Pedestrian crossing needed on Tithby Road!


Whether you are

  • a parent with a pram or toddlers who skip,
  • an adult with school aged children who cross,
  • a sixth form student who passes,
  • a carer of a person who walks,
  • a dog walker who strolls,
  • a disabled person who uses a wheelchair,
  • an elderly person who steps,
  • an exerciser who jogs, 
  • or anyone else

who has a need to cross over Tithby Road ....

Please support this petition to get a pedestrian crossing installed! 

We are making voices heard for the safety of young and old alike who need to cross Tithby Road.....whether this is after Mill Hill or Langar Road but before the Toothill School Bus Terminal entrance!

It is imperative to gather as much support locally for this to be considered by the relevant council bodies, highways agency and decision makers - so this is the  start of the momentum gathering!

Please join us in seeing this long awaited safety measure be finally considered, surveyed, agreed and installed for the safety and good of all the community now and in the future!

Thank you!


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