The 2021 Mull Rally



Mull Rally is a mini community in itself because of its unique qualities and the future direction of the Event should not be decided by just half a dozen people.

Dave Hopwood (Stoke-on-Trent, 2020-12-26)


The rally is the best rally in the world due to its nature of its current format and night stages, it makes it the challenge everyone loves.

Adam Charlesworth (Leeds, 2020-12-26)


I disagree with the proposed new route format for the Mull rally

Shaun Hughes (Macclesfield , 2020-12-26)


I believe the new route is not in keeping with the tradition of the rally and detrimental to it's future.

Alistair Hughes (Stoke on Trent, 2020-12-26)


I do not believe the island will benefit from this proposal

Cameron Maclean (Isle of Mull, 2020-12-26)


Because I would rather not see mull rally turned into a boring 2 day daylight event.

David Kirkpatrick (Castle Douglas , 2020-12-26)


The original format is what makes the event unique, you can rally anywhere in the daylight.
I believe this new format will not benefit the island and will actually harm the relationship with the islanders.
As a family we have attended every event from the start, as competitor's, spectators, and marshals over the last 50 years and would hate for this event to change

Nicola Harper (York, 2020-12-26)


I having been competing on Mull for over 10 years and would rather do no other event all year and compete on Mull with its format like no other event. The current format is what makes the Mull Rally so unique and special

Tom Spencer (Malton, 2020-12-26)


I am strongly against the new proposed route, I struggle to see any benefits to it.

Ruaridh Allan (Oban, 2020-12-26)


We need to keep the rally for the competitors not the spectators

Martin Rowley (Isle of Mull, 2020-12-26)


I really enjoy the current format for Mull rally and can’t see the reason to possibly ruin / change what is an exceptional rally

Norman Macphail (Isle of Mull , 2020-12-26)


I would not like to see the rally format changed just to suit the BRC, the mull rally is famous for the stages that the island has to offer and all should still be used, I would agree to an earlier start on the Friday so that you could get 1 loop of stages in day light and then a halt till the dark for the next loop and finish up a Littel earlier for the long Saturday loops .

Derek McGeehan (Draperstown Co,Derry NI , 2020-12-26)


I’m signing because no thought has been given to how this unnecessary change affects locals in terms of their businesses, vulnerable people needing care visits and school kids getting home. This is one very quick way to lose over 50 years of goodwill from islanders who go to significant lengths to welcome the rally.

Fiona Brunton (Isle of Mull, 2020-12-26)


I would like to see Mull Rally continue in it’s traditional format as the event has a legendary status as it is and the format is now something unique within rallying.

I have never had chance to compete on the island but I certainly hope to in the future and, having serviced a number of times, I would love to experience this incredible rally as a competitor, in it’s traditional form.

Ryan Champion (Whitby, 2020-12-26)


I object to the current proposal to change the format of the rally.

Catherine Nicol (Duns, 2020-12-26)


I'm signing this petition because the Tour Of Mull format is not broken and dose not need changing.

Ian Dawes (Burnley , 2020-12-26)


I don’t think the new proposed format for the 2021 Mull Rally is beneficial to the competitors, marshals, and more importantly the local Mull people. The original format is much better! Please don’t change something that doesn’t need changing!

Iain Donaldson (Glasgow , 2020-12-26)


I believe the rally should not be changed for the format that has made it famous and a proper challenge!

Nigel Feeney (Troon, 2020-12-26)


The old format ain’t broke so don’t fix it. That along with the additional unnecessary disruption it will cause.

Brian Macleod (Isle of Mull, 2020-12-26)


It is one of the few unique events left in the UK. It doesn’t need to change and we don’t want it to either. I’m all for progress but I’m afraid, this is one event that needs to be left alone and allowed to continue as is.

Rachel Medich (Aberdeen , 2020-12-26)


The mull rally has been and should always be the pinnacle tarmac event for clubman rally crews. The proposed changes to events traditional and challenging format are not for the clubman. They pamper to the demands of a flailing British rally championship that needs "The Mull Rally" more than the "The Mull Rally" needs the BRC circus act.

Mark Borthwick (KENDAL, 2020-12-26)


Having done the ToM many times, and many, many more rallies besides, the current Mull format is perfect and does not need changing. I would say do NOT make it like every other rally.

John Bennett (Pontefract, 2020-12-26)


I believe that it will be detrimental to the event, and cause massive inconvenience to residents and businesses not directly involved with the Rally.

Alasdair Ingram (Isle of Mull, 2020-12-26)


No need for change, just to fit in with a championship that is not needed.
The event is full every year by people who only compete once a year, on Mull.

Nigel Bunney (Chorley , 2020-12-26)


I wish the Rally to retain the same format that has worked well for years.

Duncan MacLean (Lochgilphead , 2020-12-26)


The Change of format is a terrible idea , a bit of consultation with the Islanders and the regular competitors regarding the proposed changes would have been a better move .

Eddie O’Donnell (Aros, 2020-12-26)


Mull should not change format. Its very successful as it is and thats what drew me to the rally in the first place

James Braithwaite (Blainslie, 2020-12-26)


Im signing this petition as why change what is not broken and well known as the Best Rally In The World, its has international status for its 3 legs of days and night rallying the best tarmac roads, please do not change this..!!

Cameron Fairbairn (Perth, 2020-12-26)


The nighttime stages of the Mull Rally are what make it unique and should not be removed. Also, by starting it at lunch time on Friday, island children will still be at school and adults working so will not be able to spectate.

Mairi Hargreaves (ISLE OF MULL, 2020-12-27)


There seems little point in changing a proven formula without good reason and I feel it will reduce the draw of the event. The current formula also allows competitors who go out on the first night to rejoin on Saturday.

Noel Wilkinson (Halifax, 2020-12-27)


The Mull Rally provenance attracts the heart and soul of the fee paying competitor and their entourage. The current Mull Rally competitor entry is far bigger and more commercially viable to the local economy than what the BRC would ever bring. The BRC would for sure raise the profile of the rally and the Island (excellent), however the BRC should fit in with the proven and highly successful heritage of the Mull Rally format that is very unique and known on a global stage within the rallying community.

My recommendation to the community is to vote no to the proposed change and to welcome the BRC to the island under the current Mull Rally format.

Dave Holland (Congleton, 2020-12-27)


I believe the rally should remain as is. The way the rally runs at present as it causes small amount of disruption to the island. It is an unique event enjoyed by locals.

John Paterson (Salen, 2020-12-27)


Having visited Mull for the rally as either a Marshal, spectator or competitor every year since 1991, I feel that changing the format of the event is like taking away its soul. It is why it has such a great following, because of the challenging nature and uniqueness. The format will create added disruption for the locals who welcome the event to their island, as they still need to go about their business during the day. Presumably documentation and scrutineering and briefings that usually take place during the day before the event would now have to take place the day before meaning people having to travel a day early and an extra day off work.

James Haigh (Ripon, 2020-12-27)


Why fix it if it ain't broken!

Peter Kenyon (Padiham, 2020-12-27)


I have competed on the traditional format and believe it offered true tests of person and machinery on some of the best roads and scenery in the World. The build up, the atmosphere of the night stages and the uniqueness sets it apart. Whilst I may not compete now, I wouldn’t want those who do and will to miss out on this special mix of stage rallying.

Steve GASHO Cressey (Chesterfield, 2020-12-27)


I’m signing this because the then “Tour of Mull” was the first stage rally I ever did, and I went on to compete in it another 10 times. It has always been an incredible event, both from the point of view of the stages themselves, but also because of the atmosphere and sense of community that is created. I feel that changing a tried and tested format is completely unnecessary, and the proposal may actually cause more disruption to the locals. It is in danger of becoming a much less iconic and challenging event, and if that happens, then why would people spend money on going?

Paula Swinscoe (Lancashire, 2020-12-27)


The rally is unique and popular for a reason.

Mike Yates (Mirfield, 2020-12-27)


The original format works and is the reason it has attracted so many to the island and is 1 of the nest rallies in the world. Changing the format will most likely kill the atmosphere and late night rally nonsense. Please keep Mull the same 🤞🚗💨

Jane nicol (Edinburgh, 2020-12-27)


The event should stay as the same format we’ve all been use to...
Why take the fun part of it away from us all, not just competitors, it’s fun from spectators and marshals alike..

Not bothered about it being part of the BRC Championship...

Nicky Jackson (Stockton, 2020-12-27)


I'm a marshal and official that lives in North Yorkshire and part of the draw of mull is the night stages.. The atmosphere is amazing,, a feeling that you simply DO NOT get during the day time.. The format as it was works and works well.. It doesn't need changing.

Mark Williams (York, 2020-12-27)


I feel the old format will bring more people and commerce to the island, if its not broken dont fix it. To many rallies are changing and this rally is what the competitors and followers love as its old school. Just as it should always be.

Neil Boulderstone (Stockport, 2020-12-27)


Mull is a tradition that attract crews
, marshals and spectators. Leave it as it is or risk loosing it completely as it will just be a closed road event.

Neville Simmons (Newcastle upon Tyne, 2020-12-27)


I’m signing because as a competitor the rally format is the best in the world as it is now and no change is necessary. Also the introduction of the BRC would be a spoiler for me as everyone who have been competing on the island for 20 years and more would struggle to get entries as obviously BRC competitors would have entries held for them.
I also feel the dark stages are what makes mull such a magical event so to lose that would be a crying shame.

Andy Woodward (Winsford , 2020-12-27)


I have competed in the Mull rally/Tour of Mull for many years

Andrew Constantine (Richmond , 2020-12-27)


Mull is one of the highlights of the rallying calendar, many travel every year to partipate either as crew, servicing, marshals and many spectator's.
Changing the format of Mull will ruin the already perfect formula, the closed road, night rallies are what everyone travels for.

Allison Graham (Sheffield, 2020-12-27)


I'm signing because the usual format has the excitement of the night run o er the hills and lochs, causes very little disruption to the locals going about their business, and keeps the competitors and Marshalls on their toes.

Bernard Poulter (burley-in-Wharfedale, 2020-12-27)


Im signing because I want the proposed new setup to be introduced. The way it’s always ran is what makes the rally ‘the best rally in the Uk’. Also it will lessen the impact on the islanders!

Scott Crawford (Glasgow, 2020-12-27)


The tour of mull is known as the most difficult rally in the world. By using this new proposed format it would render it just another closed road event.

Pierre Newton (Stoke-on-Trent, 2020-12-27)


Having been to the event as a Marshal for nearly 30 years why change a winning formula.
Rallying at night is unique and there are very few events now where this happens. The Mull Rally needs to keep it's uniqueness

Andy Price (May Bank Newcastle staffs , 2020-12-27)


I would like the rally to stay in the original format over the 3 legs and stay as a non brc event which will spoil if not kill the event for all us regular competitors

Stewart Hurst (Muir of ord, 2020-12-27)


I'm signing because a change to the format of mull removes its unique appeal in the UK rallying calendar and removes its soul as a night rally.

It would no longer be the challenge we all travel so far for.

Niall Frost (Darley, 2020-12-27)


I feel strongly about the changes that have been discussed and would feel it’s likely to change the event for ever as I’ve been going for 45 years and it’s changed very little in this time I’d like to think it’s going to be the same for many years to come? The island deserves the choice as much as anyone?

David Edwards (Lancaster , 2020-12-27)


I am from Ireland and competed in many road and stage rallies over the years. I have also completed the Mull Rally and was looking forward to competing in it again. It is a very unique, challenging rally, with it being one of the only rallies with numerous night and day stages that are different, for example its not the same 3 stages 3 times.The amount of stage milage you get for the entry fee makes it all worth travelling to to compete in. However, with the new proposed format, would it be worthwhile to travel to compete financially? I am sure I am not alone with this view. Which brings me to an over prescribed event, why change it? When really there is no other rally like it, in the UK or Ireland, the organisers should be proud of the uniqueness the Mull Rally has and not change it completely!
The new proposal looking for the stage milage to be cut, not so many night stages which takes away its uniqueness for a start. What will the entry fee be for the proposed new format? The same or more for less milage??

Thomas Boylan (Glasgow, 2020-12-27)


Want it to stay way it is

Eric McClurg (Dumfries , 2020-12-27)


The rally in its normal format is exceptional, turning into a BRC styled event is a massive kick in the teeth to the clubmen and women who have been paricipating year after year.

James Hutchinson (Huddersfield, 2020-12-27)


This is an iconic event loved by all who compete and work on it. It would be sacrilege to change what is not broken.

Joy Hewson (Brough, 2020-12-27)


I don't agree with the change of format & that the BRC just think they can come in and overtake the event.

andy bird (york, 2020-12-27)


The very nature and spirit of the Mull Rally as carefully nurtured by the event organisers of the past, the people of Mull and the competitors and officials is completely put at risk by the proposed change of format.
It utterly changes the nature of the event and puts at risk it’s fundamental relationship with the people of the Island for the sake of the needs of a narrow commercially run championship

Dave McKinlay (Nailsea, 2020-12-27)


The night stages make this rally what it is a fantastic challenge

Peter Ellerby (Darlington, 2020-12-27)


The Mull Rally has meant a lot to my family for many years. It has been an amazing tradition that has brought many smiles and happy memories. A large part of that is bundling up on the cold night and letting the atmosphere and excitement warm you from within.

Tara Robinson (York, 2020-12-27)


One of the best formats and challenges for all

Derek Machin (Macclesfield, 2020-12-27)


Without the night stages there IS no mull. As a repeat offender (otherwise known as a Marshall), I would not offer my services under the new proposal

David Coates (Middlesbrough , 2020-12-27)


I entered the event for the first time in 2019 and absolutely loved it. Was the biggest and best organised rally I have ever competed in and the stages were superb! Retiring on the start line of the last stage was a downer but all the more reason to come back and have another go.

Andrew Wilde (Carnforth, 2020-12-27)


When you have been flat out down Gribun in the dark ,over Calgary and the Hill Road in the fog ,over the Lochs,Scridain and Ardtun in the Sun,then down the Glen at 2am on a Sunday morning and your notes work.It’s only then you realise it’s a rally that nothing compares to.

Chris Sanderson (Bury, 2020-12-27)


Mull rally is as good as it gets there’s no need to change it

Robert Hill (Penrith , 2020-12-27)


The mull rally is the pinicle of british rallying, and to lose the format would not only be a loss to the drivers, but of rally culture

Daniel Curwen (Lancaster , 2020-12-27)


I've spectated at the best rally in the world for approx 25 years and helped/marshalled a couple of times. I've loved the format, part of the whole experience is how blooming tired you are after standing out in all weathers, night and day. I think it would be a shame to change the rally so dramatically. I'm not against change per se, but the Mull rally has its own charms and idiosyncrasies and I think they'd be lost if the proposed changes go ahead.

Valerie Hastie (Shrewsbury, 2020-12-27)


I'm signing this petition because the whole challenge is to be competitive in the dark

Tim Wardle (Malton, 2020-12-27)


You don't need to fix anything if it ain't broken ...

Bruce Lindsay (Thirsk, 2020-12-27)


It’s been a awesome full entryed rally for so many years .. if the big boys want to come play them give the original MULL experience not a fairy’s version

Alex Taylor (Thirsk, 2020-12-27)


This us a fantastic event and needs to stay as it is .

Dawn Langley (Morland penritj, 2020-12-27)


I think the mull rally is unique the way it is and changing it will spoil jt

Tom Constantine (Richmond, 2020-12-27)


The very character of the event is the night stages and the challenge that presents.
Relying so heavily on the goodwill of the Islanders in return for the boost to the local economy is key and this new firmat is set to seriously erode that partnershup.

Steven Wright (Broughton, 2020-12-27)


I believe strongly that the format of this event should not be changed. It currently has a successful format, and a very loyal community of competitors who have shown time served support to the rally over the decades.

Peter Gibson (Durham, 2020-12-27)


I love the format of the rally and feel there is still a need to run this event with night stages. I feel there would be too much disruption to the islanders with all daylight stages.

Linda Harper (York, 2020-12-27)


The Mull Rally is unique, in that it evolved following the ban of Targa Road Rallies and kept to the night format of road rallies and allowing an established event, The Tour of Mull Rally, to continue. To change the format would take away the heart of what the rally is. The night format also has the benefit of minimal disruption to the local community (farmers, villages etc.) less involved with the event. The proposed new format would take all of that away, loose the event much of it's appeal to the competitor base and loose rallying a unique event and challenge. A change would likely be detrimental to the longevity of the event as it would then just be another tarmac rally with more cost (ferries etc) and little uniqueness.

John Bennie (Glasgow, 2020-12-27)


I have really concerns of the impact of the proposed changes, as a competitor and local,Mull’s night time stages are what pull competitors back year after year, I have traveled all over the uk and abroad competing and mull is a unique rally, if changed i believe it will lose competitor as they can go and compete on other rallies and get the same a lot cheaper. And if Mull rally includes BRC competitors it will also damage the rally for the clubman who the rally is really for! Look what happened the Rally Isle of Man! Also as a local this new proposal will greatly impact on myself and fellow nursing and care safe,being able to travel to and from work and carry out essential care!

Louise Thomas (Isle of mull, 2020-12-28)


I’m signing this because I love night stages and believe it will have a detrimental effect on the whole idea of how the Mull Rally was created making it one of the most challenging rallies in the world. Please try to carryon with the same format.

Dougi Hall (Appleby, 2020-12-28)


To put it simple that proposed route is not Mull. The way mull is done makes it even more special.

The new route will completely shut down the island and to be honest raises even more risk to spectators being locked in unable to move around people become fed up and start to move anyway.

This feels like you’ve forgotten what mull is and how incredible the rally is for what it is and what makes it different. It’s worked and attracted big names for its entirety just seems like your trying to be something your not which is normal and the same as any other closed road events. That’s not mull and why would people travel from far and wide for a normal rally.

I think someone has meant good intentions but has lost the meaning of the best rally in the world because you will take that away from mull if you go ahead with that proposed route.

Craig Pirie (Warrington, 2020-12-28)


I believe the changes have been implemented for the few abs are not in the best interests of the event or the island

Des Campbell (Coldstream , 2020-12-28)


Mull rally is such a unique event that once changed will be lost forever. The entry list is filled within an hour of it opening proving the event is very much still in its prime and a rally that competitors want to do! Why fix something that isn’t broken..?

Ellen Bleasdale (London, 2020-12-28)


If this changes we can never go back and we will lose a very unique rally and experience.

Shaun McGonigal (Lancashire, 2020-12-28)


I believe that the Rally format should not be changed. Its iconic and unique why change what's not broken.

Yvonne Bird (York, 2020-12-28)


The Mull Rally is/was unique due to it's format which is/was loved by everyone. To alter it to the current proposal would be a catastrophe for everyone involved.

Simon Goodwin (Whitley Bay, 2020-12-28)


Much of the attraction to the Mull Rally is it's difference from the 'norm', to which they are proposing to change. Where else can you get proper night stages? Where else can you get stage distances as they are? That is why so many crews, supporters, Marshall and officials are prepared to go the extra mile to be involved.
If it changes to another 'off the shelf event, we might as well just cast our nets from the doorstep and not make the annual pilgrimage.
Rallying has taken me all over the world, either competing, servicing, marshalling or spectating, but Mull is the one that draws me back year after year (about 25 so far).
I can't be the only one who thinks like this; the over subscribed entry list every year, and the number of entries from new crews each year just go to show the amount of ever evolving interest in the event as it is. The challenge is the attraction, and long may it remain.

Andrew Peak (High Bentham, 2020-12-28)


The Mull Rally is legend abs the new suggested route is a poor second compared to the original .

Competitors nor regular sow ratios gave nit been fully consulted abs their views taken into account .

Barbars Atkinson (York, 2020-12-28)


This rally has always been on my bucket list to do but funds haven't allowed so I Marshall and service as a way of partaking in the event. It just wouldn't be the same in the proposed format and the end of an amazing rally not the true and infamous Mull rally

Alex Benn (Cumbria , 2020-12-28)


I don't believe the event will be improved by the new proposal for daylight event. I also believe that this format will cause more disruption to locals going about there work as the event will cover 2 days and 1 night, Rather than 1 day and 2 nights.

Elizabeth Klinkenberg (Rotherham, 2020-12-28)


The Rally has been laid in concrete for years and this format has stood the test of time. As someone who came to the island because of the rally back in the being and was to live and work here for most of my life l an passionate we try and keep the format we have. We know what to expect and it works for us and ALL those competitors that join us, THAT'S why they come. My question would be, What did we know all those years ago that we don't know today. So forgive me, to hell with change that is not wanted. D.D

Dave Thomas (Dervaig, 2020-12-28)


Mull isn't suitable for a daylight BTRDA rally - the numbers of spectators will be too large for the island to accommodate

Adam Roper (Thorner, 2020-12-28)


In my >30 years involved in the rally it has Never needed the format to be changed

Allan Whittaker (Horwich, Bolton, 2020-12-28)


Signed because the old format worked well.

David Moodie (Inverness , 2020-12-28)


I am 100% behind the petition to keep the 3 leg night rally format.

Richard Pulleyn (York, 2020-12-28)


It works fine as it is everyone prefers it as a 3 leg rally, 2leg format would cause issues for locals getting around, we need them on our side

Neil Rostern (Manchester, 2020-12-28)


Because The best rally of the world doesn’t need to be changed. A full entry every year says it all.

Dan Robinson (Ripon, 2020-12-28)


I feel to change the mull rally would be a complete disaster. People have rallied Mull for 50+ years and the reason they keep coming back is due to the 3 leg day and night stages would be a shame to see that getting taken away.

Riona Kangley (Tobermory , 2020-12-28)


After doing the event last year , the enjoyment and buzz of the rally was spectacular. It ran extremely smooth! Why change if something works. Plus it keeps the history!

Oliver Benton (Solihull, 2020-12-28)


The traditional Mull Rally is what the rally crews and the residents of the Isle of Mull want , not a diluted version that only runs during the day on a much smaller route

Mark Smith (Chester, 2020-12-28)


I’ve been annually going to the tour of Mull for 32 years & as a huge supporter of the rally & hopefully one day to participate in the rally it would be devastating to see the format changed which is the integral part of what the rally is & the challenges it presents.

Please rethink the reasoning for proposed changes.

John Bird (York, 2020-12-28)


I am signing this because I believe in the old magic of the true Mull Rally. Why change it when it's a good format.

Margaret Johnston (Wigan, 2020-12-28)


I think this would be the end of the Mull Rally if these changes are allowed to go ahead. The goodwill could be lost. This new proposal causes to much upset to islanders.

Liz Davidson (Tobermory, 2020-12-28)


Wont be the same

Macauley Hobart (Carlisle, 2020-12-28)

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