Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?



We are losing all basic freedoms and being punished when do not comply

Katrina barry (Dalyellup, )


He is violating our human rights and should be convicted of treason and crimes against humanity!

Nicole Dimitroff (Perth, )


I believe in human rights, pro choice! I’m signing to fight for my kids future!

Cristina Matei (Perth, )


I want my country back.

Mark Imisides (Forrestfield , )


We the people are SOVEREIGN not the government

Ian Shadbolt (Mukinbudin , )


I’m signing because I believe in the people. I hope he’s a good guy but if not he must be accountable.

Tahlea Young (Perth, )


I don't agree with mandate vaccination.

Miguel Netto (Perth, )


Clearly McGowan works for The CCP not the people of Western Australia

Krystina Brown (Perth , )


I have been forced out of a job I have loved for 30 years because McGowan has decided to mandate injecting myself with an experimental gene therapy three times as a condition of employment.

Peter Martyr (MELVILLE, )


I very strongly oppose the mandating of an unproven experimental vaccination on the entire general public of Western Australia, and even more strongly oppose the push to vaccinate young children with this experimental vaccination. To inject children with this substance, when they have virtually no risk from the virus is no less than criminal, and at worst murder.

Lee Mollison (Perth, )


Helicopter rides should be mandatory for all Politicians.

Colin Harrison (Atwell, )


He is not from this state, he is acting like hitler in his running of this state and I dead set HATE THE MAN! F'CK MCDICKHEAD!

Rod Lindsay (Perth, )


I would like the removal the pitiful creature called Mark McGowan. I have never seen such a lack of ineptitude and care for his job.
We are already ruined business wise and I have not seen my grand children for 2-1/2 years. Do you really understand how a virus operates? Best for you is to fall on your sword

Thea Ferreira (Perth, )


Mark mcgowen has lost his mind. FORCING WEST AUSTRALIANS AND THERE KIDS to recieve experimental vaccines. That so far still show no actual benefits to our health. Thousands of WAustralians have left there job because they don't want to be forced to have experimental drugs administered to there bodies. And that is going to snowball big time. Crime is going up, people can't pay there morgatge ontop of a severe housing crisis. He has millions of tax payers money his not spending on things like hospitals and the staff, causing several child deaths this past 24 months. his got the media promoting one agenda he has failed us worse than any other West Australian premier ever has. Mark mcgowen has caused death, pain, and unjust suffering to all ages of all west Australians He should be tried for treason and set as an example for the next person to run in office. Your job is to help the people prosper not dictate and lead with a iron fist.

Ashley Burrows (Perth, )


I no faith left in his ability to serve the state

Benjamin Ford (Albany, )


Mark McGowan has endangered our lives, he has caused families and friends to divide, he has deprived people of their basic needs and the right to freedom, he has caused so much pain and suffering, even death! He is not fit to lead the people he must go!

Rose-marie Carson (Roelands, )


Mark McGowan is corrupt and ruining the lives of too many West Australians

Simone Brown (Perth, )


We are standing up against corruption. We know his plan and his time has come to get out of power

Melissa Madgwick (South Perth, )


Because he has gone to far with all the rules

Sam Bax (Byford , )


Myself and my wife have been forced into having the jabs to keep our jobs, and it's morally wrong what is happening.

Andrew Mort (Ocean Reef, )


No more lockdowns no experimental vaccines no mandates. I do not concent to tyranny
Power to the people 🙌🏼

Rachel Rigg (Manchester , )


Scott brook

Scottie Brook (Perth, )


He is a tyrant, and murderer, for pushing through coercion these vaccines, the mandates are not legal, who the hell is he that can say what I put in my body, especially a poison in its trial stages still, he is helping bring down this nation, and ruining peoples lives.

Martin Panting (Wanneroo, )


There is no explanation or logic behind putting mandates on unvaccinated people being allowed to work, or being allowed to access certain areas, or do certain activities, especially when there is more and more evidence with studies coming out that people are better off, and less likely to be re-infected with covid, than those who have been vaccinated. The enforced mandates are an expression of tyranny and causing, amongst other things, social division and disharmony, breaking up of communities and severe mental-ill health.

Ro Ku (Bouvard, )


Vaccines are an experimental bio weapons and it does not work! More vaccinated people die everyday and they are triple vaxxed! How do you make sense of that? You are a murderer by forcing people to take the vaccine. You are using these extreme mandates to play "God" over us. "I will show them" - "you are pathetic McGowan". There is only one GOD! I will not fear you!

Anne Parker (WA, )


I am signing because, mandating vaccines was an abuse of power. Not opening border after he said , "I guarantee life goes back to normal when vaccinated", it didn't
And because more rules, vaccine certificate etc, absolutely ridiculous, makes no sense, this just seems to be a punishment for the unvaccinated.
What I see now is arrogance, power mad, lost the plot, politics with no plan, but more silly rules.

Martyn Heilbronn (Perth, )


Mark McGowan needs to be removed from office

sonya arcidiacono (Yokine, )


The Premier has shown total disregard for the Health of the People of Western Australia. It is not about public health and safety anymore, it is about total control. People have done what he mandated (which is not a law) and still he does not lead in the manner he should. He is not a doctor, he does not show where he is getting his scientific studies from and he is also looking after several government departments which allow him to commit fraud and theft

Deb Bielawski (Perth, )


The mandates

Niranya Livingstone (Perth, )


This is tyrannical leadership

Sean Fiddes (SOUTH LAKE, )


McGowan along with all other Australian *leaders* has caused injury suicides death and poverty for so many west Australians and is leading a dictatorship of greed corruption and lies for his own benefit

Kerri Miller (Perth, )


Mark McGowan is a dangerous nartistical person, who has way to much power, his CCP connections are concerning and it seems he will not backdown with mandates ever, he's not for the people, he's a megalomaniac

Garolyn Parker (Mandurah, )


Tyranny must be opposed

Paul Markhan (Bicton, )


WA Premier has been so mean and controlling over the public.
Keeping boarders closed, making people keep getting untested vaccines.
All against there own choice.

Stephan McMeekin (Bunbury , )


I dont agree with mandates.

Rochelle Tichborne (Perth, )


I do not agree with treason

Niss Hall (Perth, )


The McGowan governments’ over reaching and unjustified mandates have caused irreparable psychological, physical & financial damage to families, small businesses, the elderly & children. It is nothing short of a crime against humanity. Those responsible will be held to account. The time is now! 🇦🇺✊

Neil Thornton (Lesmurdie, )


McGowan is a criminal.

Luke Patterson (Northbridge, )


I'm signing because I don't like living under a Dictator.

Peter McManus (Mount Barker, )


We do not need communism in this country. Especially not in the name of "health". This is not about health, this is about control!

Charell Engelbrecht (Perth, )


Government are dawwwgggs

Kallen Cooke (Ravenswood, )


The truth doesn't mind people questioning it, if truth is on your side McGowan, then why is there so much censorship, not just here but all around the world, I have done my research and I believe that this is NOT about health, this about lining the pockets of others and absolute control by so called "government" who through The Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 removed the Queen of UK and replaced it with a counterfeit “Queen of Australia.” unlawful and treasonous. Stand down McGowan.

Ann Hemmings (Mount Nasura, )


We need a premier who has the best interests of people at heart. Marky is feathering his own nest nit considering how he is now a dictator

Helen Ellery (East Rockingham, )


A good leeder does not Lead from a position of fear
The McGowan team needs to look out side the nanny state and look and understand the changes that are taking place in the real world

Steve Mitchell (Yallingup, )


Because wa politics is a joke

Aris Annunziato (Perth , )


He hasn't been honest. Our freedoms are being taken away from us. These mandates are toxic and unnecessary.

Annette Crisp (Perth, )


I am for freedom and not the restriction against our liberty.
I am also for truth and honesty and transparency which the WA government is not.

Dean Crosby (Perth, )


The mandates are inhumane

Jodie Munro (Mandurah, )


Too many broken promises and he is a dictator

Aaron Patterson (Perth, )


As McGowan should be locked up for life for the crimes against humanity he has been involved in

Jamie Cherry (Bunbury , )


Mark mcgowan is a liar and misleads the truth.

Jade Stillwell (Perth , )


He has gone too far and abused his power. We will never get herd immunity as it is today.

Glenda Moroni (Boyup Brook, )


I am unvaccinated & my husband is very sick & McGowan won’t let me visit him in hospital if he has to go back in

Leith Woodland (Perth, )


Mark McGowan is an absolute disgrace! havent seen my sick mother in over 2 yrs!!!!!!!!

dree rose (sydney, )


Mandates experimental emergency use drugs all illegal - the science shows masks are useless. No treatment being offered. Information being censored

Joanne Grorud (Perth, )


Ineffective and poor leadership, false promises, contravention of the constitution, allowing the break down of commercial agreements with the discrimination between pro choice and vaccinated, failure to bolster and improve our health services, lack of funding to mental health and homeless… to name a few

Paul Ellenberg (Perth , )


Mark is a disgrace to wa and his family should be ashamed of him! He was hate when in the navy and is hated now.
Shoooo fly your not wanted #fuckmarkmcgowan

Luke Mace (Mandurah, )


Mcgowans arrogance and ego has gone unchecked. He has not done his duty for his people. The hospital situation is a joke! He is a hitler unleashed, dangerous if allowed to continue his disgraceful draconian dictatorship

Lyndall McAlpine (perth, )


I am sick of the lies and backflips. The segregation he has caused in the community is criminal

Amandah-Kayte Lead (Morley, )


McGowan is corrupt making policy on the run to protect his agenda

Mark Reid (Perth, )


Australian corporation is a foreign belligerent occupying regime and is no longer welcome in our Ancient lands.

Deborah-May Torrens (Lismore, )


What is happening here in Australia is disgusting. How dare politicians have such power over us abs mandates when the mandates do not even include politicians themselves.
This must end.

Selena webster (Warradale, )


I'm signing, one reason being because of his ignoring valid research and alternative ways regards covid and failure to apply them, including his insane approach to push mandates, masks, lockdowns, job losses, police brutality and discrimination to those not responding to his demands, despite increasing data against the effectiveness of vaccines and these restrictions. Other reasons are his over ruling the Australian constitution, his push to breakdown the family structure of Father, Mother and children , his implementation of school programmes to sexualize and gender confuse our children, his obscene hatred of, and his attempts to eradicate Christianity from Australian society and implement Socialism. These are some of the reasons why i consider McGowan as unsuitable as Hitler or Putin to lead our government

Gaye Burnett (MAYLANDS, )


I do not comply with the current mandates

Leanne Jenkins (Perth, )


His tyrannical, genocide and human rights violations must be addressed and he must pay for his crimes against humanity

Stephen Kelly (Perth , )


The Western Australian premier needs to be held accountable for his actions

ronald Lores (Townsville , )


I'm signing because McGowan is a liar and completely irrational with his thinking in regards to his response to the Covid pandemic.
Nothing he has done has ended with a result that's been beneficial to the people of W.A.
I am a W.A. resident who has been stuck in NSW for almost two years because of him.
I have an 18 year old son who is in W.A. desperately needing me to return to ensure he has a successful future, plus I am also the primary carer for my mother who has cancer and without my presence she has almost died 3 times. I've has to call the W.A police to conduct welfare checks on her which has resulted in her door being kicked in and my mother ending up in hospital as we have no other family in Perth its just us three.
My situation is not the worst one I have heard of as a result of his irrational and heartless decisions, denying a dying mother access to her 5 children in order to say goodbye forever is absolutely despicable, death is final.
Honestly, the fact that people have not done anything about this tyrant still being in power has me extremely concerned for the future of not only Western Australia, but the whole country.

Amanda Harvy (Sydney, )


My body, my choice. Government does not get to violate my rights under the skin. My vessel on this Earth is not commerce to be cashed in at the whim of politicians taking to maximise the profits of Big Pharma and enrich themselves. Back off.

David Walker (Tuart Hill, )


I'm signing this because Mark McGowan abuses his power and responsibilities, it is my will to have him removed from office

Rhys Tonkin (Byford, )


Made to have a vaccine unproven to keep my job
The fact he has insider trading into his shares that will affect all West Australians very soon
He thinks he is untouchable

James Rumsley (Perth, )


He's a globalist puppet who is not working for Australia. He needs to be removed from office and and charged with treason as he is serving a foreign power

Clyde Marais (Hervey Bay , )


The overreach of Mark McGowan and his government has been insane. This petition is well written and says exactly what needs to be said and done.



I lost my father to the vaccine,lost my job which saw both my businesses collapse because I am not jabbed, was labeled a domestic terrorist by McGowan, am being discriminated against, can't find work anywhere in my specialized field because McGowan made all Resources CEO carry out his violation of constitution order, he is a corrupt monster and needs to be jailed for the rest of his life and his family wealth redistributed to all those in WA who lost their wealth due to his corruption! He is incompetent in every way and does not care about people he sucks the cock of big business in foreign countries at the expense of his own citizens !

M Mills (Perth, )


I believe he serves no useful purpose and should go.

Marty Still (CrystalCreek, )


I'm signing this because it is a crime against humanity to force people to have these fake vaccines in order to keep their jobs and livelihoods! Enough is enough!

Floyd Churnside (Derby, )


Most definitely Mark McGowan should be removed from office and charged accordingly.

Lucia Smith (WAHROONGA, )


McGowan has over-stepped his authority as a Premier elected to office to represent present people - not rule them by tyranny.

paul brauman (newcastle, )

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