Fair and appropriate justice for XL Bully breeds.

We have created this petition as a response to recent allegations regarding the XL Amercian Bully breed. Allegations that have followed after attacks in the UK. 

PM Rishi Sunak has released statements validating and enforcing the banning, removal and potential destruction of the XL American Bully breed. All of which he wishes to implement by the end of the year. 

We ask you to sign this petition, to save owners and this breeds wrongful prosecution due to a lack of responsibility and care based on a focus group of owners who contribute to this wider issue and wrongful impression of the breed. 

This petition is to secure the wellbeing of this breed, whilst keeping the interest of community safety in mind. We are petitioning for stricter regulations to be implemented when becoming an owner of an XL American bully. Such regulation could include appropriate licensing, mandatory training hours with a professional instructor - completed and passed through government registered certification, psychological evaluation of all  owners and regular wellness check ins (at home or via an external service). 

We are also petitioning for stronger regulation and investigation into legitimate breeders. Ensuring they are in line with all breeding expectations and regulations of this breed. 

For years numerous breeds have been labelled and wrongfully prosecuted under the dangerous breed act. This is an unfair and unjust representation of the love, loyatly and bond these breeds create with their owners and family. As well as their gentle and nurturing nature. We do not disregard the anatomy of these breeds and the strength they are capable of. We simply ask that fair and responsible meassures are implemented that do not cause any physical or psychological harm to this breed. And preserves owners rights to continue loving and caring for their beloved dog. 

This issue will continue to foster until we are at risk of all larger breeds being placed on the restricted or banned list. And equal meassures being implemented, causing equal amounts of destruction. 

We urge you to trust fair judgement and encourage you to research these breeds throughly before standing behind a decision that could break so many hearts and families. 

Our aim is to achieve 2000+ signatured by the end of the year to ensure thorough invetigations and hearings are held in the process and decision making of this outcome. 

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