Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?

PLEASE SHARE! Everyone in WA must have the choice to sign this petition or pass.

The idea behind this petition is simple, do you believe the Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan should be removed from office?

Most of us supported him earlier in the 2021 state election because he did keep WA quite protected from covid and the opposition runner was an exceptionally weak candidate, however things took a drastic turn when Mark McGowan won that election by a tsunami! Giving him unparraleled control which he has wielded ruthlessly.

WA is the first place in the world to mandate booster shots, and they will be pushing for these every 3 months, so those of you who felt coerced to get the jab, this is your chance to express your disdain for the premier once again moving the goal posts.

WA also carries the most severe penalty for breaching covid shot requirements, with an individual fine of 20k! This is beyond heavy handed, and clearly set so high to intimidate us into compliance.

And now on Christmas Day, with McGowan closing borders after promising we would be open for families to reunite for the festive holiday, many plans ruined as he plays the role of the Grinch over a handful of cases that popped up from a fully vaxxed traveller (McGowan reported this guy to be unvaxxed, this is a flat out lie! The mans friends have come forward to correct the Premier). And yet in 5 weeks McGowan claims he will open the state up on Feb 4th but refuses to say that is concrete, because as we see he WILL shut the state down at any chance he gets.

Many of our heroic frontline workers lost their jobs when tier 1 of McGowans mandate took effect, many more like myself will be jobless when tier 2 takes effect Jan 1st, and this is AFTER international experts and even our own PM Scott Morrison have conceeded "WE CAN NOT VACCINATE OUR WAY OUT OF THIS PANDEMIC", the science clearly shows we need more natural immunity. which is far more effective than any of these vaccines. And in the face of this information, our premiere has GONE AGAINST THE SCIENCE and doubled down with more mandates and border closures.

His primary argument is our hospitals would not cope with a massive outbreak which is correct, and this is because HE cut hospital budgets leading to less nurses and doctors and thus less beds, while at the end of fiscal year 20/21 he bragged about a budget surplus of $5billion! Surely spending atleast some of this on hospital budgets duirng a pandemic is a smarter idea so we can cope when the inevitable influx comes. The data is now clear, even if we are 100% double vaxxed, transmisibility is not reduced, and people will still end up in hospital, so to keep enforcing mandates and shutting borders everytime 1 person brings it in is completely irrational thinking.

So while several months ago I supported this man, I now feel betrayed, and I feel like an irrational germophobe is steering this ship now, and I believe he must either step down or be removed from office as he is clearly not fit for the role any longer.

No more mandates, no more lockdowns, no to planned segregation and medical discrimination.

If you agree, request he be removed simply by signing this petition, you can do so annonymously if you wish, we need to show him AND the Govenor General (who has the power the demand a re-election) the true extent of public opinion as many of us can't always attend the freedom rallies to show our numbers in that way, and the legacy media try to defend him by down playing the true numbers of opposition as well.


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