Reduce the 12 month minimum between two votes of no confidence in Tory leader to 3 months



I want a party to push forward. TM is ignoring the will of the British people.

Matthew Viner (Kidderminster , 2019-04-14)


Her behaviour makes her unworthy to be a Prime Minister.

Jeremy Thomson (19400 Monceaux sur Dordogne, 2019-04-14)


The Prime Minister is dangerously out of control. Her cavalier disregard for the deeply-felt concerns of grassroots conservatives loyal to the fundamental principles of the party threaten to disenfranchise us for a generation. In all conscience and for the future good of conservatism she MUST go and go now.

James Mason (Minehead, 2019-04-14)


We urgently need a new Brexit supporting Prime Minister or we won’t have a party left to lead.

Neil Durant (Halstead, 2019-04-14)


Theresa May has not delivered Brexit and gone against the wishes of the people. The Prime Minister has made a mockery of democracy and has embarrassed our nation.

Stephen Woods (Manchester , 2019-04-14)


We are finished as a Party if we do not get rid of Mrs May before she destroys us and the UK

Gill Mercer (Rushden, 2019-04-14)


I cannot vote Conservative while Theresa May is PM.

Fay Cross (Storrington, 2019-04-14)


I will not vote Tory again until Mrs May has gone.

Stephen Young (Storrington, 2019-04-14)


Mrs May has to be removed as leader of the party immediately if the Conservative Party or it is going to be wiped out at the next local, European or national elections. Waiting until another no-confidence vote by the 1922 committee will be too late.

Doreen Bishop (Southampton , 2019-04-14)


If this rule isn't changed, we could be stuck with this useless, incompetent, pig-headed PM for the rest of this year

David Mason (Witney, 2019-04-14)


Teresa May has betrayed the British people and now needs to go.

mark vipond (rochdale, 2019-04-14)


Theresa May should resign. She has botched Brexit, is destroying the Conservative Party and is not a Leader.



It’s time to drain the swamp

Christopher Harris (Devizes, 2019-04-14)


She needs to go.

Jonathan Griffin (Wisbech, 2019-04-14)


The present party leadership has failed and is doing irreperable damage to the party

Roderick Oliver (Lisburn, 2019-04-14)


I am frustrated at May's failure to implement Brexit and I believe this makes her position untenable and I call on her to resign so someone capable and willing to implement preferably a no-deal Brexit can be bought in.

Thomas Owton (Bristol, 2019-04-14)


It is absolutely necessary for T. May to go if the Tory party is to survive.

Marius Felderhof (Birmingham, 2019-04-14)


Theresa May is a traitor, her loyalty is with the EU not Britain.

Jason Carroll (Stoke on trent, 2019-04-14)


Theresa May is completely dishonest trying to push a withdrawal agreement which is worse than remain and agreeing to pay the EU 39BN without any negotiation. She has to go and be replaced by someone who respects the result of the referendum. Stop pretending that the WA is leave - it is remain without representation.

MICHAEL EKAETTE (Bromley, 2019-04-14)


May clearly neither believes in Brexit nor has any intention of delivering a meaningful exit. Incompetent, duplicitous or both, she is also an electoral liability
and is currently on track for destroying the party and handing the keys of Number 10 to a Marxist. I could go on.

Peter Preston (London, 2019-04-14)


We need a brexiteer prime minister and cabinet, sharp and charming people that can deliver a proper brexit efficiently preparing well in the next month or 2 for all outcomes and can rekindle faith of people in the Tory party whilst not bowing down to the sabotage and betrayal a remainer parliament has bequeathed unto our nation.

Tayfun Bomboz (London, 2019-04-14)


Mrs May has reneged on virtually every one of her oft-repeated assurances over Brexit and is trying to coerce MPs into approving her awful BRINO deal. She has lost all credibility and her word means nothing. She has become a total embarrassment! Please leave the EU now - no deal is required.

Barbara Collins (Loughborough , 2019-04-14)


Theresa May ( with her compliant Remainer Cabinet) and mainly Remainer Backbenchers have consistently plotted against the result of the 2016 Referendum and 2017 G.E. Manifesto pledges to deliver the Conservative Party promise to deliver Brexit. It is my perception that Mrs May had taken her orders from Angela Merkel and Olly Robbins , thereby sidelining her Brexit Cabinet members and hence the resignation of Boris Johnson, David Davies etc. The so - called WA is in fact a Treaty to lock the UK into full compliance with all EU rules regulations including a EU Army, the Euro, the governance of the ECJ etc etc. Mrs May must be replaced immediately by a genuine Brexiteer and NOT an MP who supported the so -called WA in any of the Mark I, Mark II or Mark III versions. The country needs and deserves a true, honest and decent pro - Brexit leader. I recommend Steve Baker, Mark Francois as they are already in the ERG and are steadfast.

Gabrielle Craddock (Colwyn Bay, 2019-04-14)


Mrs May is a disaster as PM

James Harrison (Grantham, 2019-04-14)


Mrs May has failed to deliver what she has been instructed to do, and has totally failed to govern this country with honesty, integrity and ability. She MUST go now

Paul Taylor (Farnborough, 2019-04-14)


I am a member, don’t know my membership no. Theresa May has brought humiliation on the UK with her inability to leave the EU as the referendum. Constantly requesting extensions from the EU is unacceptable and she can no longer be trusted to deliver Brexit.

Sandrs Radford (Twickenham , 2019-04-14)


The party is self destructing under the leadership of the habitual liar Theresa May. Honour the referendum.

Brian Smalley (Carlisle, 2019-04-14)


We need a new leader that will act on the democratic will of the UK electorate to leave the EU even if this means leaving on WTO terms. I did not vote to leave with a divorce treaty. I did not vote to leave only if there is a smooth departure. I voted to leave even if I and the rest of the UK are poorer.

Simon Rounding (Saxton, Tadcaster, 2019-04-14)


I believe in a No Deal brexit. 108 times she said my deal or no deal. She has reneged on that promise and must go.

Duncan Florence (Richmond Park, 2019-04-14)


I am disgusted by the PM, Mrs May. She has led us a dance over Brexit & it is clear she will not deliver. She needs to go now, before the Conservative Party is annihilated. Therefore the Conservative Party Constitution must b changed to allow for a further, immediate vote of no confidence. She must be made to resign now so a proper Brexit can be delivered. ie. we must leave the Customs Union & Single Market & revoke all ties with the EU, particularly military ties. A WTO arrangement is not feared by the people who understand that much of our trade is already organised this way.

jennine morgan (London, 2019-04-14)


May is a deceitful Remainer capable of delivering just one thing - a Marxist government. She has trashed the party's reputation for competence, damaged the UK's international standing and is wrecking centuries of stable democracy.

Robert Burns (Chesterfield, 2019-04-14)


12 months is far too long in politics. This PM is hell bent on not delivering a true Brexit.

Moira Graham (Blackpool, 2019-04-14)


I want Mrs May removed

Michael Corless (Haywards Heath, 2019-04-15)


The current leadership is both weak and not truly conservative, whilst avoiding the WTO brexit the party wants

jamie Priestley (Scarborough, 2019-04-15)


I want Theresa May removed as party leader and PM.

Peter Dorken (Spalding, 2019-04-15)


Theresa May needs to go she is destroying out party and country
Cleethorpes Conservative Branch member

Elaine Grant (DN37 7DD, 2019-04-15)


Because the PM, the EU and their conspirators have lied and cheated about the whole Brexit process and they were never going to let it happen. And we should be rid of Oliver Letwin too. The most despicable betrayal in our Nation's history!

Philip Langridge (Sherborne, 2019-04-15)


Mrs May has embarrassed this country beyond recovery all over the world. She allowed our democracy to be seriously damaged and made UK look like a banana republic. This must not continue.

Beata Chadwick (Chelmsford, 2019-04-15)


Theresa May is destroying the Conservative party which will lead to a labour victory that will destroy our country. We need to deliver a clean Brexit. If that means WTO then so be it.

Cheryl Price (Hayling island, 2019-04-15)


The Party needs a new leader.

Stephen Edwards (Wokingham, 2019-04-15)


The RPrime Minister has failed to deliver what she promised in the Election Manifesto

Roy Galley (Uckfield, 2019-04-15)


Theresa May needs to go Now.

Robert Laidlaw (Southampton, 2019-04-15)


I am signing because the current leadership is destroying the party through its failure to enact "no deal is better than a bad deal" and the current deal is the worst of all deals and is showing a flagrant abuse of democratic principles.

Anthony Henson (Sleaford, 2019-04-16)


Mrs May needs to resign.

Michael Maguire (Thirsk, 2019-04-16)


TM has broken manifesto commitments and has lost control

John Morris (Sheffield, 2019-04-16)


I’m signing because Conservative MPs seem impotent to remove the Prime Minister having broken promises and manifesto commitments. We need a new leader who will respect the 2017 manifesto in respect to Brexit and ensure MPs honour their promise to electorates in the General Election. If needed we require a new leader who can renew the mandate for Brexit at a General Election and secure a Conservative majority.

Iain Herd (Maidenhead, 2019-04-16)


Mrs May has lied and lied and lied. To the country, to the members of her party, to the house of commons, and to her ministers. She does not have the will to carry out the instruction delivered by the British electorate in the referendum, and then in the subsequent general election where north of 80% (84% from memory) of voters voters for parties who promised to leave in their manifestos. Mrs May's WA is not leave. It hobbles the UK. The only way to get a good deal is to leave on WTO terms - and the sooner the better. Any "deal" which leaves us taking rules in any manner shape or form from the EU is unacceptable. I want our laws back, our fish back and our borders back.

Matthew Swainson (Weybridge, 2019-04-16)


Theresa May is totally incompetent

Matthew Spencer (Manchester, 2019-04-16)


TM has killed democracy, she has lied continuously she has broken every promise she has made, she is an embarrassment

kevin foy (Workington, 2019-04-16)


Ive had enough delay on leaving the EU

Graham Parkhurst (Mablethorpe, 2019-04-16)


Theresa May has never received an endorsement from the membership for either her leadership or Brexit policy.

From the Chequers accord, to the draft Withdrawal Agreement, she has broken most of her ‘red lines’ in developing her Brexit policy & has not bothered to develop a domestic policy agenda with the Cabinet since GE2017.

She has mismanaged the negotiations from the outset. Firstly triggering Article 50 before establishing her Brexit policy, getting the Remain voting Cabinet ministers in line & on board with her ‘red lines’ & failing to adhere to the Ministerial Code of Conduct, often springing proposals on Cabinet Ministers ‘bouncing’ them Into a decision. Secondly she agreed to the sequencing of the negotiations set out by the EU, undermining our negotiating position & allowing the Irish boarder to be weaponised as an issue. She ran a shadow operation in the form of her Europe Unit headed by Olly Robbins, which developed the Chequers proposals behind the backs of the DExEU ministerial team whose White Paper adhered to her own manifesto commitments at GE2017. She misled Parliament & UK citizens, she repeated “no deal is better than a bad deal” over one hundred times in the House of Commons, yet she never had any intention on delivering on that promise, she kept a Chancellor in the Cabinet who undermined her negotiating position in numerous ways, including failing to release funding for no deal contingency planning. She agreed to the backstop in December 2017, despite previously saying “no UK PM could ever sign up” to proposals that would separate Northern Ireland from GB. She allowed the EU Commission to draft the legal text of the Withdrawal Agreement from the outset. She did not insist on ‘alternative arrangements’ for the Irish border to be agreed before the Withdrawal Agreement was signed ahead of ratification.

Theresa May has demonstrated next to no leadership or the skills required to be leader of the Conservative Party throughout her entire premiership. Her decision making in recent momths has been compromised with the dominant motivation being the preservation of her legacy. It is clear, the vast majority of the Conservative Party Parliamentary Party have lost confidence in the PM, it is time for an indicative vote of either MPs or the membership as a whole to demonstrate that. We are heading for electoral disaster in May, with most members even choosing to either abstain in the local elections or vote for the Brexit Party in the EU Parliamentary ones. Thousands of candidates will miss their opportunity to serve because of the actions of Theresa May.

Alex Boothe (Bristol, 2019-04-16)


We need someone who can lead at the head of the party. Our current leader isn't leading. She isn't delivering what people voted for, and she's unable to do anything more than continue down the same blind alleys she has for years. It's time for her to go for the good of the country.

Peter Hutton (Cambridge, 2019-04-16)


Because we need a change of Leadership urgently now. We cannot continue with Theresa May as our Prime Minister, she is ruining the Conservative Party.

Gillian LUEDICKE (TIDWORTH, 2019-04-16)


The time has come to renew the leadership of the party.

Patrick Humphry (Dudley, 2019-04-16)


There has to be some procedure to remove ve a leader who has gone rogue...

Christine West (Cheltenham, 2019-04-16)


I'm signing because there has to be a way to remove PM and indeed, MPs as well, who have gone'rogue'and are acting against the expressed democratic will of the people or the Manifesto they stood on, assurances given or promises made to gain election.

Gary Halstead (Swindon, 2019-04-16)


15% for vote after 12m, 25% after 6m, 1/3 after 3m, 50% at any time. Persistent failure to respect 2016 vote + 2017 manifesto + deliver Brexit. LEAVE with a DEAL if possible, but WITHOUT ONE f necessary. Above failures have led to ongoing collapse in CON support.



Theresa May has lost all credibility both for honesty and competence and is destroying the country and the party.

Chris Overill (CHELTENHAM, 2019-04-16)


Theresa May has completely failed to deliver Brexit and has repeatedly broken her own promises not to extend the deadline. She has no control over her own cabinet or party and the Conservative Party is losing numerous members due to her intransigence. She needs to go now.

Cheryl Blackman (Gosport, 2019-04-16)


I voted to Leave the EU. Mrs May told me we would Leave - no deal is better than a bad deal.
Mrs May LIED to me and 17.4 million people.
I did not vote for Mrs May's deal.

Derek Swanson (Whitley Bay, 2019-04-16)


We need a leader that believes in a positive Britain and Brexit.

Paul Ford (Camberley, 2019-04-16)


The PM must resign or the party and Brexit will be finished

Philip Humphries (Derby, 2019-04-16)


Theresa May must go now

Kim Ross (Beaconsfield, 2019-04-16)


The Parliamentary Party is clearly unable to act.

Jonathan Clark (Alnwick, 2019-04-16)


I believe Theresa May has utterly failed Leave voters.

Patrick Tuite (Petersfield, 2019-04-16)


Theresa May must be immediately replaced by a new leader that can take a positive attitude to leaving the EU. She has broken every promise she has made about delivering Brexit. To not have taken us out on 29th March 2019 was the downfall of honesty and democracy.

Jennifer Sayer (Ross-on-Wye, 2019-04-16)


Theresa May has failed, and should be removed

Nick O'Connor (TWICKENHAM, 2019-04-16)


I want a change of leader since May is a remainer that has lied and lied and lied about delivering Brexit. She has no leadership qualities but because of her enormous ego will never accept she's wrong and should go. She has to be forced out of office ASAP.

Richard Roney (London,, 2019-04-16)


Theresa May has proved herself both incompetent and untrustworthy. Her departure as Prime Minister and party leader is well overdue.

Howard Turner (Grange over Sands, 2019-04-16)


If there's to be any hope for the Party, Theresa May has GOT to go ASAP! She's broken every promise she ever made and there's no trust left, plus the fact that she's never really believed in Brexit.

Christine Ten Holter (North Tawton, 2019-04-16)


I am fed up with the Conservative Party being Socialist and I want a return to Conservative values.

DAVID HOUSE (Nr.SUDBURY, 2019-04-16)


I am horrified at the incompetence, deceitful and undemocratic way Theresa May is handling Brexit and is, in the process dividing the Conservative party. she is not a leader.

Patricia Roney (London, 2019-04-16)


The Prime Minister has broken her word and faith with the Party and Electorate. Trust in her has evaporated and to continue with her Leadership will destroy the Conservative Party.

Sacha Turvil (BRACKNELL, 2019-04-16)


She has to go.

David Edwards (WESTON-SUPER-MARE, 2019-04-16)


Mrs May has made a dreadful hash of the Brexit negotiations and gives every appearance of wanting to remain in the EU against the wishes of most of her party. She does not work with her cabinet or party MPs and she says almost anything she thinks her audience wants to hear and does precisely what she has already decided to do regardless. I am going to vote for the Brexit Party in the EuroElections and I am not going to deliver, tell or canvas for the Conservatives until she has been removed. I am deeply concerned that thanks to her efforts since she became PM that we are heading inexorably to having a socialist government.

Anne Cattermull (London, 2019-04-16)


Worst Conservative prime minister since Heath. Could not run a bath, let alone the country.

Michael Cox (Whitley Bay, 2019-04-16)


Need to get rid of Mrs May so we can have a hard line Brexit PM who will get us out of the EU PDQ, and get rid of the 20 or so Conservative MPs that have betrayed Brexit.

Stephen Bradley (Chester, 2019-04-16)


She has destroyed our party and the peoples faith in Democracy

kevin Mckee (MAIDENHEAD BERKSHIRE, 2019-04-16)


I'm fed up with the way Theresa May has handled Brexit and do not believe she us going to change path now.

William Rudrum (Brighton, 2019-04-16)


I'm signing because Mrs May has no vision, no strategy, no tactics, no backbone. She is a hopeless negotiator, constantly giving ground and hoping blindly for something, or anything in return. She should be sent on her way as soon as reasonably possible.

Andrzej Poloczek (London, 2019-04-16)


Theresa May is betraying our vote, our membership, and our country.

Leonard Harper (Ayr, 2019-04-16)


Many reasons.
Non conservative policies.
Excessive regulation of life
To much liberalism
To much globalism
Not enough tradition and culture protection
To many attacks on free speech.
To much thought policing
To much decline in the country, from military to leadership, to education.
To much immigration and multiculturalism.
Lying to the electorate
Breaking manifesto promises

Richard Nurse (Stroud, 2019-04-16)


Theresa May is destroying our Party now

Elizabeth Foster (London , 2019-04-16)


PM is completely lacking in the leadership skills required. Her Brexit negotiation has been a catstrophic failure, and having got us into a very deep hole she continues to dig, plumbing new depths of disaster. At every point in this she has made the worst possible decision; utterly hopeless. Moreover she demonstrates a complete lack of vision for the future of this potentially great country. Please Mrs May, just go, for all our sakes.

Patrick Loxdale (Wales, 2019-04-16)


I want the PM to go.

Peter Edwards (London , 2019-04-16)


Mrs May's broken promises on Brexit, her failure to inspire the membership and control discipline, and the level of her general incompetence since she was made Home Secretary making her unfit for high office.

Peter Paddon (Wigan, 2019-04-16)


I have no confidence in the current Prime Minister. We voted for Brexit and she has failed

Michael buck (HUDDERSFIELD, 2019-04-16)


Right-minded people must do something to protect the nation and the party from this deranged PM

Michael Welby (Newton Abbot, 2019-04-16)


Mrs May is inept and has let the EU drive the negotiations, and has now given the Corbyn regime unwarranted legitimacy.

Christopher Garrod (Lewes, 2019-04-16)


My MP (Theresa May) is useless

Nigel Shaw (Maidenhead, 2019-04-16)

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