Make the M27 a normal motorway again!

M27 has been the last of the smart motorways because they clearly are not very smart! A quick google says - "the building of all new smart motorways is being cancelled due to cost & safety concerns, the government has announced. Some 14 planned schemes, including 11 already on pause and 3 set for construction, will be scrapped due to finances & low public confidence. "

Absolutely low confidence everyone I speak to thinks these are unsafe! I know people who now drive an extra 20 minutes to work to avoid this smart motorway! 

The M27 is about to be resurfaced, so now's the time to get it changed back to a normal motorway and hope it improves the amount of accidents. 

We've just had a fatality on this stretch of the motorway between Hedge End & Eastleigh Tuesday 20th Feb 2024. But the whole part of the M27 is unsafe as a smart motorway. Another driver died 12th Aug 2023. Both of these men were in their 30's, they were someone's son, brother, partner, father, friend, colleague. Two deaths in 6 months is truly tragic. 

Please sign this petition to ensure Highways England  listen to us the public who use this motorway. Return it back to a normal motorway. 

Google gave me these stats about smart motorways in general, and therefore does not include the two young men mentioned above - 
"38 people have been killed on smart motorways between 2015 -2019."

How many more people need to lose their lives on this disastrous road? Please let's make the change now. 

My sincerest condolences to those that have lost loved ones. The hero of Tuesday night driving into the gantry to protect other road users. The lorry had no where else to go.

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