Multiplayer on Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

To Techland & Ubisoft
Call of Juarez is one of the best western first-person shooters.First released for Windows in 2006 and was well received by fans.
We heard, new Call of Juarez won't have a multiplayer, fans are really outraged by this fact. We understand that the story from singleplayer also important, but multiplayer is foundation, structure, which keep this game alive.
Because we(fans) want appeal to you Techland and Ubisoft, to rethink your situation, because of this may come to you a lot of benefitsexample:
1.Call of Juarez is highly respected by the players, so making multiplayer will be very beneficial for You and also for us.
2.Players who are enjoying the Multiplayer will want to stock up on all kinds of DLC, which certainly make Fans happy.
3.First Call of Juarez recently was come to league called ESL,everyday players play a lot of matchs and leagues, where you can win some nice prizes, which are sponsored by Techland.
We're a big group of fans, which want assist You. So we appeal to you dear Techland and Ubisoft, to rethink option about Making Multiplayer for CoJ Gunslinger.