Petition to give voting rights to congregation so they can elect trustee at Abu Bakr Masjid Southall. Everyone has the right to become a trustee from grassroots by nomination by the mausaliees.

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We have put this petition in place as the current Trustees of the Masjid are not fully open to the malpractice which occur in the Masjid. You as the public have contributed over a million pound towrds the masjid since it was formed. However 4 out of the 7 current trustees have sort to stay on and not involve any member of the public to join the board.

The new amendment states that the current trustees can elect or stay on for a period of 3 and after 3 years they can be re selcted, when 6 years is over then they can be re-selected. What this means NO OTHER PERSON FROM THE PUBLIC CAN BECOME A TRUSTEE unless the current board approved.

The property rights of the Masjid should belong to the people, and whos name is the building in as the owner is it the trust or is it a trustee (person)? If it is the person who gave them the right. If we have anyone who can search and let us know we will announce it on this petition.

Why are they doing this is there money laundering going on? Are the trustees stealing money from the Masjid? Are they doing illegal activities which could amount to criminal Procecution?

Some of the current trustees have been invloved in the miss mangament of funds while building the masjid and extenstion. More so was the wasteful of hunderd of thousdands of pounds of your public hard earned money. They had given upfront a certain large amount of money to a tradesperson who promised to sort and install marble cladding on the front of the masjid how much money was given we as the public do not know? are we not allowed to ask them? I am asking you where is the marble cladding? This is just one of the issues there are claims of trustees taking money from the masjid and using it for personal benefits and not repaying it back Why are they allowed to do this?

The current trustees are between 60-80 years of age. Why will they not allow others to be invloved who are young and can move the masjid in different direction, by having more dialogue with the public, is it not what this town needs?

Look at the Masjid in old southall they changed trustees and look at how and what changes have been made to it, why can't the current 4 trustees allow for new people to take over?

If you want change, you as the public must force them out legally by protesting and getting them to sign documents surrendering thier postiton in the Masjid.

Ask them why have they sidelines 3 of the trustees who do want this chnage and putting allegations of corruption on them. Next week they will be holding a meeting which will determine how this masjid moves foward in thier favour, you want your masjid back you should have the right to attend this meeting, but 4 of the trustees will not allow it. Why?

You should protest and demand that they all step down, if the current trustees want change they should. If they do not step down then you as the public will know what thier intentions are. They Plan and plot but verily Allah SWT is the best of all planners.

We will send this to Charity commission who will then investigate and may remove these current trusees by force. The commission will never shut the Masjid.

If you want change sign the pettion and confront these people who say they are community leader and elders and ask them to step aside and let the youth and new people take over.

If you wish for names of all the trustees we can provide this information if we are legally allowed, but you the public must request this information, only then will we name and shame.


To, Charity Commission Of England & Wales,  


Date:27th August 2020  


Dear Sir/Madam,

We are the Congregational members of Abubakr Mosque, Southall, Charity no……….,

Recently The Trustees of Abubakr Mosque have introduced amendments to the Deed of the trust and some amendments in the administrative regulations.

We feel that these changes are not in favour of the public interest and these are brought in to give extra power to one group of trustees to be hostile against smaller group of trustees thus creating a divided Board of Trust, which is not beneficial for the Charity.

We strongly suggest that: It will be very beneficial for this charity, if more public involvement is introduced by way of membership to this trust and an annual AGM to resolve any issue and bring any amendments in the administrative regulations and in the governing Document if necessary.

After all it is a public Charity and it is supported by our public funds. We also believe that changes are necessary in the following fields of administrative regulation document and

1.     NOTICE OF MEETING  Paragraph 1, sub Para (f) should be removed from administrative regulation to be fair to all Trustees.

2.     Nominating Roles, Officers & Policies Agreed.  

3.     Chairing of General Meeting Paragraph 3 to be changed to reflect all Trustee take turns to be a chair person for meetings to be fair to all Tustes.

4.     Qourum at Meetings Paragraph 4 to be change to reflect the minimum Quorum for a meeting must be 2/3 of number of Trustees in the office as this is only a very small board of Trust. Paragraph 4( b) to be changed to reflect, at least 5 Trustees to be present to form a quorum. Paragraph 4 (d) must be removed as it is already a very small board of trust and 2-3 people cannot make a fair decision.

5.     Electronic Meetings Agreed.

6.     Voting at Meetings Paragraph 6 (e) must be removed due to one man one vote system. Draft Supplemental Deed Paragraph 6.11 of “Draft Supplemental Deed” to be changed to show that after 3 years of service all Trustees have to stand for trusteeship to be re-elected by way of election voted by members of public. Paragraph 6.12(6) of “Draft Supplemental Deed” to be removed to reflect that no Trustee can remove any co-Trustee for any reason.

Only Public can remove any trustee by way of bringing a no Confidence motion in an AGM to be voted upon by public show of hands or by ballot paper.

Sincerely, The Friends of Abubakr 



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