Save Cleeve Hill Golf Course and the playing of golf on Cleeve Hill

This petition has been set up on behalf of the members of Cleeve Cloud Golf Club who are responsible for running competitions and are the members section of Cleeve Hill Golf Course. This is due to the sad news that a decision has been made to close Cleeve Hill Golf Course from the 1st of April 2021.

Unfortunately the current lease holder and the council have announced that the lease will be terminated early and golf will no longerbe  played on Cleeve Hill after more than 125 years of histoty.

Cotswold Hills Golf Club have a great piece about golf being played on Cleeve Hill on their website.

Please support us in the fight to save a rare facility in local communities as Cleeve Hill is a municipal golf course and is open to the general public and golfers of all abilities.

Many golfers within/from the area would of experienced their first round of golf here and although they may have moved on still have a soft spot and a love for the uniqueness the course has to offer.

The ever changing conditions and its own microclimate can provide many a challenge for all but thats also part of its appeal.

I'd also like to mention the amazing views (weather permitting) that not many golf courses could beat and again this for many of us is what brings us back again and again.

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