Self-determination and sovereignty of Hungary

Self-determination and sovereignty of Hungary

Hungaria semper libera
Una et eadem libertas

The fundamental rights of self-determination and freedom have been integral parts of the Constitution of Hungary for hundreds of years. Throughout history, the violation of these rights have repeatedly led to insurrections and revolutions which, on the long run, rippled through the whole of Europe.

In 1956, we tore off the mask of the communist dictatorship and Pax Sovietica thus initiating their collapse.

In 1989, we cut open the Iron Curtain toward a freedom that seemed very promising to us.

Now we are deeply disillusioned. In the promised "new European house" so far we have got room only in the basement; we have got dictatorial coercion rather than freedom, alarming doubt instead of security, injustice based on lies instead of  law. Under the pretext of European values, we are being humiliated, offended, excluded, and our democratic rights are questioned. Again, we have to defend ourselves. We need to pull off the mask of the current invisible dictatorship and of Pax Americana, before it is not too late.

We know that this fight is much harder than the one against the tanks was. Our weapons are only our voice, the law, and European values. This fight is particularly hard because it is not us but the European Union who suffers from a deficit in democracy. We are exposed to any kind of arbitrary action because,  in order to avoid accountability of  EU organizations to the European Court of Human Rights, the European Union has failed to comply with its obligation to join the European Convention on Human Rights.

It is not us who have moved away from European values but the power-structure in Brussels. It is not us who deny democracy but the European Union lacks democratic legitimacy.

Europe is mired in an economic-political crisis and moral corruption. It is not how we envisaged the new Europe!

We must build a new Europe, a Europe not with a centralized but a polycentric structure. We must build a Europe that returns to its Christian roots and values; a Europe where sovereignty lies with the peoples and nations not with a financial oligarchy. We need a Europe where the democratic will of the people is respected.

We must build a Europe where all peoples can exercise their rights of fundamental freedom, especially the right to self-determination, defined by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Economic, Social and Cultural Covenant in Article One as "All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development."

Europe can enjoy real freedom and peace only on the basis of self-determination and national sovereignty.

Do not give in to blackmails and coercion!
Do not be afraid but take up the challenge!
Do not give up the right to self-determination, self-identification and self-esteem!

We know that most European citizens want the same; we know that European public opinion is not identical with the false propaganda expressed by the media. We call upon all Hungarians and Europeans to reject the lies and deceits aimed at Hungary, voice the truth and demand justice, and help create a new, freer, more peaceful, and happier Europe based on the self-determination of its peoples and the sovereignty of its nations.

God Bless the Hungarians!

This is a translation of the petition issued originally in Hungarian and German by Eva Maria Barki on 10 January 2012, Vienna.

Signing this application I support the petition, which aims to preserve the self-determination of the Hungarian people and the sovereignty of Hungary.

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