Replace EVERY Street Lighting Column All Across RENFREWSHIRE With Brand New Aluminium Columns That Don't Have A Stump At The Bottom Because Even Newly Installed Columns With Stumps Just Look Outdated

FB_IMG_1556149698691.jpgDear Readers & for the attention of Renfrewshire Council, all OTHER Scottish Councils & the Scottish Government,

As you may be well aware, there was a recent £11million street lighting replacement programme all across Renfrewshire that I was told in an email was to be completed by the end of May 2017 although almost two years on, some STILL haven't been changed yet & Renfrewshire Council SURELY cannot DENY that.

Almost all 28,000+ street lights have been converted from the old SODIUM lights to brand new energy efficient & cost efficient LED lights which produce a more natural WHITE light & focus the light more directly onto the road & pavement without causing a great overspill onto houses & into peoples gardens like the old sodium ones did.

While the majority of the 28,000+ lights only got a LANTERN replacement, only just over 1,300 of the total 28,000+ lights were replaced COMPLETELY by new COLUMNS (light poles) as WELL as lanterns.

But many of the existing columns are WELL over twenty years OLD & even though they AREN'T being replaced SIMPLY because the council have verified them to be suitable for the new lights, MANY of them are OLD, DISCOLOURED & RUSTY & they have NEVER been properly MAINTAINED & to be completely HONEST, a mixture of OLD columns & brand NEW columns look EXTREMELY OUT OF PLACE & we pay our council tax towards street lighting improvements amongst many OTHER council services.

The majority of the NEW columns are ALUMINIUM & completely STRAIGHT down without a bottom STUMP although in the Dean Park area of Renfrew there are some NEW columns which DO have a bottom stump but I am all for the nice new aluminuim columns WITHOUT the stump which are completely STRAIGHT down.

To be completely honest, I am surprised that street lighting columns containing a bottom stump are still in production.

We are now in 2020, the THIRD decade of the 21st CENTURY & I REALLY see street lighting columns with a bottom STUMP a thing of the PAST!

We all pay our COUNCIL tax & when it comes to STREET lighting, there is nothing MORE I expect from Renfrewshire Council than the BEST!

IF Renfrewshire Council DELIVERS this then it will really make all our streets more INVITING & ATTRACTIVE & in THAT case every OTHER Scottish council should do the SAME.

Newly installed lighting columns in the Dean Park area of Renfrew which ARE aluminium would ALSO need to be changed because by the end of the decade, I want EVERY street lighting column I SEE to be stump FREE.

Renfrewshire Council CAN you DO that?

Because UNLESS you do that then all our street lights are going to look EXTREMELY OUT OF PLACE.

CAN we expect the BEST from you?


Yours Very Sincerely

Sean Andrew

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