Save Rocky the Fox.

Rocky is a fox cub who was found in the middle of the road one night with a wooden stick in his gums of its mouth. Mark Lumsden and his girlfriend Louise waited to see if his mother was a round, but she wasn't anywhere to be seen and they couldn't leave him in the middle of the road for a car to kill him, they made the decision it was to dangerous to leave him there and took him home with them. Mark and Louise took the fox cub to the vets the very next day got him treatment for his mouth, wormed, deflea'd and got his shots for distemper, the very same you get for your pet dog.

SPCA was passing there house and spotted Rocky in the front window, sunning himself, they turned up with two police officers, Louise was in the bath, they banged the hell out the front door constantly till she answered, by this time Rocky was distressed, with the loud banging on the door and three men coming into his home, that would stress out any animal never mind a fox. SSPCA claim that Rocky was in distress when he saw him in the window and would have to remove him from the home or face all sorts of threats. What could Louise and Mark do. I know of no rehab centre for foxes that have been looked after by humans, so we all know what will happen,...... Rocky will be put to sleep. Mark, Louise and there kids love Rocky and looked after him over and above what he needed.  Please sign this petition to show your support for Mark and Louise and there children to get there best friend back and to make SSPCA see sense, that Rocky doesn't need to be put to sleep he has a life with a family he loves and they love him back.






I thank you for your time.