Save Our E.on Jobs

On Thursday 6th March 2014, E.on announced its intention to axe the only sales channel left within the organisation. E.on has always put its customers first, actively seeling their opinions and changing accordingly. Indeed in 2012, after 2 years consulting with its customers, bills were re-designed, tariffs were made simpler and E.on withdrew from doorstep selling. Its customers WANTED to interact with E.on face to face but not on their doorsteps.

E.on responded to all requests and as a result, increased their presence on the highstreet, allowing customers to interact in a non aggressive manner and be advised on energy products and consumption. This presence also allowed prospective customers to see if E.on was the right energy company for them and if so allowed them to transfer there and then.

Our operation delivered up to 10,000 sales per week through our 350 agents who represented E.on consistently in a professional manner.

We believe our customers still have a right to interact with us in this manner. We are the only face of E.on for our customers and our results consistantly proved this. The decision made on Thursday 6th March 2014, places around 450 UK jobs at risk. We believe we are very much a needed & integral part of the E.on customer service team.

Please join us in signing this petition in order that we may pass this to our union to use during our consultation process - you may help to save our jobs!