Sack Mayor of Crawley

DB9FC5D7-F800-4673-97AA-2C0BE040401E.jpegPlease sign our petition to call for the resignation of Cllr 'Rocky' Shahzad Abbas Malik - Mayor of Crawley who has hit social and community sites with video footage showing him fighting with another taxi driver. The innocent victim sustained serious injuries from this road rage incident at Crawley's Tushmore Roundabout in Langley Green. 

Politically, Labour will do everything in their power to keep his position, loosing him will mean the conservatives will hold majority power which will be a blow to Labour. Our councillor has a questionable past and time we had someone who truly cares about Crawley, its people and community and not their ego!

Results of our petition will be handed to executives of Crawley Council. 

 Do the right thing and sign our petition to remove Shahzad Abbas Malik as Mayor of Crawley. Thank you for your support.


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