Getting Emily to America

Emilys single mother died suddenly in September 2010. Emily at 11 years old,  decided she wanted to live with her only Aunt and uncle in America. They are a small but close family and with her ageing grandparents and Aunt and Uncles agreement it was decided this was the best course of action for Emilys future.

Due to immigration laws in America it was not possible for Emily to move and live with her family unless she was adopted  by them. They  are being force to "buy"Emily through exceedingly high lawyer fees simply to allow her to live with her family.

The family duly set about starting adoption proceedings and learned that a Hague Convention Adoption was the only possible solution.

However, there are no guidelines for families adopting family members in this Hague Convention and so, 16 months later Emily is still not in America and is living with elderly Grandparents, not in the best of health,who love her dearly but find it hard to offer all a young girl needs .

The guidelines need to include an amenment to allow her to join her family and get on with the rest of her life. Her life and her familys has been on hold for 16 months and this cannot be good for any one.

Your help is needed to put pressure on the law makers to end this Ludicrous situation ..never to be visited upon another unfortunate family.

WE WANT HER SHE WANTS US !!!!!!!!!!!! what more do you need ?