The Case is Altered should not be renamed.



This is a traditional pub with an unusual name that is part of its unique character. The change would be meaningless and commercial suicide. Everybody knows the Case and would not recognise the new name

(Pinner, )


I have known "The Case" for 70 years, since visiting with my parents on a number of occasions. There is no good reason to change the name. A number of pubs in the area which changed in the past have now realised their mistake and reverted to their old name.

(Harrow, )


I used the case for many years when I lived in Pinner, how will changing its name improve the customer `experience`? Leave the name alone!



to keep the original name.

(Harrow, )


I have been drinking in The Case for over 30 years and can see no benefit in changing such a charming pub name

(Ruislip, )


As when they renamed the Oxford pub from "The Cape of Good Hope", because it was on the promontory of two roads, to "The Pub", the unimaginative suits eventually capitulated and it regained its former name. May this one not need to be pointlessly renamed in the first place 8-)

(Glasgow, )


I am signing this petition because i find it unbelievable that such an idea is even being considered. The Case is Altered is iconic in its statue in the local community and its heritage is second to none to all those in the area. Having first drunk in the pub some 45 years ago (slightly underage!!) i find it amazing that to this day on regular visits the pub has remained by and large the same as my first drinking experience there. Everyone knows this pub by its unique name and to even contemplate changing it will be outrageous. We have aleady in the local area lost the old established names viz The Clay Pidgeon ; The Victory; The Swan; The Deane Arms; The Manor House and The
Whiitington to name just six in recent times.. Therefore this proposal must be withdrawn just because someone who has no idea of the history and character of the pub feel it needs a new experience. The pub will remain as popular as ever without a name change to please some marketing moron.

(Pinner, )


The name of this pup is historic, very well known and brings back some very happy memories of my younger days. If it's not broken don't try and fix it. Why do you feel the need to upset & alienate so many people when nothing will be gained by it?



For reasons of preserving heritage, a local landmark and historic associations of the area.

(Pinner, )


I fail to see how a name change to something as bland and marketing driven as has been suggested will in any way benefit the pub or the experience of drinking there.

(London, )


We always liked the pub and it has always been known as "the case is altered "

(Ruislip, )


"The case is altered" is a proverbial saying of 17th century England, drawn from lawyer Sir Edmund Plowden's ironic remark on uncovering a single fact that collapsed a prosecution case. It exemplifies the national habit of humorous understatement, which is why it would be a great shame to replace it with a more mundame name.

(London, )


There is history behind the name and no benefit in changing the name. Continue the name please for future generations.

(Pinner, )


It's an original name for a lovely old pub that
I have known for decades.
There is no reason to change it if its character is to be retained.

(Reading, )


Congratulations to all concerned — and ‘Bravo!’ to the CEO. Hopefully, he'll be a regular face at The Case (!), and all has ended well, as it should!

(London, )


I wish the pub to retain its original name for historic heritage and nostalgic reasons.

(Pinner, )


It's a great name, so why change it ?

(London, )


Not happy with changing an historic name

(London , )


The name of this pub is unique and historic, it should not be changed!

(London, )


It's had that name for ever - so no need to change it!

(Emsworth, )


Historic pub names should NOT be changed.

(Denham, )


Pub names should never be changed. They are a part of tha national heritage. I love the "Case", but if this ill-thought idea comes to fruition, I shall take my custom elsewhere. Shame on anyone who conceived this totally unnecessary, high-handed and authoritarian decision.

(Ruislip, )


Nothing will be added by changing the name. A sense of local history will be lost

(Harrow, )