Protect the horses involved in bull-fighting

I watched a couple of videos that had been posted on You Tube which involved very nasty incidents where some of the horses involved were very badly and mortally wounded.  Imagine having your abdomen slit with a blunt instrument which was wriggled around inside then dragged out, bringing all your insides out to drag on the floor, then standing, waiting for another attack to happen.

I was horrified, and determined to take action to protect these gentle creatures.

I understand that the perpitrators believe they are being 'honourable',' brave' and 'skillful', they breed these horses specifically for this 'job' and for this the horses have to do exactly what they are told unquestioningly, they are literally dying for their riders, in a miserable, painful and long-drawnout way.

I wish to change the laws to protect these hapless horses, and really require lots of support from as many people throughout the world to put pressure on as many governments as possible to make suitable changes to the current laws.


Please sign then forward this petition to as many people that you know for them to forward again to as many people as they know, and so on.  The horses will be grateful.


Thank you.