Save 51 Tickford Street ("The Wrestlers") from decay!



It is a fascinating building and therefore should be saved for future generations to see.

Jean Nelson (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-13)


I want the building to be restored before it falls down

Pat hurst (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-13)


I would love to see this unique building saved and restored to its former glory

Maureen Evans (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-13)


The Wrestlers needs to be better cared for and restored to take account of it's age and historical significance.

Tim Horne (Newport Pagnell , 2021-08-13)


It would be such a shame for this building to be knocked down when it’s an important part of our history, we need to look after character buildings not demolish them.

Sarah Scarborough (Milton Keynes , 2021-08-13)


Its wrong that the owner isnt supported in structural repairs that are modern or cost effective, the local councils are too entrenched in petty beaurocracy to allow a building to stay safe and standing... Maybe its because there is little revenue in it..

Craig Valberg (Milton Keynes , 2021-08-13)


I have been in The Wrestlers. I think it is an absolute shame the state it is in. Many doors can't be opened due to the dangers inside. It needs protecting for its history.

Amanda Dallison (Milton Keynes, 2021-08-13)


It is only there once and has to be saved.

Nicholas Bavington (Newport Pagnell , 2021-08-14)


It's our town.

Steph Swallow (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-14)


I think this historical building should be preserved

Marion Sheppard (Milton Keynes, 2021-08-14)


My Dad ran his business, A&R autos from here ( although this seems to have been forgotten...) for many, many years.
I can't understand how the place is in such an appalling state! It's a listed building. Something has gone very wrong here.

Tracey Lyman (Milton Keynes , 2021-08-14)


I like Newport Pagnal and the historic fabric of the town should remain

Gary blick (Kidderminster, 2021-08-14)


I hate to see history decay

Fiona Youlton (Lavendon, 2021-08-14)


I am signing because I think the property shut be saved it’s the oldest building in Newport Pagnell and should be saved and restored.

Angelina Harper (Newport Pagnell , 2021-08-14)


These old buildings should be preserved and it would also improve the look of one of the main thoroughfares of the town.

Valerie Cox (Boston, 2021-08-14)


It is part of the town’s history and needs saving before it is lost and gone forever

Nicky Devonport (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-14)


It's our history don't let it go to ruin re renovate it save our history

Michael Simpson (Milton keynes, 2021-08-14)


We need 'concrete' memories especially ones like this that aren't grand or famous...

Stephen Frost (Milton Keynes, 2021-08-14)


The building needs saving

Dave Webb (Milton Keynes , 2021-08-14)


In an effort to save a piece of history as so many buildings are being lost through neglect and lack of interest.

David Harrison (Milton Keynes, 2021-08-15)


I am possibly related to the original landlord Robert Todd. My family originated in Newport Pagnell (Joseph Tod 1660-1729)

Peter Todd (Zeals, Warminster, 2021-08-15)


I’m from Newport Pagnell and see the importance in preserving history

Sharon Impey (Northampton, 2021-08-15)


I have lived in Newport Pagnell for 26 years and for most of that time I have wondered why the building has been so badly neglected!

Daphne Soundy (MILTON KEYNES, 2021-08-16)


As a resident of Newport Pagnell, I think our history is important, and needs to be preserved. As one of the oldest buildings in our town, it would be a crime to see this building collapse through disrepair.

Colum McKenna (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-16)


I live in Newport Pagnell and care very much about our heritage. Please help save this beautiful building.

Dympna Bewick (Newport Pagnell , 2021-08-16)


Such a great old building. Needs to be saved !!!

Darren Woodward (MILTON KEYNES, 2021-08-16)


I originate from Newport pagnell’s a disgrace that that the council think it’s ok to allow Newports historical buildings to crumble ..while spending money on things that are not important to the general public just politically correct .

Lisa Williams (Swadlincote, 2021-08-16)


I’m signing because I think this building needs saving, too many old buildings disappear.

Trina Tilley (Milton Keynes, 2021-08-16)


I live in the town and would love to see this old building remain for many more years to come.

Emma Bailey (Bucks, 2021-08-16)


This building is an important part of the town history, and should not be allowed to fall any further into disrepair, when it could be restored and put to good use as well as becoming of unique interest.

Carolyn Williams (Milton Keynes, 2021-08-16)


I’m signing this because this is one of the oldest buildings in Newport Pagnell and needs to be saved

Jennie Talbot (Newport Pagnell , 2021-08-16)


The building needs to be saved and it would be a good use of my taxes rather than wasting them on well intentioned but useless socialist schemes as councils are fond of doing.

Ant Smith (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-16)


Don't pull it down

Victor Kingham (Milton Keynes , 2021-08-16)


I am signing as it would be shameful to lose this historic building.

Ann Clarke (NEWPORT PAGNELL, 2021-08-16)


Mark brown

Mark brown (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-16)


This is an important part part of Newport Pagnell’s history

Jacqui Galvin (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-16)


I care about the town, John, my husband was born in Mill st

Jennifer Shann (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-16)


I am signing in because my great grandmother and her family were brought up on tickford Street, including her brother my great great uncle died in World War 1, exactly 6 months before the end of the war. The history of towns can not be erased and buildings like this should be preserved.

Richard Ayre (Leighton buzzard , 2021-08-16)


As it is one of the oldest buildings in Newport Pagnell, keep it and preserve it before it is too late

Angelika Braid (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-16)


My great grandfather ran the pub and it would be a great shame to see such a part of the town’s history be destroyed.

Vicki Abbott (Newport pagnell , 2021-08-16)


This needs to be saved it's part of Newport Pagnell's history buildings like this need to be preserved

Lyn Bull (Old Wolverton, 2021-08-16)


Mrs Doris B Evans

Doris Evans (NEWPORT PAGNELL, 2021-08-16)


The town lost so many historical buildings it was a crime. Save this one , it’s a beaut ,

Paul Price (Milton Keynes , 2021-08-16)


This is an important historical building in NP and its loss would be a significant loss to this historic town.

Terry Aldridge (Milton Keynes , 2021-08-16)


I love the history of this town and am concerned that this ancient building had been allowed to decay to such a dangerous state. I know that the current owner/tenant had investigated grants to help restore the building but presumably no luck? I appreciate that the Council is severely cash strapped with government cuts and Covid costs but there must be some way of raising the cash - maybe crowd source funding?

Tessa Holroyde (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-16)


I have to

Barrie Abbott (Newport pagnell, 2021-08-16)


This is a building of historic value that should not be left to rot.

Lisa Collender (Milton Keynes, 2021-08-16)


Historic buildings should be preserved as part of our heritage.

Janet Wilson (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-16)


It’s so important not to let this building deteriorate anymore. The business has let it go to rack and ruin.

Tracey Gregory (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-16)


I love our town and very fond of old buildings and history.

Timea Goncz (Newport Pagnell , 2021-08-16)


Thus is an important building that should be rescued

Susan Garnham (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-16)


It's essential we keep as much history in Newport as we can seeing loads got demolished in the 60s. It is part of our history

Joanna Plackett (Newport pagnell, 2021-08-16)


Elizabeth Higgs

Elizabeth Higgs (Milton Keynes, 2021-08-16)


We should save this history in our local town!

Lindsay Collings (Newpoet pagnell , 2021-08-16)


I worked there and Steve and the lads are amazing

Sebastian Peacock (Milton Keynes , 2021-08-16)


This building needs preserving

Angela Addison (Newport Pagnell, 2021-08-16)


I am concerned that yet another historical building inNewport will go the way of so much of our history of this town.

Pat Browne (Newport Pagnell , 2021-08-16)


Buildings like this are our history and we should look after all we have.

Robert Rolph (Milton Keynes, 2021-08-17)


too little is too late too many places are just bulldozed into history

David Stretton (Blakelands, 2021-08-17)


Need to keep these building going stop the developers cashing in

Elaine Forbes (Buckinghamshire , 2021-08-17)

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