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To whom it may concern,


We, the undersigned, have noticed an increase in products in your store with feminist slogans. And whilst we appreciate  the visibility of the feminist cause in mainstream fashion we can't help but feel that it is another case of corporations making money from a cause when the belief system it represents is not being adhered to by your company. It is one thing to print a slogan but quite another to incorporate that those ethics into your brands ethos.


If it really comes from a place of empowerment then the following actions would mean more to us than empty words on a t-shirt.



  • better control of the exploitation and unfair wages of workers both in the retail and manufacturing environment 
  • consistent sizing of clothing, many of us have had issues buying the same size in two garments and them being completely different, but also consistent with other stores, having to size up 2 sizes just walking into your store can be incredibly detrimental to mental health
  • not sizing out bigger women, not only does your company stop at a certain size (which in reality is up to 2 sizes smaller than it is) but consistently there are only the smaller sizes out on the shop floor, making it embarrassing as customers have to ask for bigger sizes
  • greater diversity in your range of models, show your clothes on a range of body shapes, skin tones, gender identities.


we really hope you take our concerns on board and read through some of the comments detailing people's personal experiences in your stores.

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