Save Abu Bakr Masjid Southall From Fitna



Yes well run masjid

Sher Zai (Southall, 2020-08-29)


I have complete trust in chairman of Abu Bakr masjid and in Imam Qari Tayyab Sahib.

Naveed Abbasi (Hounslow , 2020-08-29)


I am signing because tiny minority with ulterior motives are trying to get the house of Allah shut down with false publications and I support the trustees who have served this community and masjid for decades without fail.

Zaheer Abbasi (London, 2020-08-29)


I’m satisfied with abubaker masjid organisation and their trust.

Zubia Abbasi (Northolt, 2020-08-29)


should get rid of those bad apples they are doing nothing good but causing rift in community.
We love our masjid its doing very good from last 20 years we do not want fitna like Wembley keep it up brothers

Raja shazad (sothall , 2020-08-29)


Beware of the enemy within!

Kalsoom Abbasi (Northolt, 2020-08-29)


we don't want any fitna in the house of ALLAH and in the result authority has take the action

Mohammad safdar (London , 2020-08-29)


Zahid you have always been our brother and always will be you never stood on the wrong side i am sure your on right path. We will follow ur decision with our blood and sweat.
May Allah protect you from evil eyes and Fitna

Raja mobeen (SOUTHALL, 2020-08-29)


I really care about this mosque and wish that it stays

Mukhtar Iman (London , 2020-08-29)


I am against the conspiracies against good people. These small minority’s need to leave the masjid ASAP.

Amir Abbasi (Watford, 2020-08-29)


Zahid Bahi we are with you ❤
You are a Great man and great brother
Our community will stand with you and is ready to die for you. You have always been with Haq. I am 1000% sure you will not stand with wrong. It will be their worst nightmare where you stand inshaa Allah you always stood with best and best people are with you.

Chaudhry waqas (SOUTHALL , 2020-08-29)


Excellent location, Beautiful mosque and very well run and organised by the current committee. May Allah bless them and may they continue to serve the community at large.

Moheed Aslam (Southall , 2020-08-29)


It’s my local mosque and is run by the committee very well. I am happy with them and they are doing a great job.

Tehzeba Aslam (Southall , 2020-08-29)


My Local Masjid
Those kicked out from CJM are trying their best to cause Fitna
Mr Hayat should never have been employed.
Him and Mr Nazirs brother in laws are causing fitna esp Ghafoor and family and the guy who does doggy cctvs I think they should be banned from this and peace will come

Aftab RAJA (SOUTHALL , 2020-08-29)


Emaam Mr Qari Tayyab has been serving this mosque since good more than 25 years with very sincerely now mosque and community’s needs him for all main mosque issues ( he is honest) .

Gul Abbasi (Greenford , 2020-08-29)


Because I think 4 trustees are doing great job

Aqiq Khan (London, 2020-08-29)


I am 100% trust on abu bakr masjid trustees and organisations

Rabia Khan (Southall, 2020-08-29)


We heard some of our phastoon brothers are trying to say they present the community. Brother Zahid,Haji Saab(your Father) teach me how to pray and my family blood is for you and your family. When I find your son of ABBASI sahib my heart beat for you be Lion like your father this small people come 10 15 year ago they no nothing about past what is done for this masjid they power hungry Allah will punishment them after
We will punch them before. I urge my pashtoon Brother go with Haq becos HAQ is winner like Hussian RA

AmeerJan KAKAKHEL (SOUTHALL , 2020-08-29)


I want the masjid open as usual and stoo those people entering the mosque who are spreading lie 's against the trustee

Babee Sharif (London, 2020-08-30)


the Masjid is important to the specific needs of our local community and integral to our spiritual continuity.

Shakeel Raja (Farnborough, 2020-08-30)


Abu Bakr masjid has been serving the local community for years. I have grown up visiting the masjid and will not tolerate the actions and politics of a few who want to destroy the community spirit it stands for.
May Allah swt continue to allow the masjid to be the peaceful community hub it has always been. The girls school in particular is something to be proud of. I feel deeply ashamed by the actions of a few in the house of Allah.

Nazia Abbasi (Farnborough, 2020-08-30)



Asim Farooq (Southal, 2020-08-30)


I am user of this mosque.

Turab Abbasi (London, 2020-08-30)


I like to support this highly rated old mosque to keep deliver education and promote our culture in our community.

Seemab Abbasi (Rotherham, 2020-08-30)


It’s my local masjid and I know all Organization and they are all faithful and devoted to Masjid for the sake of ALLAH

Aqeel Abid (Hayes, 2020-08-30)



Ismail Mohammad (London, 2020-08-30)


I believe it is an excellent serving space for the community

Sameena Nawaz (Hayes, 2020-08-30)


Stop these crooks on state benefits trying to control masjid. They sit whole day doing nothing but causing rift in community.

Usman KHAN (Southall, 2020-08-30)


House of Allah for all

Not for Ghafoora and Rashid

Muneer Hussain (Southall , 2020-08-30)


Yes, Abu Bakr Masjid is well organise and a good place to pray.

Sherifat Ologunro (Hayes, 2020-08-30)


prayed in this masjid many time
Clean organised not one man show like Cranford Haji Hanif sb is very humble and all staff are very good

Zameer Khan (London, 2020-08-30)


Zahid bey we with you Allah Haq

Zareef Ahmed (Southall , 2020-08-30)


I think Amir ghafoor was promised to become trustee this maybe reason why him and few people want to cause problems

Ashfaq Awan (Hayes, 2020-08-30)


No mosque should close

Ibrar Hadji (London, 2020-08-30)


I am able to actually pray...

Waqas Rehman (London, 2020-08-30)


I believe that some people are instigating the matter for personal gains and reasons.

Yasar Arif (London , 2020-08-30)


My children have learnt

Shaherose Kassam (Hayes, 2020-08-30)


I have seen Abubaker mosque bieng built from day one thing happen and in any project there are ups and downs but the trustees have always tried the best to manage in the best way

Murtadha T (London, 2020-08-30)


They are very responsible and organise well

Saima Ahmed (Southall, 2020-08-30)


I am happy with crunt system

Aftab Ahmed (London, 2020-08-30)


Yes well organise
My neices go to this school thanks to masjid our girls are getting best education in locality

Zahid Imtiaz (HAYES , 2020-08-30)


I need to save abu bakar masjid from fitna

Wasim abbasi (luton , 2020-08-30)


well done Zahid Bai fantastic its a slap to those who cause fitna in house of Allah

Awais Abbasi (Southall, 2020-08-30)


Zahid bai your our Ertigul. This bikring has been going on for years inshaa Allah Tanoli brothers are with.

Waleed Ahmed Tanoli (London, 2020-08-30)


I’m signing because the masjid deserves better respect

Ruba Awad (London, 2020-08-30)


Abubakar is organised well and provides for the elderly

Hirra Malik (London, 2020-08-30)


The imam is serving the House of ALLAH for at least 20 years. I strongly condemn the false accusation against him.

Hafiz Khalid (London, 2020-08-30)


To support the petition of abu bakr masjid

Mohammed niaz abbasi Abbasi (Oxford , 2020-08-30)


Well established & well organised. No complaints, what so ever. I can only praise them for their outstanding work & commitment to the Majid

Laila Rahim (Northolt, 2020-08-30)


100% happy. Masjid is well organised

Nadia amin (Londin, 2020-08-30)


are they causing serious issues ?? I think let the dogs bark they will.not bite
I want them to arrange public meeting then they will taste the 💊.
Hum ne Churyia Nai pan raki.
My Humble request is get rid of Khurram who is spreading false and lies and Rashid will be peace in masjid .

Raja Raheel (SOUTHALL , 2020-08-30)


I’m signing this because from personal experience I find Abu Bakr Masjid is an asset for the local community. And I have complete trust in masjid trustees. I feel they are preforming a wonderful service for us and especially in the current situation they were very supportive and kept us informed and ready to help.

Zafar Baig (London , 2020-08-30)


I am signing because Muslim minority should not be criticized. And I believe that masjid is in right hands.

Hamid Abbasi (London , 2020-08-30)

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