pedestrians and driver safety improvement.

We are petitioning Birmingham City Council to improve safety and access for both pedestrians and drivers on Camelot Way and Jenkins Street. Specific issues are as follows.

1) Camelot way and Jenkins Street junction.

The junction has become very dangerous due to increased traffic on Jenkins Street and drivers parking their cars at the edge of the junction, resulting in number of accidents. From Camelot Way it is a complete blind turn into Jenkins Street therefore you cannot see the vehicles coming from either side. It is the main route to Regents Park Primary School and Holy Trinity School which is used by both pedestrians and cars. It has become very difficult for pedestrians, predominantly school students to cross the road.  A possible solution would be to install physical barriers to stop drivers from parking at the edge of the junction so that it is kept clear.

2)    Access to pavement for pedestrians on Camelot Way, Jenkins Street, Parliament Street and Herbert Rd.  The streets mentioned above are the main access for Regents Park Primary School and Holy Trinity School. Cars are consistently parked on the pavement on both sides of the road, making it difficult for the pavement to be used by pedestrians. The problem is further aggravated by litter and fly tipping. A pavement on at least one side of the road needs to be kept clear to ensure safe access for pedestrians. Only railings or ballards will prevent drivers from blocking the pavement.

3)    Drug dealing on Camelot Way outside Regents Park School, and on Dixon Rd-Bolton Rd-Cooksey Rd triangle.  Drug dealing on above locations is leading to anti-social behaviour and an increase in noise pollution by racing cars and the youths at night. This is majorly inconvenient for the residents as they are unable to sleep during the night due to the noise from car racing and youths congregating throughout the night.