Rose Bruford Rent Strike

Hey gang, as I’m sure you all know - our next instalment of rent is due on the 18th of January and Theatre and Social Change don't think its fair or right for any student not currently in CC to have to pay the sum of £2,800 for a room that sits empty. We’re rallying everyone who lives in CC to make their voices heard on this issue. Our demands of Rose Bruford and Christopher Court are as follows:

1. An immediate freeze of all accommodation fees for those not in residence at Christopher Court.
2. A reduction in accommodation fees for those away from Christopher Court in line with the length of the National Lockdown.
3. A guarantee that reductions in fees will be permanent and not subject to change at the end of student's licence agreements.

Please send this message on to everyone on your course, including those who don't live in Christopher Court. We have to take a stand on this, we cannot allow big companies to profit off our backs when we are working so hard to keep up with our coursework and deadlines. We have been strongly advised to stay at home to protect public health yet we are still charged rent on flats that sit unoccupied. Christopher Court demanding rent at this time is both and irresponsible. And we won’t stand for it, will you? I

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