Let docked dogs be shown in Northern Ireland

We want to maintain our right to show legally docked dogs at shows in Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Assembly are proposing to ban docking in all breeds with exception for working dogs. Not only will they ban docking but the Assembly are proposing to make it illegal to show legally docked dogs at shows were "a person pays a fee or the public pay and admission fee". 

Here is a link to the minutes from last DARD committee meeting re: tail docking.


This proposal will have a huge impact on the dog shows in Northern Ireland with traditionally docked breed accounting for about 35% of the entry at Championship shows.  

The Welfare of Animals Bill will be put to the Assembly in the coming months and after its Royal approval the subordinate legiatation will  be worked out.  To have a say in the consulation process for this legislation we need to be ready and hence we are asking for your support of this petition that will be presented if we get enough signatures.  It up to all of you!

We want them to stop interferring, they should have more important issue to address that the trying to legistate for about 400 dogs at a dog show.

We have our governing bodies. Let them legistate our sport!

We call upon the committee to remove the wording re the exhibtion of dogs so that legally docked dogs of any age from any country may be exhibited at dog shows.


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