Reopen Asda Hatfield's back door to be more accessible and connect with local businesses

We are asking Asda Hatfield to reopen their back door, which opens to the rest of Hatfield town centre.

It has been closed since the first lockdown which was understandable until Covid-19 restrictions were lifted by the government. 

Keeping the back door closed is far less accessible for disabled and less mobile customers. It also discourages Asda customers to shop in the town centre, disconnecting the supermarket from the rest of Hatfield's businesses. 

My name is Tim Rowse and I am a Liberal Democrat campaigner in Hatfield but I hope that you sign this petitition whoever you vote for. 

Before starting this petition, I have already tried to get Asda to reopen their back door. I have spoken to the store manager and asked him to resolve the situation with his head office. So far he has been unable to do so.

I then got in touch with Asda's main customer care team in Leeds to take action and they say it is nothing to do with them.

Lastly, I wrote to Welwyn Hatfield Council's planning enforcement team in November requesting that they take action but they are yet to reply.

Therefore, I am asking people to sign this petition to ask that Asda reopen their back door to better connect their store with the rest of Hatfield town centre. This would help Hatfield to be more accessible to disabled residents as well as allow customers to more quickly shop in the entire town centre, benefitting local businesses. 


Tim Rowse, Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrats    Contact the author of the petition

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