Name the Paddock to Pits tunnel at Brands Hatch after Robert Foote



Because the marshals do a fantastic job, without them events wouldn’t happen

Shirley Tomkinson (Crewe, )


We should honour the name of someone who took time out of their day to day life to help us enjoy Motorsport.



I’m signing because I’m a marshal my self (in the netherlands), when we lose one of our selves, we have to stand together!

Resi Abbenes (Bovenkarspel , )


My niece is a marshal at Brands Hatch, I think they go an amazing job and this would be a lovely gesture and a way to keep Robert Footes memory alive.

Denise Traylor (Canterbury , )


This is a very worthy cause.

Chris Cooper (Ashton U Lyne, )


I’m signing this as this resonates with me the orange army make racing happen without their commitment and expertise many racing venues would be unable to safely put on race meetings

Sarah Boll (Middlesbrough , )


Marshals do an amazing job and I feel this would be a fitting tribute to Mr Foote and acknowledge the fantastic work that the orange army do week in, week out

Melanie James (Winkleigh , )


As a fellow marshal this would be a fitting tribute to a fallen comrade

Kevin Putnam (Coalville, )


Marshalls are crucial to motor racing. Without them, racing wouldn't be able to happen. Naming this tunnel after Robert Foote would be a tribute not only to him, but to all the Orange Army. Please do this! 🧡

Jen Llywelyn (Llanfyrnach, )


As a sponsor in motor racing, I understand that these events could not take place without the incredible support of the marshals.
The renaming would serve as a permanent reminder to many, of the risks these heros make to everybody involved.

Martin Dowd (Morpeth, )


As a racer these guys are the life blood of motorsport

Andrew Robinson (Guisborough, )


It is most important that this come to

Go Bobby UK . (London , )


The marshalls are the life blood motor racing. Without them there would be no racing

Phillip Evans (Accrington , )


I am a marshal and feel this is a tribute to all volunteer marshals at all circuits around the UK.

Janet Dixon New (Leeds, )


This guy deserved to be remembered

Paul Fleming (Sevenoaks , )


Orange family 🧡

Daria Szweda (Halifax, )


As a driver, we couldn’t indulge our hobby without the orange army, they are the ones that are always there for us and this is a small and lasting gesture of appreciation for one that has tragically lost his life.

Andy Roberts (Oxford, )


I’m a MSUK official and believe this is a wonderful idea

Andrew Ringland (Eccles, )


I think this is a wonderful way do remembering our fellow Marshal

Tom Pledger (Uckfield, )


I raced for a few years and without them we couldn't live our dream to race bikes and cars

Gary Pearce (Alresford , )


It's a fitting way to remember the guy who dedicated his weekend to motorsport

Steven michie (Dunfermline , )



Marcus Ridley (Kidderminster , )


It is fitting to the orange army so proud of them all.. Mr Foote should be rembered

Nicky Bache (Brierley Hill, )


I'm signing this because I'm a marshal at Circuit Zandvoort

Christian Gouverneur (Zwijndrecht, )


As an appreciation to all those who put themselves in harms way to ensure the spectators and racers have a great time, without them we can’t go racing!

Ryan Mccubbin (Warwickshire, )


I am a marshal for racesafe so I think this is a great idea

Harry Williams (Portsmouth , )


I witnessed the unfortunate even first and believe it would be a good gesture, if it is decided to go ahead i would happliy offer to donate the signage for the tunnel F.O.C

Richard Stacey (West Bromwich, )


I have full admiration, for all the Volunteers who help make our sport possible especially the tireless work our Orange Arm do,, they stand out in all weathers and deal with what ever situation is put before them in such a Professional and efficient way. Tragically Robert has given the most presious thing he had. RIP Robert Foote

Peter Brown (Sandbach , )


Marshall’s allow us to go racing, people to watch motorsport and are generally unsung heroes. This would serve as a memorial and tribute not only to Robert but to all those in the future who don the orange overalls.
Thoughts to his family and friends

Richard Kay (Chester, )


I fully support this petition. I marshalled for Bemsee for fifty years.

Dave Hodgins (Woodstock , )


Im singing as no racing can go a head with out the correct amount of marshals. Such an important job on the day.

Nicola Cooper (Durham, )


Because I agree Robert Foote should be remembered

Anthony Jones (Stoke on trent, )


Marshall’s all need respect and more recognition in all areas of Motorsport

Mike Roberts (Fareham, )


Without these wonderful volunteers we wouldn’t be able to race thanks for all you do.💕

Lynne Clothier (West wickham, )


I used to marshal at Brands as it was my home circuit. I had a near miss in 2010 so it would be a fitting tribute to Robert.

Michael Gray (Kettering , )


The marshals need to be recognised for the incredible work they do. The risks they take. With out them motorsport wouldn’t go ahead. They do it for the love of motorsport. I would like marshals to be noticed more for everything they do on and off track the commitment the pride and they always give it there best to keep everyone safe .

Craig Gamble (Durham, )


The tragic events of Saturday deserves recognition the marshal lts are absolutely crucial to the running of motorsport and they deserve the recognition.

Stuart Thompson (Swanscombe, )


Its the right thing to do

Frank Palmer (Bolton, )


This needs to happen.. Marshall are awesome

Ian Liversidge (Cleveland, )


I am a racesafe marshal and often hear that circuit and competitor's are thankful of our services so this would be a fitting tribute to one of our own .

Russell Edwards (Dunstable, )


I think this is a lovely gesture to the marshals who give their lives for the sport.

Aled Roberts (Llangefni, )


I know a few Marshall’s and they do a good job for no money gains to help us enjoy our racing and track days

Raymond Sperinck (Rochester , )


The work effort that’s put in by these selfless heroes who give up their free time so we can ALL enjoy motorsports including the drivers. Robert’s passing should be marked with a proper renaming of paddock to pits tunnel R.I.P 🧡

Robert Gibson (Braintree, )


I am a motorsport fan and regular at brands

Aarron Marcham (Reading , )


I think this is a great idea, and a fitting memorial to Robert and all the wonderful, voluntary work of the marshalls, without whom, there would be NO motorsport period.

Sam Graham (Swansea, )


Motorsport will always by my passion .. this man will live on for ever for wot he did

Christian Coates (Bournemouth , )


It's the right thing to do

Craig Rutter (Gateshead , )


I believe this is a brilliant tribute to Robert. and also to to any of Marshall that have lost there live while helping others stay safe in there pursuit of motorsport.

James Wilson-white (Spalding, )


Marshals are so important and it's such a sad loss.

Andy Hodson (Manchester , )


I think it's a great idea

Rob Buckmaster (Southminster, )


Respect for the Orange Army

Rod Tietjen (Orpington , )


It would be very fitting to have the tunnel named after him.

WARREN JOHNSON (Pluckley, Ashford, )


as a marshal i agree with this, its a fitting tribute to a fallen brother in orange

larry Neville (Halifax, )


I believe this is a lovely tribute to a great volunteer

Sean Clarke (Sandbach, )


I'm a huge race fan an do believe that with out marshal risking it evary weekend we wouldn't have the racing we have

Matthew Harte (Chester , )


No marshalls means no racing. We all need to appreciate what they do.

Perys Gittins (Towcester, )


I’m a marshal

Vernon Beeby (Cambridge, )


One of my good friends does the same job on this track and knew him well. Great idea following this tragic death.

Richard Jarvis (Basingstoke, )


We need to remember those that volunteer

Charlie Mallock (Hartwell, Northampton, )


I fully concur with this proposal.

Bernard Alexandre (Chelles , )


This gentleman deserves to be remembered in a fitting tribute and it will be a small bright light to them in there darkest hour.

Louisa Smith (Macclesfield , )


Marshalls are key to Motorsport..
No Marshalls, no racing..
RIP Robert Foote, only there due to enthusiasm, and a desire to ensure racing is conducted as safely as possible

AD Brown (LANARK, )


I've spent many happy hours at Brands and other tracks enjoying the racing and it wouldn't happen with out The Orange Army. I think it's a lovely idea. Xx

Victoria Jarman (Boston, )

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