Objection to Variation of Planning Ref: LW/10/1048

We, the undersigned, wish to object to the proposal to allow McCarthy & Stone to vary the original planning conditions in relation to application LW/10/1048. This relates to the subsequently proposed submission for the creation of 25 additional parking spaces at the site of the previously approved 10 affordable housing units at Eversley Court, Dane Road, Seaford East Sussex.

Our main objection is that we feel McCarthy & Stone is more than able to find a suitable social housing partner to work with towards providing afforable housing and that, as the developers, they should abide strictly to the provisions of the original agreement and honour their commitment to the town of Seaford to provide social housing in return for the profit made from the primary development.

Secondly, from a planning perspective, we feel the impact on Dane Road, having added cars in the vicinity, in any form, will cause further congestion to a main beach access, supermarket access, health access and open space access, despite ESCC highways view.