Murthly Villagers Oppose Proposed Specialist Poultry Breeder Farm and Demand Moratorium on Planning Applications for New or Expanded Industrial Poultry Units in Scotland



I am totally opposed to this proposed chicken facility.

Valerie Anderson (Murthly, 2020-09-10)


I fully support this petition.

Gordon Anderson (Murthly, 2020-09-10)


Those who are considering such an application need to understand how strongly people feel against it and need to act on behalf of the people, as is their role.

Fiona Scrimgeour (Murthly, 2020-09-10)


Perthshire and Angus are already overrun with Intensive Poultry units

Heather Tuck (Murthly, 2020-09-10)



James Anderson (Dunfermline, 2020-09-10)


I stay in the village purely to get away from the rat race I live in. Murthly is such a tranquil village it will be ruined by the intrusion of a poultry farm.

Elizabeth Moore (Sandhurst , 2020-09-10)


I oppose more industrial farming of animals. We have enough in the area.

Neil Miller (Murthly , 2020-09-10)


There are better places to put this chicken farm ie in a current farm miles from a decent number of houses

Ruari Anderson (Perth, 2020-09-10)


I’m signing because this will totally change the dynamics of this wonderful village & we do not want it here.

MEL PRYDE (Perthshire , 2020-09-10)


I’m signing because I do not want a chicken farm near my house or my children’s school. I believe that it is not in the best interest of our community

Caroline Buchanan (Perth, 2020-09-10)


I'm signing this petition because I know Murthly well as I visit on holiday and it would be totally inappropriate to put a facility like a chicken farm so close to the village. I find it hard to believe that the advantages it offers the community exceeed the disadvantages. I know other facilities like this have been closed down and the land is then unusable. Sorry I'm very much against this proposal.

Eric John Panczak (Newbury, 2020-09-10)


Amongst other things such as close proximity to a primary school, extra heavy traffic and smells, I'm a vegetarian and strongly object on animal welfare grounds. It is totally objectionable.

Susan McLennan (Murthly , 2020-09-10)


Greedy landowner. Utterly reckless positioning by a school. Trump America invades our idyllic area to bring the risk of Avian influenzas and worse at a time where sensitivity to Covid is so high. Pathogens, heavy metals and an awful stench. There are many Chicken Farms for sale which the proposer doesn't want to use as they could be a biohazard!! No no no. Too high a risk. Wrong time. Wrong place. Wrong solution.

John Evans (Perth, 2020-09-10)


I’m signing to prevent possible damaging environmental impacts to an important area and to prevent setting a wider precedent.

Euan McVicar (Biggar , 2020-09-10)


I and my family will be directly affected by this horrific scheme. It needs to be stopped now.

Stuart Cairns (Murthly, 2020-09-10)


I’m signing this petition because I believe the beauty and integrity of our village and its surrounding area would be greatly harmed by this kind of intensive farming.

Hazel Sims (Murthly , 2020-09-10)


I grew up in Murthly, a wonderful little village. This kind of development has absolutely no place here. This kind of farming should be reduced, not expanded.

Charlotte Bryant-Craig (Glasgow, 2020-09-11)


A chicken farm would ruin the idyllic countryside and putting near a school would put kids at risk!

Rebecca Bryant-Craig (Glasgow , 2020-09-11)


I love the village and holiday there, but this development would definitely put me off coming again

Nick Richards (Marlborough, 2020-09-11)


I have visited Murthly and it’s a beautiful place. Having a chicken farm would ruin it and certainly stop me visiting in the future.

Steven Hay (Glasgow, 2020-09-11)


I am a Tay fisherman on the Glendelvine estate and am very concerned about the proposed intensive Chicken Farm on land which falls within the River Tay's catchment area. The surrounding area is beautiful and rural and should not be spoilt by this industrial abomination.

Alexander Cooper (Aboyne, 2020-09-11)


I do not want my Village blighted by this unhealthy proposal.

Ian North (Murthly , 2020-09-11)


I am opposed to this totally unsuitable development within the close proximity of the Murthly school and village

Anne North (Murthly , 2020-09-11)


I live in Murthly and want it to remain a clean and healthy environment

Norma Service (Murthly, 2020-09-11)


Because of them smell

Tony Stone (Newbury , 2020-09-11)


wrong place to close to school, heavy lorries, smell.

Michael Nelson (Murthly, 2020-09-11)


I am totally in agreement with this petition. Murthly is no place for such a business and we do not want This development ruining our village.

Eleanor Craig (Murthly, 2020-09-11)


I am so against the proposed chicken sheds being built in Murthly.

Ruth Langley (Snaigow, 2020-09-11)


I believe that we should all do everything we can to protect our environment as best we can, and is standing by a chicken farm being built really the way.

Harry Jaffrey-Smith (Perth, 2020-09-11)


Simply Wrong

Gary Dixon (Dereham, 2020-09-11)


I don't want this lovely area destroyed by polluted water and polluted air. The potential risk of disease inside the factory is well known and should be avoided by not having this factory

David Bradley (Derby, 2020-09-11)


because any sane person would. In 2020 why is this even being considered. It is clear that the meat and poultry industries are the breeding grounds for viruses. Their standards of environmental controls are paltry and put the health of the workers, the surrounding population and the environment at risk. And that is all before the sad indictment that as a “civilised” society we still support and promote the barbaric containment, treatment and murder of other sentient creatures.

Scot Tares (Airntully, 2020-09-12)


Don't believe their propaganda re welfare of birds and protection of the community.

June McRae (PERTH, 2020-09-12)


I fully support this petition.

Katie Langley (Auchterarder, 2020-09-12)


I agree with the petition.

Elaine Sheehan (Tralee, 2020-09-12)


I strongly object to the method of Chicken farming intensively that is proposed. Regardless of waste disposal plans there will inevitably be contamination to the environs . The proximity to Murthly and satellite dwellings makes this plan unworkable. Site it next to Murthly Castle.

Eric JAMIESON (Perth, 2020-09-12)


I do not want this chicken farm development in our village as it will have a detrimental affect on the villagers, the school & the general well being of the local community

Stuart Craig (Murthly, 2020-09-12)


All intensive animal farming should be banned.

Phil Latham (Bankfoot, Perthshire., 2020-09-12)


I strongly object to this type of 'farming. I am also concerned about the environmental impact and local impact to inappropriate infrastructure.

Leigh Murray (Murthly, 2020-09-12)


Is it really so hard to believe that every living thing doesn't exist for our exploitation? No more chicken farms. Another farm would be backwards step for Perthshire at a critical time in the fight against the climate emergency.

Innes Ogilvie (Perth, 2020-09-12)


I have serious concerns about our village being exposed to this type of commercialism

Brenda Kerr (Perth, 2020-09-12)


My parents live in Murthly and I agree wholeheartedly with everything this petition sets out to achieve.

Victoria Paul (London , 2020-09-13)


Perth & Kinross council consistantly overide the wishes of the resident they are supposedly there to represent.
This is an outrageous plan for a small village and rural environment and the third proposed, with the previous two being given the go-ahead despite total opposition.

jilly tambanhabay (Perth, 2020-09-13)


This is so wrong in every way and must be stopped!

Angela Cuthbert (Uddingston , 2020-09-13)


We recently built a new house just outside Murthly, to appreciate the quiet, unpolluted air of the countryside. This is the wrong place for a factory of this type.

Peter MacIntyre (Perth, 2020-09-13)


I very strongly object to the proposed poultry farm.
This is surely the very worst time to even be considering such a proposal.

Melanie MacIntyre (MURTHLY, 2020-09-13)


Factory farmed chickens are horrible. If people seen the state of the chickens before they are processed and packaged they wouldn't dare eat them! Shameful

Benjamin Lingwood (Perth, 2020-09-13)


Given the amount of farmland in Perthshire, this is an inappropriate site given location to village, school and further traffic pressure on poor existing road infrastructure. This application should be rejected.

Mark Docherty (Perth, 2020-09-13)


I am strongly opposed to this proposed development. Given the location it has the potential to be a massive health hazard to many people in the vicinity, this includes the children who attend Murthly Primary School. It is a thoughtless and selfish plan.

Keith Mackenzie (Murthly, 2020-09-13)


I’m signing this because we are moving into the village and also because this type of farming should be illegal, it is cruel to the chickens and is not a safe place for people to work.

Caroline Birch (Kendal, 2020-09-13)


We need to value food more. Factory farms mainly favour supermarkets, etc. We should learn to pay more for less!

Jennifer Stewart (Inverness, 2020-09-13)


I'm signing because I want to protect the biodiversity of the planet and stop mass farming which puts us at further risk of pandemics

Fiona Gillespir (Perth, 2020-09-13)


I am signing this because I am totally opposed to factory farming of chickens on this scale for reasons of both animal and human welfare.

Ruth Stone (Crieff, 2020-09-13)


I also live near to where the site will be and it’s going to be awful, everything was kept quiet no residents were told. We all found out a few days before the closing date on the decision of chicken farm going ahead or not. Which was very underhand.

Lesa Gillies (Perth , 2020-09-14)


The negative environmental, social and economic impact of such industrial sights cannot outweigh the need for it. Perth council rejects planning for facilities on small and micro farms where animal welfare and environment are at the forefront of the agenda, but supports sights such as this, presumably because they are paying for permission to be granted... the council should be encouraging small scale, healthy and happy meat production that can be sold in butchers, farm shops and markets, giving local businesses a chance to thrive and the people access to locally reared and sustainable meat products.

Marinna Robertson (Moneydie, Bankfoot, 2020-09-14)


I recently moved to Murthly, a wonderful village. I believe the beauty and integrity of the village and its surrounding area would be greatly harmed by this development. Totally inappropriate to put a facility such as this so close to the village.

Paul Kyle (PERTH, 2020-09-14)


I do not agree with animals being farmed in this way and am also concerned following the recent outbreak of Covid 19 at a local chicken processing factory.

Kate Shepherd (Perth, 2020-09-14)


I live near this planned development and my child will be attending the school that is in extremely close proximity. I am concerned about the effects on our health

Emma Ovenstone (Perth, 2020-09-14)


I believe that these sorts of developments should be built on Brown Field sites NOT in the countryside

Alan Williamson (Loughborough, 2020-09-14)


I am trying to protect rural Britain and surrounding villages and to also protect British businesses from American companies and there tax breaks. Lets protect our country and its economy.

Nicholas Moore (Shepshed, 2020-09-15)


I'm signing because I think this is a cruel and inhumane method of farming and bot what we want in Scotland ..... It had better not be given the go ahead by either this Tory led council or the Scottish government.

Christine Harding (Perth, 2020-09-15)


I object to this type of facility being so near a school as well as the de valuation of property in the area

Jason Fixon (Murthly , 2020-09-15)


I oppose the introduction of a risky, disease ridden industry into a quiet rural environment

Bruce Inglis (Murthly, 2020-09-15)


I live in Herefordshire and have witnessed the blight they create on local communities and how polluting they can be on rivers, soil, the atmosphere from their emissions and from the huge increase in associated traffic.

Rosalind Bradbury (Kington, 2020-09-15)


Enough is enough - in this climate emergency, where overwhelming scientific evidence supports the fact that animal agriculture is killing us & the planet, we need to move to a just & sustainable plantbased food system as per the UN, the WHO, the IPCC, environmental organisations etc. We need to educate the public on nutrition to support the fact that all major dietetic associations agree that a plantbased diet is healthy, nutritious & safe for all stages of life. We simply cannot keep expanding our exploitation of sentient beings at the expense of the environment & therefore planning applications of this nature should be rejected.

Helen Lloyd (Gainsborough, 2020-09-15)


Chickens are already the most abused animal on the planet. The conditions they will be kept in are unacceptable and inhuman. No animal should be subjected to this kind of treatment. We need to be thinking about much more sustainable food production, with the focus away from animal agriculture, which is devastating the planet apart from anything else.

Nicola Wilkinson (Milton Keynes, 2020-09-15)


I strongly object to this chicken farm being sited in such close proximity to our local school. We must protect the health of our children above all else.

Alison Campbell (PERTH, 2020-09-15)


I do not want the beautiful and clean environment we live in in Murthly to be destroyed by this farm

Anne Muir (Perth , 2020-09-15)


This factual and articulate petition summarises my concerns about the increasing advancement of large scale intensive animal farms across the U.K. Detrimental impacts include environmental, aesthetic, social and economic damage, potentially to destroying communities and precious rural resources.

Sheena Westwood (Beaconsfield, 2020-09-15)


I am against this development so close to a primary school

Alfred Beattie (Perth , 2020-09-15)


I’m signing because I live in the village near the proposed site

Lesley Sangster (Perth , 2020-09-16)


As a resident of Murthly and a parent, I don't want anything spoiling our beautiful village, no smelly school runs with the stink of a chicken farm, no extra traffic on roads that are already dangerous enough for our kids. Murthly is magical unspoilt place, let's keep it that way.

Aimi Race (Murthly Perth, 2020-09-16)


I don't support battery chicken farming, and particularly not when sited so inappropriately, close to a primary school and sites of environmental interest.

Daniel Muir (Perth, 2020-09-16)


If this Poultry Farm is ever authorised, My property is posible the closest to the farm and is immediately downwind of the prevailing Westerly wind in this area of PERTHSHIRE. With Covid still rife in Scotland, now is not the time to authorise a new Poultry farm so close to human habitation, the Primary School, the village crossroads and new Village Restaurant.

Colin Innes (Murthly, 2020-09-16)

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