Reinstate CrossFit Tricolour

CrossFit Tricolour is a sanctioned athletic club at Queen's University with over 200 registered member and over 20 hours of group fitness classes every week. It is the fastest growing student club in recent history at Queen's and has been able to accumulate $50,000 of fitness equipment and assets for its membership in just 8 months of operations. 

On December 4th, 2013, CrossFit was asked by Athletics and Rrecreation to suspend all club operations due to concerns regarding qualifications for insurance through the University. Since then CrossFit Tricolour has been diligent and prompt in complying with all requests made by Athletics and Recreations including:

- Submitting detailed financial statements earlier than any club is required to by policy,

- Co-signing our club bank account with ARC administration despite having the account officially approved during summer operation,

- Facilitating a full inspection of club equipment by Athletics and Recreation staff, which is again not included in club policy,

- Clarifying our non-for-profit affiliation agreement with CrossFit Inc., which simply allows us to use the CrossFit brand, that was misidentified by Queen's insurance as evidence of the club existing as a profiteering business. 

Not a single issue or concern raised by Athletics and Recreation as been found to be a result of negligence or malpractice in CrossFit Tricolour's operations.

Their remaining issue is for the Non-For Profit Affiliation Agreement with CrossFit Inc. to be owned by the University. This violates CrossFit Inc. own terms of agreement that a person, not an organization must be the designated affiliate signee. Since CrossFit Tricolour cannot fundamentally fulfill this stipulation, Athletics and Recreation has refused to lift the club's suspension for the new semester, and its administration has rejected alternative interim solutions.

The resultant 4-week and counting hiatus has been a severe detriment to our 200 strong membership and their commitment to be a part of our growing fitness and wellness community for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Signing this petition will not only support CrossFit Tricolour in providing a great health and wellness program for the Queen's community, but will also support the beginning of great student initiatives that will define the future of club advocacy.

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Thank you for your time!

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CrossFit Tricolour


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