Save our shazza , after 29 years on her site Eastbourne council gave given her 8 weeks notice to vacate , this is outrageous



She has been there a very long time, amazing polite women who make a mean burger

Gemma Reynolds (Polegate, 2021-07-13)


I and many other people depend on Sharon’s burger van for lunch everyday, basically the whole industrial site goes there on they’re break and the same for customers shopping at all the shops surrounding Hampden retail park

Dan Waters (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


This is a fantastic, long standing, local business. Sharon is a well known and much loved business owner who has fed thousands of people. Her burger van is no threat to a coffee shop.

Colin Campbell (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


We have to protect our small businesses and Shazza is no threat whatsoever to Costa

Lynn Saunders (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Sharron has been there for so many year and the community love her and her food don’t take it away from us

Donna Orr (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


The council should provide diversity, and not exclusivity to one business.

Mary Richards (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


We should be supporting small businesses after such a difficult year, the council decision is a clear money making ploy solely for their own profiteering, you should have better morals!

Kerry Duinhoven (Polegate, 2021-07-13)


I don't see any need for Sharon to be given notice to vacate. She sells burgers and hot dogs how does that affect Costa coffee .

Karen Ashley (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


Because it is outrageous that local authorities can come along and take away people's rights and means to earn themselves a living paying they dues in the form of taxes only to have it all taken from them by some jobsworth sat behind a desk in a council office somewhere

Andrew Jones (Whitchurch, 2021-07-13)


Because I support local!!!! And this is someone’s livelihood!!! There’s room for both!!! Give people the choice to choose whether they want a pain au chocolate and an expensive coffee or a nice hotdog and a brew!!

Although I’d rather my money go local than to yet another big chain there’s room for both!!!

Sharon has been here 29 years!!!

Keri Rathbone (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


What about small businesses !!! Great burgers, Costa Coffee do not sell burgers do they !!!

Sandra Field (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


I have used this burger van since I was 15 years old, and she was there first before costa who don’t even sell burgers!!!

Alexa clarke (Downash, Hailsham, 2021-07-13)


It's just so wrong. That's Shazza's pitch and Costa do not need another outlet in Eastbourne!

Teresa Mitchell (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Sharon’s burger van is legendary and she deserves to be treated better than this!!

Kelly-Marie Goldsmith (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


She doesn’t deserve to be moved on! She causes no harm and makes a living!

Saphron Goldsmith (East sussex, 2021-07-13)


I'm signing this because it is wrong that Sharon has to move her van just for a big company to come along, which doesn't even serve burgers!!!

Martyn Olsen (Newhaven, 2021-07-13)


Its a disgrace to remove this lady from her livelihood.

sarah lindfield (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


This lady should be allowed to keep her business as Costa coffee doesn't even sell hot dogs and burgers!

Kerry Juler (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


No local small business should be pushed out due to large corporate companies! Langney shopping centre have coffee shops, bakeries and a permanent food van in the carpark so let Sharon stay!

Natasha Colliss (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


She has made the best bacon baps in eastbourne for years, shame on you eastbourne council, you should be supporting local businesses not tearing them down!

Jade Platt (East sussex, 2021-07-13)


Destroying a small family business that has been there for decades to allow a corporation like Costa to build a coffee shop when one exists a short drive or walk away at Langney Shopping Centre is disgusting.

Aaron French (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


I'm sighing because it's great food nice service and always a friendly helpful face.

David Greenaway (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


She’s a lovely lady, it’s what she’s been doing for almost 30 years. She lives everyday to do this and enjoys it so much, also her food is amazing!!

Chloe Page (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


This woman has been there for years.. not only is it her livelihood it’s also a service she is providing.. this is so wrong a big franchise like costa over a self run business is bullying and is disgraceful myself and more than likely loads of others will not be giving Costa our money as it’s expensive and not needed in this community

Teresa Crowley (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


What is being done to this long held business is disgusting 😡😡

Barbara Bulwer (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


This is a local persons lively hood!!

Laura Meanwell (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


The council can’t get away with bullying people

John Bulwer (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Sharon has provided an excellent service to the public for many years. There is no reason why a local, small business, should be moved in favour of a large corporate

Charlotte Dee (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


I think it very unfair thst a local business who has been in the B and Q car park for 29 years she be forced out of business due to the arrival of a large ci operation I am quiet sure there is enough business for them to both to co exist.

Anne Blake Coggins (Hailsham, 2021-07-13)


Because I believe in fairness and prefer independently run businesses rather than big chains that don't like competition. Shame on the faceless decision makers.

Michael Challice (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


This facility has been supplying customers of this entire site for many years. Items for purchase are of superb quality and indeed very popular with users. Hot food known to be good always hot and cold drinks of quality also. It’s outrageous to assume a change is required or indeed wanted.

Gavin Blake-Coggins (Hailsham , 2021-07-13)


Sharon always offers onions! She’s a great lady and always makes my day when I go to visit her! Sharon’s van should stay and keep all the hungry regulars happy…

Chloe Richardson (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


I don’t see why Sharon needs to move!,she has been a part of Hampden park community for 30 years.They are 2 completely different things and should be able to work alongside eachother.

Rachel Triggs (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


They sell the BEST burgers and Sharon is always a lovely, hard working individual. If she's forced out it would be incredibly immoral.

Peter Toth (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Do not let capitalism destroy a small business!

Donna Wait (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


We don’t want or need another Costa

Andy Gibbens (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


Shazza should not be forced to move. She has every right to be there.

Donna-Marie Carter (Polegate , 2021-07-13)


Im sighing because this is not suddenly give notice like this because of costa going in ?? Look around elsewhere food establishments are cheek by jowl !! Its a completely different market shes catering for !!

Loretta Phillips (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


She deserves to carry on with her business

Kasia Smulka (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Stop corporate greed. A local council should be supportive of independent local traders. How can a small burger van affect a coffee conglomerate. They don't even serve similar foods? Will Morrisons and Dunhelm be ordered to shut their cafes? Costa pulled out if their Eastbourne Station plans due to public protest. Lets hope EBC sees sense over profit

Jim Stewart (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Its not just a burger van. its a heritage. a method. a path.

Joe Slattery (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Sharon's should be saved she's reliable, tasty and great value with a smile. Save our Shazza

Michael Knight (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Sharon is a lovely lady who doesn’t deserve this. Good luck I hope you win!

Paul Dummer (Hailsham , 2021-07-13)


Sharon's are the best! Save our Shazza!

Beverley Knight (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


Sharon's van needs to stay its not competition for Costa

Gary Gamlin (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


This is Sharon's livelihood she has served the community for 29 years

John Barnett (Newhaven , 2021-07-13)


A small lifelong business is in distress over a corporate chain.

Kaz Abraham (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


Sharon is absolutely lovely and when I worked at b&q her burgers and hotdogs hit the right spot every time if Langley can have a burger van there and so should Sharon good luck with the petition

julie james (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Small businesses should be supported not discriminated against when it comes to larger companies

Samantha Rolfe (Polegate, 2021-07-13)


The situation is unfair and not what the people of Eastbourne want!

Katie Thorogood (Polegate, 2021-07-13)


I use to use her all the time. Why should she leave because Costa is coming

Carla Maryan (Harlow , 2021-07-13)


We love her food and she's been there forever, we think its disgusting to try and move her..

Kay Ingrams (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Sharon has been there years and cooks good burgers and deserves her business to continue

Richard de la Camp (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Absolutely ludicrous

Jodie Miller (East sussex, 2021-07-13)


I have been going to Sharon for years and years and her service is amazing

Steve Fulbrook (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


We must support small independent and local businesses!

Cristina Staicu (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


Long standing small businesses such as Sharon's are found few and far between. The fact that after 30 years she has regular customers speaks volumes - she is not just a business she is familiar, I've lived in Eastbourne my whole life and have never known the site without her being there! Why should she have be uprooted when we have more than enough coffee shops. There is only one Sharon's - don't let this be another victim of corporate big fishes monopolising every location and pushing out those who have worked decades to earn their right to be there.

Leah Crellin (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


I am signing because it is vital that we support our small local businesses, she has been doing a great job serving the public for many years and should have the right to continue doing so.

Sally-Ann Cheeseman (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Been a long time customer and can't see the reason why she should have to go just because a large company who basically dont provide food that she does finds it inconvenient

Karen Langlois (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Sharon's is amazing, such friendly service and amazing food.

Nicola Gates (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


Love her burgers ,

Jancine Venn (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Its disgraceful that these big firms are crushing small businesses.

andy bradford (eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Sticking up for small business

Diane Wise (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


i love sharons

alex bazley (eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


I’m signing because the council are behaving in an abominable manner in making Sharon leave after so many years. She should be allowed to continue trading. This may affect the way I vote next time.

Sharon Titherly (Eastliegh , 2021-07-13)


Eastbourne Borough Council are very keen to get this corporate company on this site but they are destroying this lovely hard working lady's business in the process.
It's Eastbourne Councils way of destroying someones living and business all because they think we want this but we don't need another coffee shop thank you very much.
Costa Coffee have shops and outlets everywhere so why are they so worried about one lady that sells fast food from a trailer that has been there for years, you have to ask yourself how much they are getting as a backhand payment from Costa Coffee which won't improve the town one little bit.
There are hundreds of disused units in and outside of the town and they don't do anything about making the town look better.
They have destroyed my town over the last twenty years with the rubbish beacon development and left the Seafront and Seaside areas in total despair.
Visitors come to the town for the Seafront areas so put your coffee shop there instead of a retail park in Hampden Park.
Fill the empty units and factories first and improve the whole town and that will make a big difference.
Save small local businesses first as they are loyal to the town, corporate companies leave a big hole when they pull out which they always do when their target sales drop.
Yours sincerely Mr Chris Dench.

Chris Dench (Polegate, 2021-07-13)


I don’t agree with your tactics. Did anyone think of Sharon’s rights before allowing competition to set up in her area? I love to visit her premises every time I am in eastbourne. Shame on you

Karin Walsh (Liverpool, 2021-07-13)


She should stay no question!!

Naomi Fulbrook (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


I am signing due to the level of commitment Sharon has put into this business, as a regular customer it would such a shame to see this hard- working business go. Always my go to lunch! And will always highly recommend!

Millie Hogben (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


No way should they get rid of this , iv been going for years and my grown up kids also now go there

Andrew Hogben (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


This is totally wrong, and the council should be ashamed

Martin Baulcombe (Eastbourne , 2021-07-13)


I’m signing this because Sharon’s has been there for years and has become part of the community. Plus we don’t need another cafe in the area with overpriced coffee

Alan Baldy (Eastbourne, 2021-07-13)


Sharon has been serving in this location for many years and in my eyes isnt a threat to Costa through what she sells... She should be allowed to stay...

Jenny Harris (Canterbury , 2021-07-13)

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