Petition of Appeal

It has been 7 years when i decide to come over the UK, since then it has been a real experience with ups and downs, challenges and personal development.

My petition is about staying in the UK, All i have to say is: I did everything as the law describes it:

  • In begining of 2009, I informed HomeOffice at the right time about my situation, my ex wife of Dutch Natioanlity, stopped living and working in the Uk.
  • A year later in 2010, HomeOffice wrote a letter letting me know if i wished to stay on my own rights, i would need to supply the divorce certificate, just before my 5 years visa expires in Dec 2011. Which I thought is it fine and I did provided of the divorce certificate translated as it was made in Holland.
  • In 2012, HomeOffice refused my application and on the grounds of "Your EEA spouse has left the UK", true... I did inform about it, at the right time, in my letter in 2009..... Why did not you let me know about this in your letter a year later in 2010? I thought then back in 2010, it is fine for me to stay and before my visa expire then apply on my own rights for an extension of it. I certanly appeal to this with the Solicitor.

In those seven years, i have been building up relationships and making wonderful friendships, specially at the Tango Community, training myself, improving myself,  I have plans to study "Psychology" at the University, i have not claimed benefits and neither want to, I want to contribute with Society and be an active, positive member of it.

I ask for your support by signing up the petition, I will bring this petition to the attention of the local MP as a support for my Appealing.


Thank you very much.