Stratford Nightlife Needs You



We need places like this x

Marilyn Herdman (Stratford, 2019-07-13)


We need this venue in Stratford. The bar & club always has the customer in mind. Safe place to be.

Neil Fennell (Stratford upon Avon , 2019-07-13)


We would like to keep a late night venue in Stratford. It is a fun, safe, place for locals and tourists to go. There is nowhere else left late at night.

Nicola Shaw (Stratford upon avon, 2019-07-13)


Stratford is shit without no 1

Bethany Fojtik (London, 2019-07-13)


There will be no where left to go late night in Stratford! The council need to stop shutting venues down! The best place to be and very safe & fun for everyone.

Chloe Fojtik (Stratford upon avon, 2019-07-13)


Only late night place in Stratford!

Jessica Robbins (Stratford upon avon, 2019-07-13)


Save no1!

Tom Roderick (Stratford upon avon, 2019-07-14)


It’s the only*****in place to have a drink after I finish work

Gary Nunn (Stratford upon avon, 2019-07-14)


There is nothing for young people in Stratford upon Avon, closing the last late night bar will cause mor problems than it solves. Stratford is for more than just tourists.

Ben Bromley (Stratford upon avon, 2019-07-14)


Having lived here all my life, there’s always been a huge hole missing of activities for teenagers/early twenty somethings. More positive activities such as a bowling alley, youth clubs, night clubs would make for a better town.

Ashleigh Harrison (Stratford Upon Avon , 2019-07-14)


Because startford-upon-Avon needs a night life , somewhere where people can have fun after 12am on a Saturday. Taking this off us is like taking a teddy of a child harsh and very disrespectful for people who love going there after spoons , quick drink after work or large groups that come to startford to celebrate.

Katie Lake (Stratford-Upon-Avon , 2019-07-14)


Stratford need somewhere for young people to go and have fun!
Everyone who supports them closing would have enjoyed Stratford’s night life when it was at its prime but now there older and have no use for it, they don’t care if it closes.
Finally Stratford will find it self with a massively ageing population because all young people have no where to go so will look for other towns to move out of asap, I know this because it’s happened with majority of people I know.

Annabel Chatwin (Stratford-upon-Avon , 2019-07-14)


I live inStratford-upon-Avon and we should have a nightlife like every other place we use these clubs weekly

Craig Bishop (Stratford upon Avon , 2019-07-14)


It's part of my history

Warren Daniel McColgan (Coventry, 2019-07-14)


Stratford needs a place for people to go and have a good time and be safe. It’s lost a lot of credit for its night life and closing here would just make it more bad. The nightlife needs to be encouraged as it does help with people coming into the area. This also helps with businesses like hotels and food establishments, people on hen weekends and birthday parties. It needs more nightlife not none at all or Stratford could turn into something we don’t want, drinking on streets and legal raves in places we really don’t want. Instead of ruining fun for the younger generation make it for them to enjoy.

Alexandra Pearson (Stratford upon Avon , 2019-07-15)


Mother*****ers always trying to ruin Stratford night life...NOT TODAY!!

George Charlton-Smith (Evesham, 2019-07-15)


I’m signing this because it’s ridiculous that the council has now shut all but one nightclubs in Stratford. You are not catering to the young people in the area and that is appalling

Cordelia Slater-Johnston (Stratford-upon-Avon , 2019-07-15)


Regular user of No1 and with it being one of the last drinking spots and only nightclub left in Stratford, before we know it there will be nothing to do in Stratford, bamboodle was closed down which severely affected union and they where two main places to go a few years ago and now it’s dead. It’s not fare at all for anyone who lives in Stratford who enjoys a drink or to relax at the weekend!

George Wright (Stratford upon Avon , 2019-07-15)


Over the past decade it seems the Stratford council have not considered not only the younger generation but anyone that wants to socialise with a friend or family in town, by shutting down any form of night life. It not only impacts the social lives of everyone living in stratford but what about the business that used to thrive from the people going to bars and clubs? Taxis, fast food restaurants etc. Anyone that moves into the middle of a town or city should understand that noise comes part and parcel with it. The flats that complained over the noise from the keys and kitchen must have an IQ of 10. What did they expect when they moved next to a pub that has stood there since the 1800s? The people who are pushing for the nightlife to be shut down are showing themselves to be nothing more than spiteful, sour and inconsiderate.

Patrick McDermott (Stratford-upon-Avon, 2019-07-15)


It is ridiculous that a town like Stratford has virtually no night life. The town should be promoting good venues, not shutting them down.

Michael McDermott (Stratford upon Avon, 2019-07-15)


Th night life for young people in Stratford-upon-Avon is Awful! Bring back Chicago

Ben James (Stratford Upon Avon, 2019-07-15)


I work there and I will get reduced hours / loss of job as a result of the licence change. I also enjoy spending time in there in my free time

Robert Bergh (Stratford upon Avon , 2019-07-15)


i have lived in stratford my whole life and watched venues get closed down one by one. I go to number 1 almost every weekend and to have a nightclub in the town is an important thing to me being a young person here. It will drive young people out of the town. Our parents had multiple clubs and bars here when they were younger and it seems unfair we dont get to have the same experience they did growing up here. I always feel safe there and the staff do everything they can possibly to keep it respectful. Living in town myself noise on weekends is something you expect and deal with for the privalidge of living in town.

Meg Hadley (Stratford upon avon, 2019-07-16)


I am a occasional user of Shakespeare St Cocktail Bar and Nightclub and would like it to remain in its current format.
As an older user in the community I feel I have a right for a nightlife.

jon OSBORNE (Stratford-upon-Avon, 2019-07-16)


I am a regular user of Shakespeare St Cocktail Bar and Nightclub and would like it to remain in its current format.

As a regular user, I have always felt safe in the venue and as a young person in the community, I feel I have a right to a nightlife and my voice should be heard

Luke Bennett (Stratford upon Avon , 2019-07-16)


Nightlife in stratford is shit

Sam Hadley (Stratford upon avon, 2019-07-17)


Stratford has absolutely no night life and no where for young adults to have some fun past 2am and especially if this place is closed down!!

Rebecca Paragreen (Stratford Upon Avon , 2019-07-17)


I’m signing this petition because Stratford-upon-Avon needs a nightlife to keep the town going!

Nicola Sandell (Stratford-upon-Avon , 2019-07-17)


Taking away an established business which has been there for longer than those who are complaining is ridiculous.

Ollie Coulson (Stratford upon avon, 2019-07-17)


Only place for the young to go in STRATFORD I have 3 properties next door and never been an issue for me or my tenants and have been myself to various parties always a friendly well look after establishment

Steve Lewis (STRATFORD upon Avon , 2019-07-18)


My hometown of Stratfords nightlife has been destroyed over the years and we wish for late night venues to stay open. And for more to open to bring business to Stratford and give us younger people something to do.

Michael Breen (Stratford-upon-Avon , 2019-07-18)


To stop the geriatrics in the council sucking all life out of Stratford. Give the youth something, 2am is really nothing

George Parker (Stratford upon-Avon , 2019-07-18)


This is the only place open late left in Stratford, we need a nightlife.

Macey Greene (Stratford-upon-Avon , 2019-07-19)


M Jalowiecki

Michelle Jalowiecki (Stratford-upon-Avon , 2019-07-19)


I’m signing because there is nothing for my age range to do within Stratford a part from attend this club. It appears that the everyday folks of Stratford’ typically of an older age couldn’t care about the younger generation, but I am sure if they were my age now they would all have a lot to say.

Connor Cutler (Stratford upon Avon , 2019-07-21)


I lived in Stratford upon Avon 20 years and I miss going out here and enjoying music after 2am ,.. don’t wanna drive outside to leaminghton and Birmingham it’s just not affordable

Mariola Cieciura (Stratford upon Avon , 2019-07-21)


By closing this club there is very little for people to do in the town beyond Shakespeare. A good mix of activities should be available to ensure that Stratford-upon-Avon remains a vibrant town with something for everyone. This is a great venue enabling bands to take to the stage and entertain in a public venue and for the public to be entertained into the evening.

Susan Jackson (Chipping Campden, 2019-07-23)


In the past 10 years, it's been frustrating to watch the decline in night clubs in Stratford. I understand recent trends have also leant to the drop in numbers, but the near witch hunt approach in the way the council have handled the issue is frustrating. It's not just kids that enjoy staying out after 12:00 on a weekend, there's a large number of people in their 30's 40's and onwards that enjoy socialising till the early hours. We're grown adults and should be allowed to determine for ourselves when we want go to bed and not be subjected to what is essentially a curfew!

Chris Sandell (Stratford upon Avon, 2019-07-29)


We’re running out of places to go!!! Stratford council are pathetic. If people don’t like town noise MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!

Anna Matthews (Stratford upon avon, 2019-08-06)


You are the best live music venue (although I haven’t seen any advertised for a long time and I’m guessing this has something to do with restrictions also. Shakespeare Street is the best place in Stratford-upon-Avon for live bands.

Jayne Newman (Wellesbourne , 2019-08-06)


Stratford needs a vibrant and diverse night-time offering to appeal to residents of all ages. Shakespeare St is the only late opening dance venue in town, to lose it would make our town even more unliveable for young people.

Philip How (STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, 2019-08-06)


Stratford needs some nightlife

Aimee Wilkins (Stratford upon avon, 2019-08-11)


I'm a taxi driver and with No 1 closing we would have bearly any jobs on weekends. They closed enough nightclubs already without any valid reason. Stratford is becoming a ghost town...

Robert Bockov (Stratford upon Avon , 2019-08-14)


We Have nothing in this town . No clubs etc .. Nothing for young ppl

Anna Uminska (Stratford upon avon, 2019-08-22)

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