Save the Kyloe Cow

After more than 2 years  harmlessly keeping watch over the West End from our first floor restaurant window, The City of Edinburgh Council has officially started formal enforcement proceedings for the removal of the Kyloe cow.

According to the council, the cow sculpture is to be removed because of the “detrimental effect on the character of the listed
building and on the amenity of the area caused by its position.” as stated in the letter issued by a Planning Officer of The City of Edinburgh Council.  The letter goes on to state “The property is statutory listed Category A and is located within the New Town Conservation Area.  As such, the cow sculpture would require the benefit of express listed building consent which would not be forthcoming from The City of Edinburgh Council.”

This made national news on STV at Six on December 23rd.  When approached by reporters from STV, the council replied that they “would of course be happy to discuss the issue.” The integrity of this statement is surely in question as no such discussions have been forthcoming or taken place.

Why now?  It’s been up for the last 2 years. It’s practically an Edinburgh landmark, a symbolic icon! So many customers find
Kyloe by the cow and love the cow. It’s a really poor show the council are now asking for it to be taken down. What harm is it doing?

The inconvenience caused by the poor execution of the tram works, over the last few years really hurt us because
customers couldn’t find the restaurant and couldn’t get to it.  The cow was a means of overcoming this.  The City of Edinburgh Council has allegedly turned a blind eye to the sculpture during the tram works fiasco.

If you like our Kyloe cow and agree that this situation is ridiculous, don’t be a COW-ard please sign this petition and show your
support for our Save the Kyloe Cow campaign.

Thank you in advance from all at Kyloe.

STV News at Six Video