Reimbursement for HSV students

It is no surprise to the residents of HSV now when we are informed that there is a water outage, no wifi, no electricity etc. This is now however completely unacceptable, considering we are paying rent every week to live here. If this sort of thing only happened once then I'm sure people may be understanding, but when it happens this regularly then something needs to be done about it. It's so unsanitary and frustrating that we don't even have access to running water! Providing 1 or 2 bottles of water per person is hardly helpful either. There have been so many issues as mentioned previously regarding wifi, the laundrette being out of use for weeks on end, periods of no electricity and even no running water for 8 hours or so. It is therefore really unfair to expect us to pay the full amount of rent when we haven't received decent utilities during our time on HSV, and I really think we should be reimbursed some amount to compensate for this.

Please sign this petition if you feel we should be reimbursed a suitable amount for the inconvenience.