Save The South London Oshwal Property

This petition has been set up to get support to stop the Oshwal Association of the UK selling the Oshwal Mahajanwadi on Campbell Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, the very convenient current base for the South Area community, until an appropriate alternative location has been found that meets the needs of the South Area members. 

In October 2015 a resolution was passed by the Executive Committee, following a vote by Oshwal members, to sell this property. At this meeting the members were convinced by the Executive Committee that there are potential / better sites for South Area.  The Property Committee has been searching for a new property for the South Area for over 2 years without any success - how do we know when or if we will ever find another property, and are we prepared to find ourselves without a home for our community???

We hope to show the petition at the AGM on 10th April. Please show your support by signing this petition.  

Thank you for your support.