Support Jurgen Klopp



Im signing this because I want to let Jurgen Klopp know that he has my support during these difficult times. I also want to say how sorry I am for the recent loss of his mother and to let him know that he will never walk alone.

Trevor McGee (Derry, 2021-02-15)


I'm signing because I love Jurgen Klopp want him stay and feel loved

Brian Whelan (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


I love liverpool and Jurgen klopp deserves a statue outside Anfield for what he has done for the club

Declan Potter (Dublin , 2021-02-15)


Jurgen Klopp has brought many good times to Liverpool football club, I want to send my sympathy to him on his recent loss

Ciaran McGee (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen Klopp You epitomises the values of our club. Honest, hard working and beyond trusting in what we can achieve. You brought sum of the best memories to me that I can imagine. You are the best manager I’ve ever witnessed in my time at this magnificent club! #YNWA

Colm Rooney (Newry, 2021-02-15)


The success he brought to the club since he took over from BR europa league final caraboa cup final 2018 CL final winning 2019 CL missing out on the league by a point the same season 2020 league and not only winning but running away with it. This is the first bump in road we have hit under him and it’s not his fault the teams injury’s this season is like a shooting gallery one every week . We will get thru this!! YNWA

Evan Ganly (Trim, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen I believe!!

Stephen Bodkin (Dublin , 2021-02-15)



Lorraine Duddy (Derry, 2021-02-15)


Our man Klopp has been a fantastic coach, ambassador for the club and all around great human being. He deserves our love and support!

YNWA Gaffa!
Geoffrey Currie

Geoffrey Currie (Southampton, 2021-02-15)


support of a great man

Sean Quinn (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Jürgen, My deepest condolences to you and your family for the loss of your Mother. Thank you for everything you have done for our club and more importantly thank you for being Jürgen! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us! #YNWA

Stephen OCallaghan (Cork, 2021-02-15)


YNWA Jürgen, you have the fans backing you all the way!

Eithan Murray (Derry, 2021-02-15)


I love liverpool and Jurgen klopp

Lee Byrne (Meath, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen has giving us joy, hope and unforgettable memories. We stand behind him now and offer our prayers for his loss.
Y.N.W.A Boss xx

Lisa Fleming (Derry, 2021-02-15)


To show my support for our wonderful manager, who's brought joy and belief back into our fan base, and to know we're all behind him, and very sorry to hear about the loss of his mother, thoughts and prayers are with him and his family in this difficult time, YNWA

Jason Gaynor (Johnstown Bridge, 2021-02-15)


Love Jurgen ❤️

Paddy Clarke (Newry , 2021-02-15)


Jurgen will never walk alone, he has given me some of the greatest moments of my life in the last few years, and I will always be behind him 100%

Edward Early (Clondalkin, 2021-02-15)


I’m signing this because he is the best thing that has happened to Liverpool since shankly

Mark Dwane (Dublin , 2021-02-15)


Best manager in the world

Wayne Rodgers (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen Klopp is our manager and deserves all the support from all of us Liverpool fans. He has dramatically changed our fortunes over the last 4 and a half years.

Ken Wall (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


True Liverpool fan who supports his team no matter what. YNWA

Gary Byrne (Dublin , 2021-02-15)


Behind you all the way Jurgen From Dublin YNWA

Gina Maloney (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen Klopp is the man for Liverpool and Liverpool is the club for Jurgen Klopp

Tommy Kieran (Carrickmacross , 2021-02-15)


Thinking of you Boss xxxx

Marie Hughes (Wrexham, 2021-02-15)


I've Been A Liver Fan For Over 60 Years I've Seen It All Before Keep Your Head Up Jurgen You Are The Best Thing To Happen To Our Club You Are A Bresth Of Fresh Air So Sorry To Hear Of Your Mams Passing I Will Pray For Her And You To Get True This. YNWA Jurgen

Billy Hanney (Dublin , 2021-02-15)


Jurgen, you have delivered us more sensational memories in the last few years than I ever could have imagined - every true Liverpool fan supports you 110%! You will never lose our support or admiration for you... YNWA!!

Grant Payne (Brisbane , 2021-02-15)


Jurgen,is the best thing to happen to liverpool in yrs.our hero.#staystrong#YNWA

Ken Conway (Kildare, 2021-02-15)


Because Jurgen deserves our support for what he is doing with the club.. I'd waited over 30 years for the title.. He gave it to me.. The poor man has lost his mother and that's hard enough to deal with and not being able to go to her funeral is adding to his pain.. He's my manager end of YNWA ❤️

John Cronin (Killarney , 2021-02-15)


I want to show my support for The Boss, the man who turned us from doubters to believers, leading us to the holy grail of the Premier League trophy and delivering our 6th European Cup and our 1st Club World championship too. You have brought such joy back to us all and we stand beside you at this terribly sad time for you and your family following the loss of your mother

Richard Maguire (Kildare, 2021-02-15)


You've done so much for us and we support you 100% YNWA

Patrick Moloney (Tallaght, 2021-02-15)


He needs our confidence and a break from the rubbish

Paul Hickey (Dublin , 2021-02-15)


There’s NOBODY I’d rather have leading our great club!!!!

Stephen McAuley (Dundalk, 2021-02-15)


Y.N.W.A BOSS, We love you
We believe in you, and the squad.
Always a Red
Best Wishes
Karl Spratt

Karl Spratt (Dunboyne, 2021-02-15)


Jürgen you are the best thing that has happened to Liverpool for years. You are part of us as we are part of you. YNWA

Seán O’Leary (Cork , 2021-02-15)


Jurgen! You will never walk alone! We thank you and we love you!

Julie Crooks (Derry, 2021-02-15)


U are a legend . U have brought the glory years back to us . We want u to keep making us dream. Ynwa Jurgen klopp.

Alan Cronin (Offaly , 2021-02-15)


Your the best thing that's happened to liverpool in my life time we waited a long time and you delivered the holy grail and #6.. Wouldnt want anybody else in the world managing our beloved reds... Long may you reign jurgen ❤️

Stephen Morgan (Newry , 2021-02-15)


Jürgen Klopp deserves every bit of support from us supporters right now. We need to show him and the lads we are still behind them and that we're still believers.

Alex Chisholm (Brisbane, 2021-02-15)


Always support Jurgen and the boys!

Margaret O'Neill (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Klopp is a legend and deserves everybody's support.YNWA

Ed Kenny (Edenderry, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen needs our support now more than ever YNWA ❤️

Angie Matthews (Dun Laoghaire, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen klopp has only lost his mother a couple of weeks ago, he couldn't visit her while she was ill cannot attend her funeral to say his goodbyes which is heartbreaking 💔 This man brought champions league, super cup, club world Cup and premier league after 30 years back to our club..I couldn't think straight when my mum passed i was lost and didn't have to deal with squad of players and media.. he shouldn't have to do pre and post match interviews were journalists are trying to get a reaction out of him.. we love you Klopp allow yourself time but please don't leave LFC and fans we love and admire you ❤ YNWA

Maxine Lacey (Leixlip, 2021-02-15)


YNWA Jürgen

Phillip McEvoy (Newry, 2021-02-15)


Love the Boss, YNWA!!

Daragh Norman (Wellington , 2021-02-15)


I'm signing because Klopp needs our support now more than ever after the loss of his beloved mother and to let him know he'll never walk alone and we will never forget the wonderful things he done for our club, and continues to do and the success he brought us and I believe that he will bring us lots more.

Alan Kinnear (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


As a huge Liverpool Fan I want Jurgen Klopp to know how much I love and appreciate everything he has done for Liverpool FC and its Fans. He's a true inspiration and a true Leader. Times are tough right now but I stand behind Jurgen & Liverpool FC in the good times and the bad. In Klopp We Trust. #YNWA ❤


Regina Brennan (County Kildare, 2021-02-15)



John Philbin (Scalloway , 2021-02-15)


What Jurgen has done for this team, club, fan base and non believers has been just over shadowed by all the negativity from the minority. Jurgen you have given this club the world recognition its deserved and you deserve a whole lot more respect so with this I hope you can see how much you are loved by us and want you to continueong into the future regardless of what happens. You are in this LFC family for life. So sorry for the loss of you mam too. Heartbreaking.
Thank you coming to LFC

Keith Gallagher (Carlow, 2021-02-15)


YNWA Jurgen, you made us believe and our dreams come true and we will stay on this journey with you through thick and thin!.

Cheryl Robertson (Rathdrum, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen Kopp Has brought back the winning mentality and Passion that was missing for so long....We Need Jurgen to Stay..YNWA

Vincent O Brien (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen klopp deserves our support
The owners ignored his request for a quality
CB and he’s paying the price.
They need to assign someone else to do interviews while he is grieving

Sharon Flanagan (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Im signing because i support jurgen and the team

John Deery (drogheda, 2021-02-15)


He is one of the best managers we have ever had. Just because we've lost a couple of matches everyone's getting at him. Hes just lost his mother to covid and can't attend her funeral. Please give the man a break.

Carol Gray (Wexford , 2021-02-15)


Klopp has done so much for our club , he deserves our support

Linda Foy (Dublin 7, 2021-02-15)


We are with boss 💯👍👍

Nick Coughlan (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen, u have given us so much in such a short time. U have put us back on top and teams are scared even before they play us. The media have never been our friends like they are to a certain other team but we don’t care. Don’t allow them to get to you because the only people that care about you are the most important; us Liverpool fans. U take everything on your shoulders for this club and players. But now it’s time for us to help you. How I wish I could give u a Klopp hug at this moment. Millions others too. We trust u and know you will lead us to glory once again. YNWA

Tomás Flaherty (Galway , 2021-02-15)


Kopp is a legend 🙌 and deserves respect for what he did with the club to date

Kenneth Rooney (Dublin , 2021-02-15)


Klopp been let down by his players his heart is liverpool can the same be said about some of the players 💯per cent stand by the manager

Gordon Byrne (Carlow , 2021-02-15)


Jurgen Norbitt Klopp has brought us LFC fans nothing but joy and happiness, he deserves praise, gratitude and most of all..the love of the LFC family during his dark times. Even if he never reads this i take comfort in the fact that im not the only 1 who also feels like this. He deserves to be happy. YNWA Jurgen. You will always be a huge part of our history and more importantly a life long member of our LFC family.

Comor Martin (DOWNPATRICK, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen firstly I just want to say sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. I’m a massive Liverpool fan. Well done on all your achievements last years. I want you to know I back you and the whole team 100%. We will be back to winning ways in no time. Jurgen and all the Liverpool team and staff always remember

Katy O’Regan (Waterford, 2021-02-15)


I have nothing but 100% respect and admiration for our man Jurgen Klopp

David McInerney (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen u are the best thing to happen Liverpool were all behind u in this hard time sending u love from Ireland

Kim Vaughan (Limerick City , 2021-02-15)


Love you Jurgen, proud to have you as our manager, YNWA

Colin Bloomgarden (London, 2021-02-15)


You've done do much for the club hopefully as supporters we can give you back our deepest sympathies for your loss and our continued support.

Alan Walsh (Athenry , 2021-02-15)


In you boss we trust and love YNWA❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕

Stephen Byrne (Dublin , 2021-02-15)


Keep your head held high Jurgen you have brought us the title the champions league and the world club Cup. You bring joy even when we are down and you keep the world wide family happy with your personality its a little blip at the minute but I personally have been there through it all so keep your head held high and never forget YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE

David Colton (Ratoath, 2021-02-15)


Sending you my full support Jurgen, condolences on the passing of your mother. We’re all behind you. You’ve done an amazing job at Liverpool. We all stand with and behind you, YNWA

Lauren McCabe (Castleblayney, 2021-02-15)


He needs our support in times like these, Ynwa Jurgen.

Ivor Morrow (Cavan, 2021-02-15)


Behind klopp 100%

Kenneth Mulvey (Dublin , 2021-02-15)


Jurgen has brought this club from nowhere to title winners. He has given us all great memories, special moments and huge happiness. We are all behind you Jurgen!! YNWA

MJ Linnane (Wicklow , 2021-02-15)


Because I wanna show my support to Jürgen and the team

Ian fay (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


We love L.F.C and Klopp

Daragh Reilly (Navan, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen is the leader we've needed for so long, as the wise man said, he turned us from doubters to believers, thank you Jurgen

Simon Bass (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


You are what Liverpool football club is about . The love the passion the way you are on the touchline kicking every ball you are a true fan of football and Liverpool fc. We feel your joy and we feel your pain .stay strong we the fans have got your back .

Stephen Melia (Longwood, 2021-02-15)


RIP to your mother

Jack Whelan (Waterford, 2021-02-15)


⭐⭐⭐Y.N.W.A. ⭐⭐⭐

Wayne Nolan (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Because Jurgen Klopp made myself and our fans believers once again. In the words of Klopp. "From doubter to believer" my condolences to klopps family of course and I hope Klopp stays on as our manager <3 You'll Never Walk Alone <3

Anthony Bailey Gray (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Because Jurgen should be offered the key to the city and a lifetime contract with immediately effect!

Wesley Fitzgibbon (Louth, 2021-02-15)


More important things than losing footy losing a parent

John Sheridan (Alvor, 2021-02-15)


Sincere condolences on the passing of your mother. Keeping you in my prayers..
You have brought the good times and good feelings back to our club. The best manager in the world....

Dáire Ó Tighearnaigh (Donegal Town, 2021-02-15)



Paddy Parrott (Dublin , 2021-02-15)


Every champion goed through a Barron patch... cannot appreciate winning unless you have tasted defeat

Kenny Hudson (Rathdrum, 2021-02-15)


Klopp you're amazing we love and support you all the way. We are 100% behind you. Thank you for the memories and we look forward to plenty more. We love you klopp. Ynwa.

Debbie Sinnott (Wexford , 2021-02-15)


I want Jurgen to stay ,also to let him know that we are fully behind him.

Gerry Dunphy (Navan, 2021-02-15)


Form is temporary, class is permanent.

Will Shine (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


I am showing my support for Jurgen Klopp as he is the best manager we have had in a long time and he is part of the DNA of Liverpool Football Club and he also needs our support at this sad moment to rally around him with the passing of his Mother Elisabeth and also to show our support for the team with the league form lately, We will get through this, YNWA ❤️

Derek Herbage (Gorey, 2021-02-15)


Love you jurgen, you have given us reds so much. Always with you. YNWA

April Parry (Skelmersdale , 2021-02-15)


Jurgen we love, trust and support you. YNWA

Roger Shannon (Dundee , 2021-02-15)


The greatest manager we have had for decades.
From doubters to believers.

Well we have no doubt, we believe.

Stay strong Boss, we got you.


Joe O Driscoll (Ballybunnion, 2021-02-15)


He is everything a manager should be,
Grief is a awful thing to experience at any age thoughts are with you and your family

Barry maguire (Louth, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen has done everything for our club,now its time to show him,we are all behind him 100% YNWA

James Doran (Armagh, 2021-02-15)


Keep your chin up Jurgen...soon we be back to normal with fans at games,and our team terrifying all who play us..deepest sympathies on your great loss,you carried it with great dignity....YNWA

Kevin Nolan (Templemore, 2021-02-15)


Has gave us the best days for long long time
And I just want him to know,how sorry I am to hear off his mums passing
Ynwa Jurgen,you are our hero.

Shane Sonner (Cookstown , 2021-02-15)


Never ever give up. #YNWA

Ivan Jennings (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Sending you the very best wishes & condolences at the sad loss of your mother Jürgen. Please know that myself and countless other LFC supporters worldwide are with you in spirit at this difficult time. Best wishes. Sean McGreal

Sean McGreal (Bunbury , 2021-02-15)


Im sinning this in support of our great manager jurgen klopp, I just wana say YWNA.

Stephen Kavanagh (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


What Jurgen is going through, it can't be easy. R.I.P Mrs Klopp she will never walk alone❤. You've brought me my best days in my football life and am 40!!!. Stay strong we will be back YNWA ❤

Mark Mccartan (Craigavon , 2021-02-15)



Barry Gill (Naas, 2021-02-15)


Because Juragan has brought nothing but joy and ended the misery!!

Julie Otoole (Dublin, 2021-02-15)



Darren Bradley (Armagh, 2021-02-15)


because Jurgen Klopp is one for the best managers in the PL and one of the best managers liverpool have ever had after 30yrs we win the league thats down to Klopp thank you for some great memories.

Declan Morrison (Forest Hills, 2021-02-15)


I’m sending my support & love to the Jurgen .. YNWA ❤️

Noelle Crosbie (Milltown, 2021-02-15)


In klopp we trust

Eddie Hughes (Ballymena , 2021-02-15)


I love Jurgen so much and want him to stay

Patrick McElvaney (Castleblayney, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen, has and will bring us glory days and silverware, top class manager and fantastic human being. YNWA

Ger McMahon (Sixmilebridge, 2021-02-15)


Mr Klopp

As with everything in life, there are ups and downs. You have brought us to the highest of highs and right now we are at a low. We as fans and family are all with you during this difficult time. We all mourn with you. We will hold our heads up high, and we will go again. No matter what, we are Liverpool and I will always support you and the club.

All the best

Rob Souter (Wexford, 2021-02-15)


I support Jurgen om this very crucial time. I back him as our coach, leader and an icon. I believe that once this tough period of time passes, we will be back to our routine best.

Abdur Rahman (Colombo, 2021-02-15)



Peter Kelly (London, 2021-02-15)


I'm a liverpool fan jurgen been brilliant finally won the premier league trophy

Kathleen Fitzgerald (Killarney kerry, 2021-02-15)


I'm signing this petition in recognition of a great man and manager and to let him know all the Flynn's are thinking of him in his time of grief, you and yours are in our prayers boss.

Ray Flynn (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


This human being is a legend and needs permission to be allowed to visit his mother's grave.

Mark McMahon (Newry , 2021-02-15)


To say thanks for everything you have done for the club and it’s fans
To offer our condolences on the death of your mum and let you know that is the fans are behind you in everything you do

Helen Kerins (Tralee, 2021-02-15)


YNWA boss keep the head up you've done amazing things for our club & we'll go again were all behind you now & always xx rip to your mum hugs & love ❤❤

Aishling Hoare (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


Jurgen is a legend of a man who deserves our support, we cant because of covid support him and the team in a physical vocal manner so if this can help show what he means to us fans then I'm right behind it.

Alan Walsh (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


YNWA MR. KLOPP, one of the best managers to grace Anfield ❤👍

BRIAN O' LOUGHLIN (Grenagh, 2021-02-15)


Because we have the best boss in the world and fans klopp is king of the kop Fox (Dublin , 2021-02-15)


jurgen feels like a member of the family. and we rally round family in times of need

nigel lynn (belfast, 2021-02-15)


I'm a true Liverpool fan and want to show my support for the boss Jurgen klopp

Terence Mccarthy (Downpatrick, 2021-02-15)


Klopp coming to Liverpool is the best thing to ever happen to Liverpool football Club in the last 3rd of a Century. The storm will pass and you will see that when we are all allowed back in Anfield. YNWA

Daryl Foy (Co laois, 2021-02-15)


I support jurgen and hope he gets time to grieve in peace with the loss of his mother! Ynwa

Philip Hannaway (Ballymena, 2021-02-15)


We'll come back stronger Reds YNWA Jurgen Klopp

Deirdre Ring (Cork, 2021-02-15)


He's the only man he gets liverpool

Anthony gleeson (claremorris, 2021-02-15)


This man put the passion and fight back in the club.. now it's our turn and show our passion and fight for him...YNWA Jurgen

Pat O keeffe (Waterford, 2021-02-15)


Massive condolences to Jurgen on the loss of his mother. We all grieve with you YNWA

Louise Doyle (Wexford, 2021-02-15)


I am signing because I have been a liverpool fan for 50 years and have endured some very poor managers in that time as well as some unbelievable ones, Klopp ranks up there with the best and is in the same league as Paisley. Shankly and Dalglish . He brings joy to my family and needs to get a big virtual Klopp hug from all of us

Frank Gibney (Galway, 2021-02-15)


For many years we've had heartache. Mr Klopp has turned us into champions. For over 35 years I've supported the mighty Reds. A few bad results will never change how I feel. Jurgen Klopp has apitimised what this club is & long may he continue to do so. YNWA....

John Barry (Dublin, 2021-02-15)


I support Jurgen Klopp and want him to know it. YNWA

Paul Meaney (Dublin , 2021-02-15)


Jürgen, My deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family on the sad loss of your Mother. Our Liverpool Family will always be there for you. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our great Club You made us Premier league, European and World Champions. We all love you and sending big hugs your way.

Sinead Scallan (Wexford , 2021-02-15)


Sorry to hear of the death of your mother thinking of you and your family and hope your ok in this difficult time you have been brilliant to us liverpool fans from day one and i would like to say thank you we are behind you 200% you will never walk alone Jurgen

Darren Toner (Newry Northern Ireland , 2021-02-15)


He is the BEST in WORLD!!

Hristiqn Nikolov (Sofiq, 2021-02-15)

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