The Case is Altered should not be renamed.



It is a local landmark. Everyone knows where "the case" is.

(Eastcote, London, )


It is very wrong to change the name

(Harrow, )


Part of my youth and the local community

(Twickenham, )


The pub name should remain as The Case Is Altered......

(Woking, )


"The Case" is a great name - intriguing and unusual (if not unique).

(ruislip, )


Please keep "The Case is Altered" to continue the name as part of the Eastcote area.
Thank you

(Eastcote, Pinnner, )


I have known and loved the pub for many years and it holds many memories under that name.

(London, )


I would like the name of this local landmark to remain unchanged

(Northwood , )


I have many memories growing up with family at this pub playing on the climbing frame out the back garden with my prawn cocktail crisps and coke and later with friends with beer and wine. Evertime i come back to england to visit i come here. It's a classic and a village institution.

(Vancouver, )


Leave things alone please, this is a landmark!

(Harrow, )


This is a name the pub has had for centuries. I fail to see any benefit in changing this.

(London, )


I like the existing name, the Case is Altered, and I think the new company should respect tradition.

(Ruislip , )


It is an unusual, distinctive name with an interesting history.

(Ruislip, )


I am signing because The Case is a strong landmark in the area, and to alter its name would be a great pity!!

(Pinner, )


I love that name. I've travelled far and wide and not come across it in any other area. God luck with the upgrades but please keep the name.

(London, )


I lived in the UK and loved this pub. I can't imagine it being named anything else! Please don't rename!!

(Lincolnshire, )


It is part of history

(Stamford, )


Why change an established and familiar community name. Why annihilate those who go there?

(Northwood Hills, )


I sick and tired of the constant mania for changing the names of long established buildings. It does no good at all. People do not know where they are going and it shows a total disregard for the history of the place which is important to local people and indeed historians. It is an unnecessary evil! "The Case is Altered" is an unusual name - not unique, but sufficiently unusual to remain in people's minds. Please keep it as it is.

(Eastcote, Ruislip,, )


Keeping Heritage alive

(London , )


This place brings back fond memories.

(Swindon , )


I think you should keep the old names and retain some history.

(Pirton, )


The name is unusual and I get lots of people asking me the meaning so it's a memorable name to retain.

(Eastcote, )


This pub has been a meeting place since I was a young man in the 70s. It brings together friends locally and draws back others from further afield. It hasn't always been well run or maintained and improvements will be welcome provided that the innate character of the pub is preserved. The name is synonymous with the place that we gravitate to and reminisce about bygone days. The very name has always provoked discussion in its own right. Preservation of the name will earn respect for the new owners. If it's changed it will still be called the Case and continued patronage will be tinged with resentment. To the owners - don't bespoil local history and create a negative connotation. You have got our attention. You can have a loyal clientele but don't overcook your ideas with a name change. It is and always will be the Case is Altered!

(Eastcote , )


I think it's a quirky name- I like it and think it's an essential part of this pubs character!

(Cromer , )


I cant understand why anyone would want to change such a unique name which has heritage and history attached to it.

(Ruislip, )


The Case is Altered (La Casa Alta) has been "The Case" for generations... Why do people always want to change things which are much beloved by all the locals and also by people from far and wide who always remember the unusual name of this traditional pub.

(Pinner, )


This pub is well known for miles around by its famous name and should not be changed because of refurbishment or new owners.

(Ruislip, )


Having grown up in the area, I spent many many years as a patron of the case. It's unusual name added to the quirkiness of layout and charm. Change and renovation will be good for the pub and probably long overdue but it's name is part of many years of history. From afternoon beers while watching the cricket to evenings huddled in the corner with a glass of red in the winter, this pub has a special place within the community.

(Auckland, )


I live din the Harrow area for many years and still have contacts locally. I have long association with the Case is Altered, not least performing the Eastcote Mummer's Play in the pub Boxing Day year since 1975. The pub, its name and the play are part of the local tradition and should be maintained.

(Wantage, )


My heart is still there, such wonderful history & memories. I think Elton even played there. Please don't change such an iconic old pub.

(Murcia, )


There is no good reason to change the name! The Case is Altered is historic and means a lot to a lot of people,

(London, )


It would be a great loss to the local history if the name of 'The Case is Altered' were to be altered. There are also hundreds if not thousands of us out there who value this pub as part of our history and our future too. How can there be any need to change a brilliant name such as The Case is Altered.

(Luce, )


Old pub names are part of its heritage & should be preserved

(Guildforx, )


It was my first local. I grew up in Eastcote. What is the point of changing the name of a pub? The history gets lost.

(Drogheda , )


It is an iconic pub whose name makes it special from an historic viewpoint. It would definitely detract from its commercial appeal if the name were changed.

(Ruislip, )


My family have ties to Pinner and Eastcote for over 200 hundred years and so much history is being stripped out of the area for no reason. Please don't be just another chain pub taking away what the community loves.

(London , )


why change an interesting historical name?

(auckland, )


I grew up in Northwood Hills and the case is altered was part of my past, my husbands and lots of our family and friends. Changing the pubs name will be if no benefit to the new owners so why do it? It will be a huge loss to the history of the pub

(Gravesend, )


Why change the name of a well known local landmark.

(Ruislip, )


The history behind this pub needs to be preserved. With a new name this all goes. Been a regular customer in the past first independently and then part of a diving club who meets there after local pool sessions

(London , )


The 'Case is Altered' is an historic name as befits a Heritage pub and, like some pub names, were unique to certain areas. Within Harrow borough, there were 3 no. CIAs until recently (none elsewhere in Middlesex) but the one at Wealdstone has gone for good. Thus, only that at Old Redding and Eastcote still exist and the former is increasingly a restaurant. Keep with the USP that is the 'Case is Altered'.

(norwood green, )


The pub name is famous ... It appears as the title of a book by Elizabeth George. It would be a very bad thing to change it.

(Ashwell, )


Why change a name we all know so well

(Ruislip , )


I live locally.

(London , )


I used to live on Joel Street, and when I return to the UK always stop by the Case... would not like to see it change name, its part of the area's history,.

(El Dorado Hills, )


The case has always been and should always remain the case.

(Eastote, )


In memory of my Dad's favorite pub. Tony Martin would be horrified to hear the name could be changing as I am. Many good memories at the The Case is Altered!

(Aylesbury, )


Pub names are part of local history. We should not lose them.

(Uxbridgr, )


This is a popular traditional English pub. I see no good reason to change its traditional and unusual name.

(Stanmore, )


This is another example of corporatisation of community - sign the petition!

(London, )



( eastcote middx ha5 2rx, )


I love the unusual name of the Case is Altered.

(London, )


I am local to the establishment. The name uniquely suits its environment. Change the name lose business.

(Greater london, )


a) It's a rarity of a name, though the area used to have three.
b) It's got local attachment - it's what everybody knows and loves,
c) It has history, several actually, probably Ben Johnson's play.

The name is part of a pub's charm. If you have a Swan or Red Lion or Kings Head then maybe you could change, but with a name like this why bother- changing to a media man's unfeeling choice does not say much about the ownership. Cricketers and Barn Owl have the idea of local connections but CASE IS ALTERED genuinely has!

(Pinner, )


Why would you change a historic name?????

(London, )


My father-in-law "Rick" whose paintings are on the wall would be devastated that the name changes! Please leave well alone!!

(Hoboken, )


I started drinking in the Case 40years ago and visit when I'm in the area. It has many fond memories and the name echos amongst my friends- please don't change it!

(Warrington , )


I think the name is part of the fabric of Eastcote.

(Middlesex, )


I am from the area and still visit regularly. It is a unique and historic name that should be preserved.

(Dublin, )


There is no good reason to change this well known name which is part of the heritage of the area.

(Ruislip, )


The change in name to this historic pub does nothing to improve anything but takes away a 'landmark' of the area. Stop it!!!

(Eastcote, Ruislip, )


I want to keep the name.i use the pub several times a week all year round

(Pinner , )


The name has stood for a very long time. Too many local names change for no good reason. Let us have consistency for once and respect for local tradition, residents and customers. Why begin a business by creating resentment? There will surely be enough space and opportunities for other signage on the property to show the image and business name of the new owners.

(Ruislip, )


Even as a partial visitor over the years (not being that local) the name is part of the quintessential charm of the place. I got dumped there in the 80's, took clients there in the 90's 00's and though I'm too far away now, I was recommending it to colleagues only last week! What's the sense is faffing about?

(Bracknell, )


The name should not change as it is part of our local history. I have been going here since a child. It is a famous landmark and part of our community.

(Pinner , )


I lived in Northwood Hills for 60 years and fondly remember The Case.

(Tavira, )


Although currently I live in the US I still drink in the Case. The last time earlier this month. I see know reason to change the name of this historic pub. Keep the name please.

(Washington, DC, )


It shouldn't be renamed as it is part of local history

(Harefield, )


In memory of A L Martin

(Aylesbury, )


History should be respected. Don't delete the past

(Eastcote, )


Historic, iconic name – I’ve met people as far as New Zealand and the USA who’ve known the pub as visitors to the UK and remember the name even more than the pub itself. It’s clear that the community supports refurbishment of the pub within the character of a Listed Building. It would be a tragic loss and affront to the ancestors of Middlesex who created this old Inn - and the many locals who care about our heritage today - to change the name to something that no one will remember. Please think again and gain the support, not the alienation of the local and global friends of ‘The Case is Altered’.

(Pinner, )


I remember visiting the Case when I was a child and don't think a change if name is necessary, everyone knows and loves it

(Ruislip, )