We the undersigned stand for the rights of children and strongly condemn the secondary victimization by the media causing further damage and distress to the child victims. Thus,

We strongly condemn the practices of the media which violates the rights to privacy and confidentiality by publishing or broadcasting details which leads to identifying the victims of child sexual abuse in Sri Lanka.

We call on the above authorities to ban publishing the name of the victims, his/her parents or the immediate family members.

We insist that a rapid action task force to be implemented immediately to take strong action if the media violates children’s rights and publish/broadcast any information that can identify a child sexual victim.

We insist and demand that the above authorities to take rigorous action possible against the press and order the newspapers that published articles with information leading to identifying the victim of the Kandy High Court Case No 39/2004, to rectify the damage caused with the highest compensation in the history.

We further urge International human rights bodies and other authorities to join in this effort to persuade the government of Sri Lanka to acknowledge and honor the call of this petition.

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