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2014-05-06 22:28

Seriously!!!!! whyyyyyyyy,



2014-05-06 22:28

Here's hoping!



2014-05-06 22:31


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2014-05-06 22:37



2014-05-06 23:07

please bring back real radio. we want Scottish djs all the time. You will lose loads of listeners.



2014-05-07 03:29

I just want local news local information by local presenters have loved real radio but you will lose lots of listeners have now moved to radio clyde and won,t be back unless you bring real radio back and will urge all my friends to do the same.



2014-05-07 07:15

This Radio station started as Q96 in Paisley it played Scottish Music and had Scottish policies . Real then bought it over brought it into the 21century and now Heart has bought it over . Taking the Scottish Heart out of a great Station . Please return to Real. Jx



2014-05-07 16:44

Lets get some straight facts here:

* The station has NEVER BEEN all Scottish DJ's/ show since 2012,

* In 2012, It was made clear and everyone was warned about the format changes and many people did appected this.

* Between that point in time, the shows outside Breakfast and Drive, all come from Manchester, now there come from London, but the presenters are not really DJ.

* Heart plays more songs per hour with DJ's only being heard for a 30sec every so oftern.

* Global will not bring back Real radio, no chance in hell.

This is not to say you can't get some concessions to improve its content, like better news or a wider playlist.



2014-05-07 17:47

Heart is terrible bring back real radio!!
jenny hale


2014-11-22 21:53

Can heart bring back real radio please . I really wish that  global would bring back real radio north west especially glen and lorna please . Heart is absolutely rubbish and it is the same songs  played over and over again.  Heart radio is just  gossip news  and talking. They only have about  five songs.  Real radio really went downhill when they let ditchy and salty go.    I dont understand why real radio would get rid of a well known breakfast show  which was everybody's favourite.  real radio has lost loads of listeners. Ditchy and saltys breakfast had lots of listeners.  Everyone would tune in to listen to ditchy and salty .  The listeners loved ditchy and salty. They really did have a brilliant show and it won a sony gold radio award. Ditchy and saltys breakfast show was a great sucess .   Ditchy and salty were very popular and they had millions of listeners.  All the listeners loved ditchy and salty .  Also , listeners of real radio loved listening to glen and lorna . The listeners really looked forward to listening to glen and lorna on their way to work  . Glen and lorna gelled really well and they worked really well together .glen and lorna paired really well .  Glen and lorna are very entertaining.    glen and lorrna were amazing together. Glen and lorna always put a smile on my face in the mornings.  Glen and lorna always cheered me up in the mornings. Their breakfast show was  the  best show on the radio. Glen and lorna are great presenters.    glen is awesome. Heart radio is really awful .  Heart radio isnt the same without glen . Please bring back real north west  especially glen and lorna . 



2015-01-11 02:06

Please bring back robin galloway and kat and all the gang... Scotland needs this, its what brought scotland together everyday !!! We were one big happy family x.. Why change it ! .. Radio 2 isnt as good !!