Keep NHS dentistry in Shildon!!

Please sign! Keep The dental practice Limetree House on St John's Road open.

(Bupa Dental Care/old Oasis dental care)

Many dentist have not been accepting new nhs patients since covid hit and now we are loosing Bupa Dental Care Shildon!!

We will be down to only one dentist in Shildon, which currently are not taking on any new NHS patients. The nearest dentist excepting new patients is in Newcastle!

We need to keep dentistry open for NHS patients! 

BUPA has decided to close its doors and leave not only the patients without a practice, including children, but also the staff out of jobs.

BUPA has also decided they will not be selling the business or passing onto another Dentist practice but will be leaving the building an empty shell. Tearing out the interior.

Please sign this petition, to keep NHS dentistry open within Shildon and surrounding areas.

Thank you

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