Reduce the speed at Churchill centre



It’s a dangerous road an it needs sorting ASAP!!!

Liam J Cooper (Birmingham , 2020-08-10)


Gotta play it safe

Tom Chandler (Evesham , 2020-08-10)


I'm signing because I lost a friend several years ago because a bus had run him over, so we need to get this sorted before any more harm is caused to the people of our town.

Jack Figgett (Worcestershire , 2020-08-10)


Safety comes first

Hayley Woods (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


im signing because I am concerned about everyones safety at Churchill Center. Buses use it like a speed track.

Ann Toon (Worcestershire , 2020-08-11)


My friends little boy lost his life on this road , majority of the bus drivers speed along the bus only route as if it’s a race track

Chel Weaver (Redditch , 2020-08-11)


something needs done



I lost a friend to a bus by the centre

Nathan Carver (Redditch , 2020-08-11)


Its dangerous road needs so.think in place or just any drivers to slow down as school children are there

Micheala Rush (Redditch , 2020-08-11)


I'm signing this because I think most buses go well above there speed limit on the roads.

Stephanie Crowe (Redditch , 2020-08-11)


The road is so dangerous. To many accidents are waiting to happen and sadly some already have.

Toni Hetherington (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


To put a end to this

Maxine Rowe (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


it is a very dangerous road in a very built up area

Vicky Jordan (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


I’m signing because the community buses (diamond buses) are taking the living piss this is not the first child to be hit by this company’s buses, they should not be speeding on the bus route anyway let alone give anyone abuse.

Megan Cund (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


I’m signing because this is disgusting what’s happened to that poor poor baby boy and this should not need a petition it should of already been put in place especially with a school near by😤

Emma Dutton (Dudley, 2020-08-11)


This needs to be sorted, this has happened too many times

Hayley Morris (Worcestershire , 2020-08-11)


No kid should have to go through this and I'm here to make a difference and help in anyway.

Ryan Doherty (Birmingham , 2020-08-11)


Children's lives are at risk

Lottielouise Williams (Ilminster , 2020-08-11)


I’m signing this because I think it is right that the speed should be cut right down to like 20mph and to save little children’s life’s. Speed kills so time to do something more about this

Chloe Fogarty (Birmingham , 2020-08-11)


It has been the same on that route for over 30 years i know people who have been seriously 8njured and killed along that route

Sharon Davies (Redditch worcs, 2020-08-11)


Tate is my grand baby

Anouska Colloff (Birmingham , 2020-08-11)


Something should be done to force speed reduction on roads in this country. The pedestrian is more important than speeding to reach your destination as quickly as you can, allow more time for your journey!

Giselle Colloff (Birmingham, 2020-08-11)


there's too many accidents on this road and something needs to be done

Susanne Corbett (redditch worcestershire, 2020-08-11)


Deserves justice

Claire Leeann (Wolverhampton , 2020-08-11)


Because I agree that there should be more safety measures in place and justice for the little boy x

Abbie Nicole (Birmingham , 2020-08-11)


No more people should get hurt any more!!

Lauren Lane (Studley, 2020-08-11)


This is my nephew and this still shouldn’t be happening nephew or not!

Oliver Preston (Birmingham , 2020-08-11)


My mates nephew was hit by a car

Elliott Taylor (Birmingham , 2020-08-11)


I'm signing because the church hill bus root is dangerous the speed the buses go down that road there has bin to many deaths

Donna Walker (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


My friend little bit Tate was hit by a bus.
It’s time to make a change.

Catherine Nelson (Alcester, 2020-08-11)


Poor lad. It's horrible how many kids have been hit in Church Hill and drivers often drive too fast.

Wendy Jordan (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


Safety matters

Seb Wala (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


I agree that this is a dangerous stretch of road due to a school and local shops in the immediate vicinity.

Maureen Peach (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


I live in Churchill and the speed the buses go along that bus route is disgusting. I have known a few people and children that have been hurt and worse killed on that route Something needs to be done

Lynne Treadgold (Redditch , 2020-08-11)


Something needs to be done with this road the traffic that goes through is so bad

Claire Lowe (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


Needs to stop speeding and idiots

Lisa Eastope (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


We live locally and our children attend the school nearby

Hannah Yarnell (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


I’m sick of seeing accidents at the centre. They should never have opened that road up and buses should slow down anyway.

Rachel Colclough (Redditch , 2020-08-11)


We need something done now

Ana Kemp (Redditch , 2020-08-11)


For the safety of youngsters

Helen Wood (Redditch , 2020-08-11)


I have a three year old niece and 7 months old nephew I would be heartbroken if this happened to them

Lauren Berry (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


To many kids have been killed along this route something needs to be done before more kids get hurt or worse!

Adam Cookson (Redditch , 2020-08-11)


it wasn’t fair what happened to the poor babby, the bus drivers are ridiculous

Amira Meadows (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


The busses do go fast and there should be a lower limit because look at this poor boy and I no the boy's mother and it should be changed for other childrens safety not surprised it should of been lowerd years befor now why did it take this to happen for it to be made safer shame on the busses

Marnie Crawford (Wostershire, 2020-08-11)


To reduce the speed limit by any means necessary to prevent this happening to anyone again, especially little ones. People need to think and slow down

Charlotte Bennett (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


I care deeply about the safety of children

Sylvia Collinson (Redditch , 2020-08-11)


Safety for kids . Children who go to the school at the center need to b safe as well . Needs traffic lights and secure crossing.

Rachael Gill (Worcs, 2020-08-11)


I taught Tate on my work experience in his school

Hannah Finch (Redditch , 2020-08-11)


Too many accidents with buses in this area even resulting in a childs death 12 years ago and still accidents are happening. Safety measures need to be assessed for this area

Bec Jax (Redditch, 2020-08-11)


I have lost my friend due to a bus collision. Something needs to change!

Meg Price (Redditch , 2020-08-12)


Because speed kills. Obviously a problem on this road.

Maria Sultan (Birmingham, 2020-08-12)


something needs doing the speed the buses come along there is disgusting and look at today, this could of killed this poor little boy.

Jodie wilks (redditch , 2020-08-12)


The speeding needs to be reduced

Jayne Hardman (Redditch, 2020-08-12)


This is so sad pedestrians need to be protected now.

Sally Roberts Harvey (Worcestershire , 2020-08-12)


We use this road regularly and my children have had near misses with speedkng traffic

Kaye Timbrell (Redditch, 2020-08-12)


I've seen many accidents at the centre while being on the bus.

Erin Butler (Redditch, 2020-08-12)


Too many people are loosing lives/ getting injured on this road

Paula Jones (Redditch , 2020-08-12)


This has happened too many times now. The busses go too fast through the shopping areas.

Karen Fincham (Redditch, 2020-08-12)


We objected to the road changes at the time of planning for the new centre and were ignored. This is the second bad incident involving a vehicle and pedestrians. The road is not safe.

Rachel Gregory (Redditch, 2020-08-12)


I’m signing because I have witnessed how dangerous this road has been throughout the years. Growing up on Churchill myself I lost a friend at a very young age due to being hit by a bus on this road, since then a number of separate incidents have occurred. The majority of bus related incidents in redditch tend to happen on the bus route in Churchill. I am a mother myself and find it absolutely heartbreaking that things like this are still happening, something needs to be put in place to reduce the risk of any further accidents.Bus drivers should also be given more thorough training before being allowed to work publicly.

Danielle Haylor (Redditch, 2020-08-12)


The Bus operators need to be called to account for the atrocious driving. I’ve learnt to wait until the bus stops rather than risk a dislocated shoulder as the brakes get slammed on. Not surprised there’s been another incident! Poor little chap!

Diane Williams (Redditch, 2020-08-12)


There has been way to many accidents since the new centre and layout has been buikt there.

Mathew Hyde (Redditch, 2020-08-13)


Many years ago I witnessed a child getting killed here never ever got it out of my head 😢

Deborah Jefferies (Redditch , 2020-08-13)


I know someone who’s younger brother was killed on the bus route. I also used to live on the Churchill centre and I know the bus drivers use it as a race track.

Jamie Grant (Birmingham , 2020-08-13)

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