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2013-12-07 16:43

Lets get this facility back in use to serve the community.



2013-12-10 08:23

Hutton Community Centre was a vital part of our community for many years. It was a place to socialise, get involved/play sports..
The media are always highlighting child obesity, Well here in Hutton we have the opportunity to put in place a community centre to get people of all ages involved in sport, So I urge the powers that be to ensure that they restore the Hutton Community Centre & make it a vital part of our communities future,



2013-12-10 20:05

Please sign the Petition, its vital for Hutton All Saints School children to use the premises as more space is needed for P.E, especially in the colder months, and also it would be a great community hub to bring everyone together.



2013-12-11 20:47

The community is crying out for a place to bring us all together, for single parents to have a coffee and let their kids play together and the elderly to socialize and get active. It would be a future crisis waiting to happen if this community doesn't have a hub for such things.



2013-12-12 21:42

I went to a meeting about six months ago about the Community Centre and thought positive things were going to happen. I do hope this building can be used again, it seems a shame to let is go to ruin.



2013-12-19 10:59

The center needs to be open for the enjoy social interaction.learning and quality of new doors for people to learn new things and have contact with people in we all need somethingin life the Hutton community hall can provide this to people who use this .for years to come .



2014-01-14 22:26

Hutton Community Centre must remain open and managed for the welfare of local residents.



2014-01-23 14:33

This community centre and it’s predecessor (I am old enough to remember it) has served me very well over the years and it’s a crying shame that the current members of this community, both young and old, are not also able to enjoy the benefits.

#9 Hutton Community Centre

2014-01-25 08:53

My Father, Laurence Fawcett whom with some friends started this centre first in a house in Hutton Poplars and they raised the money for thus centre and he would be appalled that it has shut!!!! This always was for the people, all the people of Hutton! Hutton need it as much now and it did when it first started in last 60's my Dad will be turning in his grave!!!



2014-02-07 11:17

The need for a meeting place/sports venue/old peoples centre...the list is endless, in this area is obvious. Witness how the Church hall is always busy.Just please do not put a bar in it because it will then change the type of venue it becomes. Look to the Church hall for what is needed.



2014-02-07 12:09

The kids especially need this up and running as soon as possible



2014-02-07 17:01

Its very important to me and my children to be able to use the Community Centre which is next to there school 'Hutton All Saints' for there P.E lessons, as we are a small school. The children would benefit greatly from being able to use the sports halls for there lessons and more importantly with our typical unpredictable weather it would be of great use in wet and cold conditions.



2014-02-07 22:13

Great cause, fully support this



2014-02-11 18:25

People of all ages and need a place they can come together in the community for lots of different interests and reasons and a centre should be provided< everyone pays more than enough council tax!!



2014-02-13 12:39

This deserves the support of all local residents and stakeholders.