Allentown , 2022-01-16)


I am a former employee at UD, an educator, and a grad student at UD. I am taking exclusively online courses but am still required to get the booster. Requiring a booster defies logic and is not supported by science which shows that it does nothing to prevent community spread. I will be be postponing additional coursework at UD until this mandate is lifted.

Kathryn Britton (Wilmington, 2022-01-16)


I am the aunt of a student football player

Kim Evans (West Hempstead , 2022-01-16)


It’s his choice not yours

Ralph Sciaretta (West Hempstead , 2022-01-16)


This is completely unethical & dangerous for this age group!!

Catherine Reid (Lutherville , 2022-01-17)


I’m a virologist who believes booster mandates, particularly in college age students, are not supported by risk benefit analyses and are therefore unethical.

Nicole Sexton (Fort Collins, 2022-01-17)


Im signing this because I feel strongly that we need more information. I’m with the vaccines but I feel that there are different circumstances. Especially if one has had Covid twice and has been vaccinated there is a natural immunity and again I don’t think that we have enough information to just be boosting and boosting and boosting

Julie Romain (Villanova , 2022-01-17)


You have no right to make my son get a shot that hasn’t been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe. We’re not comfortable at all with you dictating this. He is a junior at UD now so he’s decided it’s too late to transfer out. Needless to say, we’ve had enough of UD over a number of things, especially this, so it is no longer an option for our two other children approaching college age.

Mike Messinger (Bear, 2022-01-17)


As a US alum, I am concerned for the welfare and health of students. Mandating an unlicensed, liability free, EUA vaccine is illegal and immoral. No long term data and short term safety data is concerning. Not recognizing natural immunity goes against the data. This whole issue is an illustration that big Pharma owns universities too.

Laura Byrne (Dallastown, 2022-01-17)


I agree with the contents of the petition

William Geimeier (Wilmington, 2022-01-17)


I Agree mandated boosters is ridiculous and dangerous

Lisa Anderson (Wilmington , 2022-01-18)


I'm a concerned parent who has been carefully monitoring the various evolving data surrounding COVID-19, natural immunity and vaccinations. The onset of the Omicron variant I believe is a game changer as it has proven to be highly contagious even amongst the fully vaccinated WITH THE BOOSTER. And we have known for quite some time now that the vaccines do NOT prevent infection, and if one can be infected, one can transmit to others. How the University and other collegiate institutions can continue on this same path without any pause or reconsideration of the data is at best shortsighted and at worst potentially damaging to our children. Have you determined how much incremental benefit they can get from being boosted vs., as in my child's case, being infected and having natural immunity in addition to being vaccinated? While the vaccine has been mostly safe from the limited data we as the public are able to see, it isn't 100% safe. Are we putting healthy young college students at a greater risk of an adverse effect from the booster when we know they are not likely to be seriously affected by the virus? Do you want to usurp my obligation as a parent to help my child make the best decision for her personal health by imposing this one-size-fits-all mandate? And if so, will you then be willing to assume whatever consequence may result from her forced compliance? I urgently implore you to take a pause and suspend this mandate.

Amy Wagner (Ocean City, 2022-01-18)


My daughter is a student at UD and has had Covid as well as been vaxxed. We thought that was going to be good enough, when is it
going to end?

Glenn Wagner (Ocean City, 2022-01-18)


My body my choice for all Americans.

Scott Tuck (San Tan Valley, 2022-01-18)


Mandate is not a law and you shouldn’t force anyone against their will.

Charlotte Hovis (Felton, 2022-01-18)


My child is interested in attending University of Delaware. The risks outweigh the benefits with this shot.

Kate Gorman (farmington, 2022-01-19)


Young people are among the healthiest and least at risk demographic. The risk of these vaccines far outweigh the benefits esp for young men. Omicron is comparable to the common cold and the current vaccines do not protect against this variant. As an alumni and a nurse I strongly disagree with this mandate!!!

Kelly Treut (Wilmington, 2022-01-19)


I believe in this cause!

Sharon Fortuna (Wilmington, 2022-01-19)


I am against the vaccinate mandate the university is imposing on staff and students. This is a violation on liberal freedom to make you own choice and not have to be mandated to a medical procedure.

Jennifer Price (Smyrna , 2022-01-19)


I’m signing this because I am a physician who believes that younger people do not need a booster, the current vaccine is not effective at preventing omicron transmission , natural immunity is more effective at preventing transmission of current strains and there are potential health risks with continuing to give a vaccine to young adults with a healthy immune system.

Carrie Mastro (Galloway, 2022-01-19)


Signing bc we will not consider any school that mandates the covid vaccine.

Prospective Parent (Upstate, 2022-01-20)


As an alumnus living in the free State of Florida, from a family of Blue Hen alumni, I would like to see my alma mater follow the science, not the politics, of healthy living.

Otto Fad (Lakeland, 2022-01-21)

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