In an interview to Radio "Liberty" Levon Hayrapetyan once said that if he had a choice - life or well-being of Karabakh,
he does not hesitate to chose Karabakh. Of course, so are many Armenians say, but there is hardly a few words, whose
words will not cause the irony.
Hayraetyan is a famous businessman and philanthropist, assisting the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Artsakh).
In Karabakh Hayrapetyan has implemented a number of major charitable projects aimed to the social and economic
development of the republic.

Zamoskvoretskiy Moscow court sentenced philanthropist Levon Hayrapetyan to 4 years of imprisonment in colony.
Patriot  of Artsakh Hayrapetyan is accused of embezzling 700 thousand dollars .....
But we are not going to go into details of the case to prove that Hayrapetyan is not guilty . It's not about that. Now you need to think 
about the physical salvation of a man , who has done a lot for Karabakh !
He  has serious health problems .... !! He needs FREEDOM, friends .... We demand to release Levon Hayrapetyan !!!!
Today its time to pay the bills, Armenians!
Sign this petition to set him free!

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